INSANE 1 v 5 with NO HP in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes I believe what I see in of Tanks – this is one of those games in T-44!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Хороший бой)

  2. Omar Daniel Rios-Sanfilippo

    Honestly this was all luck… all it takes is literally one HE shell *sigh* could’ve ended so much faster.

  3. I agree, game of the year.. if not best game ever.

  4. Anneewakee Champions

    I give you Indian name “IdolToManyMorons”

  5. Wow… amazing game

  6. Give that guy a trophy !!! he deserved ^^ !!!

  7. T44 is kick ass tank?

  8. Great way to give back to the community QB, GG.

  9. His tank is fueled by skill

  10. Top 10 td

  11. WG really need to reevaluate their credit rewards… How the fuck do you get a game like this and still lose credits..

  12. HOW is the russian/european/northamerican servers full of MORONS like this? in ASIA its hard to get these type of morons

  13. I swear I’ve seen this b4

  14. Color me impressed!

  15. I only saw a pro player farming four little strawberries who went to attack full straight without any kind of effort. Only the old trick to the T-43 was good

  16. What an utter collection of muppets on the enemy team. First they try to shut him down one my one like a classic Kung Fu movie, then that T-43 sits out in the centre of the cap. If he hugged the building like he should have, then our hero would have run out of time by a few seconds and would not have been able to reset cap. They should have kept 3 on cap and allowed the other 2 tanks to try and find him for a kill all. As Jingles says, the enemy team had a sudden rush of shit to the brains.

  17. He should have gotten a cheeky fadins medal

  18. bloody coward abandoned his team mates on the hill

  19. And all those last 2 TD had to do was arrive at the same time….

  20. that’s nice from quickybaby to give premium time, I admire that.

  21. Great game!

  22. When the entire team is sniffing the same glue…

  23. quickybaby: best game of the year

    Chieftain game left the group

  24. Did we see 0 secs in cap count down? Yes, and still game allow him to win. This is shitest scenario , this happened many times sometimes game allow you to that after 2 secs, they should fix it. T44 driver is totally awesome, and deserved to win but this is not fair for T43 driver

  25. They forgot to yell “Russia”, that’s why those snap shots missed.

  26. Nice QB. Congrats. Also it was a good game to watch. I think i can call it perfect.

  27. 0:50 : i know how that enemy ONi’s feel, f*ck yeah!!!

  28. Dear quicky, a couple of weeks ago I had a battle where we cap to victory 4 seconds before the other team and the screen said victory, but we only got a draw.

  29. Why doesn’t quickybaby review the 50tp tier 9 heavy I wanted to see the armor in depth he never did it way back

  30. “That’s world of tanks”

  31. Quicky i completed it in 10 days of hard grinding EXP

  32. With no boosters

  33. Holy shit. This is probably the best game i have seen in my 6 years of playing tanks.

  34. Which mod pack are you using??

  35. The Gaming Johnson

    This is what replays should be like

  36. Lightening Lancelot

    Simply Majestic!

  37. The Gaming Johnson

    Where wargaming gets p2w replays where quickly baby gets the right content 🙂

  38. Despite enemy team mishandling, he handled this beautifully. One misstep was all it needed, but he walked the line.

  39. Of course a Russian tank…

  40. The enemy attacked like Power Ranger villains at the end.

    Sends Tank #1
    Sends another one

  41. I don’t agree with what you say about the 122mm. I really liked it on this tank, made it to 2 marks which I was unable with the 100mm

  42. It was great, but game of the year? Sorry, but not with muppet enemies going one by one in their TDs against perfectly positioned Mt

  43. Amparo is the MVP of the year!

  44. And this is for this reason its important to attack together a last standing ennemy ! really important ! nice play from him really nice !!

  45. That was a crazy good replay, thanks for sharing and commentating. That fight on the hill, so may full HP tanks that could have surrounded him, or rushed him. Amazing cool, amazing skill, well deserved win.

  46. Maybe he played well…. But let’s consider the fact he was top tier and he wasn’t matched against premiums except for a steyr. The t44 is good in those cases but against newer tanks and premiums it’s just a hp pinata that burns easily.

  47. just look at it how fun the wot can be without arties and whelled cars.

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