INSANE CAMO! | World of Tanks ELC Even 90 Camo + View Range Combo

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ELC Even 90 Stealth, Camo and View Range Build Equipment Spotting / Scouting Build. World of Tanks Best Camo Tank, Equipment 2.0 System. World of Tanks ELC Even 90 Gameplay. World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Event.

Thank you very much for requesting ELC Even 90 Gameplay… I absolutely love playing with this invisible scout, which was made even better with Equipment 2.0.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Play jagtiger 8.8

  2. wanna offer me this one dez ? :p <3

  3. General Saufenberg

    i like this little WALL-E tank^^

  4. Elc even after they get this loadout: A bueno adios master… *vanishing*

  5. EBR 105 can get to 53% when moving 🤣

  6. 55.63% is cammo on my ELC. Working properly untill some crazy wheelchair come your way with CVS and ruin your effort 🤷‍♂️. P. S: for those which is planning to buy ELC:it is important to know that gun stats are really, really bad. With rather slow shells, hitting mooving targerts is really hard.

  7. Kann you play the Bc 25 t pls

  8. I trade my T34B for Elc even 90 and I didn’t regret it😂 same for my Patriot for Hwk 30

  9. This vehicle has nothing to do with driving a tank. It belongs removed from the game.

  10. The commancers Vision system reduces the extra camo provided by bushes only.
    So behind a +50% bush it will only be a +40% bush. A +25% bush will become a +20% bush. So this can make a difference but extra view range pobably also makes just as big of a difference.
    Just so yall know.

  11. Congratulation Dez exelente Español .. 1.. 2.. 3 😂

  12. The game is getting more and more cramped with these gears

  13. Been a ton of folks jumping on the Steven90 bandwagon lately! This is a BAD tank but it can make for some of the best LOLz in the game BAR NONE! It is a weak tank but can make the team itself powerful.

  14. 56.8 moving camo rating was the old stats…we figured out how to get it too 58.2….you need the new bountry equipment….trust me, 58.2 moving camo…you do need a directive…hope you all find it also!!

    • The old settings were, bia, camo, camo directive, food, optics, vents and exhaust thingy in the first slot…the new set up uses 2 of the new bounty equipment…Try new things…and good luck with the camo build!!

  15. For more crazy camo use the mufflers 🙂

  16. Commandor vision system is overrated. I use bino, low noise and camo. View 527 m, camo 55,58%. If I use directive for camo then I have 57,63 statio and 53,63 moving.

  17. No reason to complain, if people dont know where these tanks sit to spot by now … thats on them

  18. Is lynx 6×6 as good as ebr 75 fl 10? Maybe not for this topic, but still interested?

  19. this has already been discussed

  20. Try the I’mNotThere-skin on the M56 Scorpion for an upclose and intimate relationship with opponent vehicles.

  21. Hi bro….try this with ebr, Hellcat, Russian tier8 medium…

  22. Well Dez you made me turn on tanks before commenting so I give exact numbers for my own 🙂 Have played lil more then 6 years with 53K pub games(pr just under 5K) and only have 8 tanks with more then 1K games played (6 of those are lights thou). All are under 1.5K played except the Evil 90 its 4 450 games ….lol. Same crew plays both Evil 90 & AMX-105 both have two marks, the crew is best in my garage having 7 full skills and 47% in their 8th skill. Highest base XP is 2 492 in Evil 90, max kills is 7, max damage is 4 276, hit rate is 70.11% with average of 741 damage & 1 347 assist. Now I have been using purple Vents & Optics with CVS in that order for best overall numbers. My camo is 49.29% with 505 view range with 26.6 reload speed 🙂 Now I screen save results of all my best games and Evil 90 has 27 games with more then 10K assist and three of those are over 13K and its a credit maker as have 100s of game with more then 100K profit. For those who say it cant shoot …. I have 18 Sniper Medals, 342 Patrol Duty, 166 Scout and 4 Top Gun & High Caliber with 13 Confederate and 1 Kamikaze … FRAKKIN luv this tank so much fun and it bank rolls my garage too. You can play both active and passive scouting in this lil monster and with more then 600 damage in 5 seconds can kill unsuspecting tanks. Only thing to be aware of is “wheelies” against you but even then if you use the NOE you can crush them …

  23. Dez in the ELC: *LoOk aT tHAt! I cAnT bE SeEN! hOw?*
    Enemy Team: Understandable, have a great day

  24. Enhorabuena por tu español! Ese un, dos, tres ha sonado muy bien!

  25. My favorite: +5,5 secs to enemy visibility -1,5 sec to own visibility
    EQ: Commander’s vision sys, bounty optics, improved radio set
    Directive: focus on target

  26. Manticore have insane camo too (If you boost it to the maximum)

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