INSANE 1 vs 7 IN VZ. 55 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today _Wow_Dude_ will leave you saying WOW DUDE in in World Tanks with this insane in the Vz. 55!



  1. This tank is so OP even a mediocre player can do this xD

  2. World of clowns, braindeads vs braindeads, the one with the op tank wins, suprise suprise.

  3. IRM and Stab do not add up. They are calculated multiplicative.

    Source: ingame pop up window describing the dispersion values (need to have IRM and Stab equipped).

  4. Hero of the replay playing in a platoon with Z Tankman, invasion supporting apes. go nahuj

  5. 1:55 i miss the times where we had to avoid driving on turet cus you could fly off into the skybox :v

  6. well played – but last kill was incredible luck

  7. The VZ 55 is absolutely op with t3 fire control, bond vents and t3 survivability suite. God those tanks trying to proxy him the whole game cracked me up XD, probably the funniest replay.

  8. It would not happen in asia server! Since you will be get hit by gold ammo from start.

  9. Ah. another replay of “Enemy team that too stupid to know how to come together at one guy”.

  10. Another stupid enemy team. While he was on the high ground, a tank lower down was proxy spotting him. The enemy should have split into two groups and come to his front and rear trapping him, as they knew exactly where he was.

  11. Amazing stuff Wow_Dude! In response to QB’s question, my best tier 10 game was in my Object 261. I only have a few tier 10s, and I don’t use them too much aside from the 261. I use it as my stress relief tank, and the way teams have been playing lately… I use it a lot. Best match was a Grand Battle a few weeks ago. I had over 3k damage, plus more from assistance. Got me a mastery badge and some other medals for the game, which was pretty close. If memory serves, we only had about five or six people left on my team at the end.

  12. At 10:40 That first shot on that 50TP should have been a miss, because the shell went over the skirt and the track.

  13. not really good player but big kudos for the enemy 257 for keeping him perma-spotted by proxying him for the entire game pretty much

  14. Complaints Department

    Oh good. He’s not spamming nothing but gold, meaning this video is worth watching.

    Edit: Nice game Dude. Result truly earned.

  15. Whats the name of mod down left corner, that shows damage done/blocked with green icons?

  16. T-34-85 was my most played tank. FV304 probably the most impactful for the team. Highest stated game goes to T29 and highest tier before uninstalling was VIII (only playing 16 games at tier VIII, compared to 937 and 2669 games at VII and VI respectively; then not playing the game again) (T28 prototype is soul crushing, circa 2015)


  18. He had nice RNG, not too many bounced shots

  19. wot america latina borra los comentarios negativos eso es violacion de los derechos de expresion

  20. Essentially the Skoda T 56 of tier X right now. So toxic to play against.

  21. This has to be a bot lobby or people playing computer just suck bc if anything they would of just swarmed him

  22. Why didn’t those 3 enemies go up mid when they won it lol. Smh my heads…

  23. I honestly believe the number 7 in the title refers to the combined IQ of the enemy team

  24. I feel so much for that T103 🙂
    Damned good game by Wow Dude, though.

  25. yeah yeah the tier 10 against tier 8 … and the enemy team was dumb as rocks … crap game

  26. Hello tankers, sorry for the question, but could someone tell me how I remove the green and red color from the lists of the friendly and enemy teams? I can’t find in the settings where this is done

  27. Everyone talkin about the T-103 being bad but over half the team were collectively bad to let one person farm them like that.

  28. 8:18 that was actually a very bad second shot. Almost screwed it all up there.

  29. The WOT community is so bad omg .. its so sad watching sth like this …
    its not even like that he is good … this is more an example how worst the enemys are.
    Now every idiot in the comments : this Tank is OP af smh

  30. Pure luck bad play

  31. His shoots better than my Leo 1. I want to his mods and rng.

  32. My best game was in the jpz E100 did over 10k DMG, and 7 to 9 kills.

  33. Respect voor the t103 for going for the fight instead of making it a draw. The hill there is very risky and we all can shout he is stupid, but it can happens to us too. His team cant blame him for the lost game, the 6 other remaining tanks made mistakes too.

  34. Had my best game in the T-62A actually

  35. I watched a bit of QB’s stream over the weekend. It was my first time watching him playing live and what surprised me, very unpleasantly, was how verbally agressive he would get. He had a bad day in the game and he litrally yelled at people. Honestly, after watching his youtube videos for quite some time I perceived him as a perfectly nice, smart and likeable player. Mistakenly, I guess.

  36. Monkey enemies. Paid actors.

  37. He was way too lucky and enemies were way too stupid tbh

  38. Amazing battle! It’s strange, I’m a 59% WR player and performed very well in the tier 9 TNH, but I haven’t been able to perform in the Vz. 55… I really thought it would be a top performer when I got it, but I must just be playing it wrong…

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