Improved Rewards in Battle Pass Worth The Gold? | World of Tanks Battle Pass 2020

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World of Tanks Battle Pass 2020, Rewards, Review, How it Works. World of Tanks Bounty Equipment, New 3D Styles, Special Commanders. 1.8 Patch Review.

► Battle Pass article:

Battle Pass 2020 in World of Tanks, our ever, is finally live and going with a full swing!

Today I am going to take a look into it and let’s talk about all prizes you are able to get and let’s discuss, if getting the Improved Rewards is worth it.

Let’s take a look!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All tanks!


  1. Okay… I actually gotta leave the room now, getting high from all the paint smells! 😛 And of course, all the windows opened.
    Anyway, good to be back, let’s get this going!

    • Good to have you back 🙂 I just love and agree with everything you said in this video. My thoughts are the same. Hate that pay wall (prem. days, reserves for credits, booklets,rammer,…). Simply, money grab from WG…with some deserved rewards and they got away with that restriction 🙂

    • Can i get a couple hours in your room? I’d even pay for it!

  2. I go try call of duty: warzone and also keeping my wallet safe from wargaming. When I saw WG selling best of tier 8 premium tanks at the same time It became clear that how this game is becoming 100% pay to win game.

  3. Pretty diisgusting price to pay even by war gammings standards

  4. if it had the option for gold/prem tanks/prem time. i would care more. but sadly. not really worth it but it’ll be a side thing to do. Also. hi dez. How are you?

  5. Now we have to pay to take part in a marathon grind… only a matter of time before WG start charging a monthly subscription to play the game!

  6. And….I spent Christmas Gold for this Battle Pass Premium.

  7. Not worth 6500g.

  8. Dont buy.
    This is all we need a Battle pass system alongside the constant Premium vehicles and skins and whatever else.
    You should at least get 2 Premium vehicles a T5 mid way and T10 for Pass completion.

  9. Looks like a shady way to sell bonds. Its updates like this that turn me off from such games!

  10. Soooooo… doesn’t worth it, only interesting for ppl who don’t know what to do with their hundreds of thousands of gold


  12. The christmas grind. The marathon grind. The frontline grind. The tank rewards grind. The battle pass grind. Holy fuck, enough with the grind events….

  13. 10:59
    glitch in the matrix

  14. I have to pay 22€ AND play 500 battles to get all the rewards.. WTF

  15. People still play wot? Lol

  16. I officially stopped playing. This game is too pay to win. I started playing rainb. six siege and it’s waaay more competitie and actually *skill based*. (and fun)

    • I’ll still keep watching your videos. 🙂 But I just won’t accept this kind of treatment by WG. WG just took me too much money without ever actually trying to make the game more enjoyable… they never listen and if they do it doesn’t really matter. (In majority of cases, not all, like latest survey)

    • Offering free rewards and the possibility to earn even more rewards is P2W? Do you think _Random Battles_ should be skill based? Why? We have other game modes for that. Doesn’t R6S have a casual gamemode? It’s only competitive?

  17. No, because they removed a tech tree gun saying it is “OP” only to put it on a premium tank available for cash. They don’t care about balance and this is just another way towards their pay to win model. It started with the Captured Tiger and now their last video states it gets more rewards. People who support this are just enabling them!

  18. 25 bonds per level for the additional progression is a complete joke. Can make that playing 3 games at tier 10

  19. Some say it’s not worth it, I look at it a different way, if you have a high income then forty or fifty bucks is nothing to spend, but if you’re making minimum wage living on your own then that same amount of money spent would be a strain on your finances.

  20. Horrible PtW garbage!

  21. For me it’s not worth it. As I have all the tech tree stuff. I have too much credits. And this half of the stuff is worthless. I don’t need 600 universal prints, when I have 300 from Xmas. 4 million extra is not much either, and the 19 days of premium is nice, if you need it. But for the rest in the pack of interest, as in a 2nd skin and 2 crew skins for 6500 gold? Nope. I’m good. The rammer I can buy with bonds if I really, really want one.

  22. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Pay to win, I don’t like it, but on the other side, that bounty rammer need to be equipped on the Tortoise and then a video.

    • I see you are new to WoT. Bounty rammer works just like the free improved rammer which anyone can get (-12,5% reload). No P2W here and the Tortoise part has probably been done.

  23. comander, comander, comander.. why we cant get more crew to use on any position.. this is like 6th commander you can get for this year

  24. p2w whit impoved rewards ,, i had to watch

  25. How to fix it: Price 10$
    Those awesome Skins give doubles
    You can CHOOSE blueprints of nation’s
    More basic stuff. Like credits.

  26. Lol wargaming is such a joke what is this😂😂

  27. Not worried about the paywall portion. Still have tons of gold left from Christmas loot crates that was pretty much just sitting, so was an easy choice for me. That, and I don’t have the time some people have to grind out each step so was a good leg up to completing. All the stuff you get easily equals out if you were to get them individually and actually, like the Loot boxes, you get more back than what you put in.

  28. Sorry your suggestion makes battle pass pointless to buy

  29. Most Battle Pass has COSMETIC items only. But WG being “spechul” to make it P2W Battle Pass.

  30. Whats a bounty Rammer??

    • W/O spending the 3 million credits, just like a regular Rammer. If you spend, then becomes like the Advanced Bond Equip, gives you 12.5% reload improvement instead of 10%. Costs 5,000 bonds in the bond shop, here it’s 6,500 Gold plus time plus 3 million credits (more time).

  31. Don’t think I’ll ever spend any money of this game ever again. No matter how many videos you make with it in the TITle

  32. 6500 gold the only way this would make it worth is to give you 3000 gold back instead of the crap credits rewards in some stages

  33. I think I’ll ᵇᵃᵗᵗˡᵉ pass…

  34. Great battle pass. Free stuff is free stuff. Hard to complain. And f2p players can get 5k bonds as well if they go through all the levels. Improved gun rammer it’s just a gimmick. 2.5% on one tank it’s so situational it doesn’t even matter.

  35. Is it 10 gold to demount that rammer like a normal rammer?

  36. “Crews are crewshell’

    You heard it here!

  37. $30 for that trash? Wargaming is so greedy

  38. WG value 3d skin for 5000gold. That’s not price I am willing to pay, so I’ll skip buying premium pass. If there are premium days for 5000gold I would buy.

  39. Could have atleast added a few low tier premium tanks or a tier 6-8 at the end of the battle pass to the loot to make it worthwhile.

  40. So you’re telling me I the cost of this battle pass is what DOOM 2016 cost? Lol alright Wargaming

  41. its 37 canadian dollars for a bloody battle pass. ridiculous

  42. Well no unique tanks, to many crew training books (meh) in the battle pass. And the style for the super conqueror looks super sloppy work. So no, don’t worth the gold.

    And they talk so much about balance, bounty equipment as like improved equipment does nothing to balance the game.

  43. Free gold if you play tournaments

  44. Dominick Cordasco

    Trevors MR Raspberry jam from gta on the 277 style XD

  45. The Battle-Pass is exactly what WG promoted / announced / advertised in the “What is to come”-video: for player with too much gold a way to spend it. So in a way I am not too critical – even if I would also like to see more F2P-bonus in it.
    But again it is a grind and this “under the top 10” – ok, a WG BOT-protection but still I don´t like it. If they can´t root-out the BOTs why do they have to punish not so good or unlucky players? Being low tier in a stock tank (yes, there are players who actually grind the tech-tree) you are bound to be on the end of the team.
    In a way I am a little bit concerned how WG is throwing around the blueprints. At Christmas you got 60 national fragments for each nation and a lot of universal fragments (like 400). Now again up to 90 (?) national fragments (UK, USSR) and 352(?) universal fragments. Nearly enough to get from tier II to tier X without much grind (only the necessary modules).

  46. Another Wargamings money-grabbing scam!

  47. “…and of course how can you beat a teddy bear on a tank!!” 😂😂😂

  48. Time to uninstall

  49. Title of the cideo amd the content of the video doesn’t mathc at all, is it only me?? ….. There was no discussion or analysis whether its worth or not, you just shows what you got if you purchase! Well i can see that from the post from wg website

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