Impossible – AT 8 – World of Tanks

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  1. 1st !

  2. taras kreslavsky

    I love you circon

  3. Leevi Lukkarinen

    When you are so early that there are no meaningful comments to read…

  4. Domino’s pizza is not good in the USA. You have to try Chicago pizza, deep dish and medium crust

  5. I read “news from Circonflexes” I CLICK

  6. Patrick Mundhenk

    I’m grinding this thing at the moment and I really hate it. It’s such a situational tank. You have to have allies to cover your flanks and no arty on the map to have a good game.

    • Magister R'yleth

      You should have tried it when it’s armor was worse. No faster, but worse armor. Before it was a slow sniper tier 4’s could easily kill by shooting the side mg port. Now it’s a slow assault gun they have to flank or gold spam.

  7. HE’S ALIVE!!!

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    Nandos is awful, truly godawful.

    Five guys though, now that’s the other end of the spectrum. As fast food goes, they’ve top notch. “The Grazing Shed” is similarly good too.

  9. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Yes he is back!

  10. Takeda Mataroshi

    I’ve been sitting on grinding it next for literally years …

  11. Just realized that you were not uploading for quite a while. Am I missing something?

  12. “You don’t like hamburgers, you don’t like pizza…” I was expecting a spicy “how are you fat?” After that one xD A great meme but kinda mean

  13. I love 5 guys… try chicago deep dish pizza

    • Deep dish is good like a couple times a year. People in Chicagoland actually grow up on square cut thin crust.

  14. Maine Striper Guide


  15. _It’s been 84 years._
    Thank you for the AT-8 memes.

  16. Are still in Holland?And how is your mother?

  17. Max makes burgers to order.

  18. Im the manager of Ladegårdens cafe in Oslo. If you show up ill treat you a pizza for all the good times your video has given me.

  19. Impossible??
    2.700+ Dmg and 1.700+ Bounce…

  20. Circon about those bushes, i think they only work from one side (ie if you approach form the left or right), it might be the same on the other side.

  21. All fast food chains are cancer, don’t change my mind.

  22. Love watching the chat and all the fan boys ” circ doesn’t like fast-food, that means I don’t like it and all fast food is garbage, I’m so against fast food “

  23. Charbel Youssef

    I’m a simple man, i see new circon video i click.

  24. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    The beginning of this video is hilarious out of context

  25. Burgers are healthier than fries.
    Fries are just short, empty carbohydrates, burgers also have proteins and fats which are not actually that bad.

  26. Mark van der Wal

    you should try new york pizza, they make better pizza’s than dominos

    • I must disagree with you there, my man, at least in the south of Limburg, Dominos is better compared to NYP, although, that might be just my and my wifes opinion (also, most of our friends prefer Dominos). Still prefer KFC to pizza if I am honest, but I just like the hot wings buckets that much, even if they grant me a ring of fire the day after.

  27. Love this td working towards my 3rd stripe think I’ve bounced over 5k in some battles

  28. imlivingketchup

    i saw you at tankfest but you didnt see me


  30. WWII in Plastic

    Domino’s is not real pizza. Nor is Papa John’s or any of that delivery crap, really. You’re better off getting it from an Italian joint. Living in Manhattan wrecked me for pizza elsewhere in the U.S. If you don’t use good buffalo mozzarella you are wasting your time.

    • Pretty much the same here. I actually live in Connecticut, but there’s two places run by New Yorkers not too far from me that are superb.

  31. Lol people saying nyc, turkey, germany has good pizzas? are you kidding?

    • Idk bout you, but New York is known for pizza. Chicago of course too. No one in Chicago eats deep dish except for like a couple times a year. Square cut thin crust is what everyone in Chicago actually grows up on.

  32. I was grinding this when the AT-2 nerfs came, sold it and forgot about this thing.
    Might free exp it someday.

  33. Louis-Philippe Nault

    Let me cet this Strait circon ..are you telling me that you had a decent game in well armored top tier td? with no Arty? That’s unheard of LOL ..GG

  34. What were they talking about, Nandos? And Five Guys is one of the more underrated burger chains even in America. Everyone blows their load over Shake Shack and In-N-Out, but Five Guys is right there with them imo.

  35. Five Guys is nothing short of amazing. Love that place

  36. 666 likes and 6 dislikes, SATAN APPROVES

  37. Yea! A video with PHJ! Now if only we could see Caption Guy like in 2014!

  38. How do I set up my view like this? I like seeing tank info instead of player names, and I love that crosshair. I also don’t know how you got your minimap larger… help?

  39. Un nerf the at2! Nandos sucks, the cuisine in the uk is amazing if you avoid chains

  40. AT8 is i think 1 of 4 tanks I have 3 stars with. I like

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