IMPENETRABLE TURRET…Well Yes & No | BRITISH Challenger MBT (War Thunder 1.77)

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  1. My Dad was the driver of one of these during the Bosnian ?? war… One story he tolled once was that the tank that he was in got shot at by a morter shell and he was saved by the gun barrel. If it was pointed in any other direction the shell would have come down right ontop of him and killed him…

  2. How do you do that with your scope zero it in like that

  3. Quillyboyancrew101

    How do you range find then move the gun up like that ?

  4. Gaijin said they will decide if M833 is necessary after the release of formal server.

    Much fellow Murican, after the server relase, let’s drive into enemy lines and get killed without shooting a single shell back. If we do this for a month M1’s K/D and win rate will be in the shitter and urge them to add M833. 🙂

  5. I love his evil snigger

  6. Phly take out the t95e1 king of angling for loving the unloved! Attempt #10

  7. My faith in the epicness that is British high tier is replenished 😛
    Good video old chap!

  8. Starts to look like a real life tank battles.

  9. How does it range so fast?


  11. British Tea Company

    so the challenger is a sniping tank? Not my tank then R.I.P

  12. Good luck facing these new tanks at 8.0. Thanks Gaijin

  13. Shouldn’t it be the T-64 “Boris” ? 🙂

  14. How did you set up the retical for the tank. You measured the distance and then you set the retical to adjust for the ark, how and where can i set that up?

  15. So challenger is shit then….

    Besides that composite is sloped. So that means the armour values include that? Or it’s BS? cus it’s pretty sloped…

    All in all the team’ll die and I’ll have to go offensive with 70mm vs T64Bs

  16. phly making the chally armor look good when I can easily pen it in the turret face with my M1….

  17. Is this new DEV server? Because I didn’t see it L23A1 before.

  18. Kommentatus Cosades

    The probem is that the T64B is better at sniping and almost everything else so whats the point

  19. Cant believe that no one says nothing about abrams got so biased that the true mighty tank is just burning in game

  20. how do you use the range finder?

  21. All modern MBT’s are made for hull down sniping when facing other tanks. Just how modern warfare is.

  22. So do the later tier rangefinders allow you to adjust the gun (like you were when hull down) once you have assessed the distance of the target?

    (My highest tier tank is the Tiger II P and M4A3/A4 Sherman)

  23. War Thunder starting to look like Armored Warfare

  24. How does he make the grass disappear when he zooms in???

  25. Squire would day YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!

  26. There shud be no man’s land map and mk 5 tanks

  27. Is this or t64b more op?

  28. Who agrees Japan needs the 7.7 mm explosive ammo that’s missing it blew 3 inch holes in american alloy

  29. Attemp #6 combo Pls phly do this b57 with m1 Abrams 100 likes

  30. The problem isn’t when Russia has better armor, it’s when it has better armor that it shouldn’t have.

  31. should play the OG Challenger now lol

  32. Wow high tier gameplay looks really boring.

  33. this measuring
    of the distance has every tank or just this or high tiers tanks ?

  34. play MAUS please

  35. Do y’all think phly should play fortnite???

  36. Of course all russian tanks are invincible and all american tanks are made of tissue paper.

  37. So the t64 gets good rounds and missiles. And upgraded armor. The challenger has good armor and rounds. But the Abrams still has crap rounds?

  38. The Lagging Gamer

    Well well well this tank looks so fuckin sexy i wanna ride it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. how do you do that with the aim sights

  40. Phly, just a pet peeve. But when you said the “left” side of the turret. Thats actually right, always sit yourself in the driver position of the vehicle your talking about. Because of nonsense like this i have seen people install seats in commercial aircraft backwards. Yep lets stop stupidity.

  41. 9.41 4 crew members to 2 ???

  42. ply and youtubers … there is reason for the lowerplate being exposed …. chally can get era ,lot of it goes over the lower plate …(play armored warfare for a era model)

  43. Hey phly what is that sight that you are using

  44. Man, with all those tanks bunched together you would think the other team would try to get one or two bombers up and take out all of them?

  45. trick when an ally falls back to repair and your get hit yourself fall back to boost repairs for him while getting you own underway and jump in a plane

  46. You should increase your mouse CPI and decrease mouse sensitivity ingame accordingly. That way you can aim more accurately as the minimum step your reticule moves is smaller.

  47. So now what’s the point of playing abrams?

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