I’M SPEED (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Speedy R3 T20 FA-HS gameplay. I haven’t played it in a long time. A lot changed since. R3 probably fastest vehicle in the game.
War Thunder “Wind Of Change” update, Italian tech tree gameplay. Enjoy!



Intro: Call Waiting – Future Joust

Background: Original High Riders – Duke Herrington
Careless Wandering – Arthur Benson

Outro: On Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. R3 is still good. But I feel like it needs scouting ability .

    I had a few days off ( the reason why there was a delay with my uploads this week). But we’re back in action at full force💪🏻

    • Hey dollarplays Smin said on the forums that naval EC is going to be available every weekend now if there aren’t any serious issues. It’s available right now. Just thought you’d want to know.


      Hey DOLLAR i can play whit you?? My eng bad because im speak turkish, pls 🙂 🙂 thx OwO

    • I love your videos, amazing editing as always, but is there any discord server or chance that there will be one?

    • @Me Me That would be really cool. I don’t think he has one but I do hope he makes one!

    • Make no apologies. Everything fine. You are the bestest Dollar in entire world.

  2. The intro defines exactly what i though R3 users do before starting WT matches back in 2021 lol, that thing was truly terrifying

  3. Next : Pvkv II

  4. Jonathan Thimmer

    can you maye play with the german bmp-1?

  5. if you truly want to be the king of speed you should ask gaijin for the Type 93, 125kph and insane acceleration 😉

  6. The intro is such a mess but the best thing ever at the same time.


    Man try the Japanese SPAA TA-SE it’s a low BR monster with super turret rotation and 48mm pen very good for killing tanks and aircraft

  8. play with italian ariete :>

  9. Nice video as always!
    For me the chat removal was the nail in the coffin.
    At the end, I was really only playing on the custom “chill” server as watching people just messing around was really fun.
    But I got banned yesterday for “reasons” and discovered you can’t pm someone in game anymore!
    So I’m banned forever from the only server that I was still enjoying with no way to apologising to the mod and asking to get unbanned.
    Today I decided to uninstall the game.
    That’s it. Thanks WT

  10. we wont be able to do anything this match

  11. OMG you actually done the video! Thanks dollar you never disappoint me

  12. DOLLA I swear that your editing is incredible

  13. 9:11 I remember me and my team stucked at point B in Sweden map. We were surronded. Heroic defense…. but accuatly enemy shreded many our victory point. F

  14. Best video yet…That’s says something !!!!

  15. me buy gold and no decal

  16. 12:07 YOOO IS THAT A SUPRAAAH?!!

  17. Данил Диванный боец

    Ussr overnerfed((

  18. Здравый Смысл

    Это отвратительно..

  19. Dstapp BootStrapp

    they increased the rank, removed stabilizer, and gun jams all the time now.

  20. PT-76s getting bullied by a child

  21. Spardasquad Spqr

    I remember when one time i was pkaying with pizza and i teamed up with 2 other pizzas to gank t72s on map.

  22. Piotr Jankowski

    This vid was flawless.

  23. Man the T-34/57 at 10:30 it was me ahahah, just realised it, you are so cool, keep going!

  24. What editing software you use?

  25. Hi can you also make the subtitle in German translate that would be cool

  26. listening u speaking spanish gives me peace in my mexican heart hahah

  27. Good pronunciation of 1 (uno), 2 (dos) and (y) 3 (tres) 😀

    Love your videos !!!

  28. I was wondering how can i get you decals?

  29. him: 1 shot 1 plane down
    me: wasting 5000 ammo just to hit a Pe-8

  30. Gaijin really loves to nerf vehicles that aren’t supposed to be nerfed anymore

  31. Can we have Kv-2 video next?

  32. Can u make a new leopard 2a5/6 video the last one that u did was 3years ago.

  33. You should play the Wiesel R3, it’s basically the R3, but you have less crew, armour, rate of fire, ammo, speed, incomplete turret traverse, terrible ammo that pens less than the kugelblitz and you can’t look up above 45 degrees at the low low price of 5x the R3s repair cost at a whoping 2 BR points above the R3 !
    And people will still hate you despite the fact that you can actually die to 7.62×51 on it’s ammo box .
    It’s a whole load of sufferi- i mean fun to spade it! :DDDD

  34. Сергей Дашковский

    Я не знаю о чём он говорит но видосы супер

  35. 11:00 wrong hat xD
    (idk how this thing will be sounds correctly in eng)

  36. Is anyone having trouble with the Pars missiles on UHT and R60m on Mi-24?
    Says Pars can fire up to 7km, that’s a lie more like 5km. & the r60m won’t lock onto targets front or back unless the enemy is like 0.80km away

  37. Elc Bis video ? 😄

  38. you are very funny😁

  39. 10:20 Where’s step-panzer when you need him

  40. Yes let the cancer perish

  41. Perfecto

  42. Best video! Best country!

  43. I love the despair sounds dollar do sometimes

  44. I lov ur videos

  45. Thanks for the secret chiki-briki position in (redshire?)

  46. Mr. Been the best R3 driver.

  47. Batignolles-Chatillon Char de 25 tonnes plese

  48. Hey so, i noticed you haven’t played, or at least recorded the Type 89, would you like to try it? nice combo with the Ho-ro, as always

  49. You can kill a churchill

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