Insane Live T-54 Carry on Swamp

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Early af

  2. Love the vids lemming

  3. T-54 is a golden tank

  4. lemming ily

  5. swamp on EU looks way different than the one on NA. Nice carry tho

  6. Ru251 3 Mark suggests?

  7. So a question or two if I may;
    You start from the south, (like you did,) take the castle? (Y/N)
    Next push towards their cap, or stay at the castle and defend the base?
    Start from the North, Take the Castle (Y/N?)
    I am assuming that this type of gameplay is geared towards medium tanks, as you sir are the master of the MTs, but on this map can I assume that even in a HT you still want to take the castle? (Y/N) especially from the south, as it is a shorter safer route to take.
    If you are in a HT from the North spawn, and no fast MTs go for the castle, lets say they all go down the 9-0 line then is it a good idea to try to take the castle?
    Thanks for any insight, I really enjoy your videos and your no BS explanations.
    Cheers from Tokyo Japan!

    • Yes, to taking the castle, pretty much all the time.

      I dont really like to push out of the castle unless im certain that itll be a win. Its pretty easy to defend once you have it.

      Yea you would want to take the castle in a heavy (from the south), you just go about doing it differently. Important positions are important positions, regardless of your tank type.

      I never go castle from the northern spawn, I always play the nothern area. The map works counter clockwise.

      Hope I answered your questions well

    • Shouldn’t that be “clockwise” instead? 😛

  8. xd 4K dmg t-54 game = carry

    • Doing lots of damage =/= carrying

    • yes =/= it =/= does

    • Youve never won games by making plays that lead to small amounts of damage but won the game? Spotting damage is an example, capping is another, holding positions so your team mates dont get flanked so they can farm is another..

    • That doesn’t make it a carry. Especially not an “insane carry”. You didn’t really have much spotting/tracking.

    • People like you look at 10k damage games and think those are shining examples of ” how to WoT” but in reality they are mostly just the result of bad teams getting farmed by a single player. A “carry” in this game is when the decisions (i.e. positioning/target priotization) made the difference between winning or potentially losing the battle, since you can deal 10k damage but still lose the match.

  9. AngeredSt0ne420 AIM CLAN

    i tell all the ppl in my clan to wwatch your content gg as always keep it up man??

  10. very nice, thumbs up

  11. Why did you even show the first game?

  12. guillem fuster adrover

    welcome to eu…..where magic happens on every game…and not in a good sense of things

  13. LemmingRush, go to and download their server reticle, it will help you with the ping and you wont lose the normal reticle, it’s the best of both aiming systems. You need to turn on “server reticle” in settings when having that mod.

  14. Nice game! I wouldn’t call it an insane carry. But a solid one

  15. Wait… Since when did you get transferred to EU??????

  16. Title says insane carry, 15 minutes and 21 seconds later and I still see no insane carry.

  17. The end of the last game kinda annoyed be cause u could have played just above the road from when you went back to base and been fine
    Where you were when the t 34 3 yoloed youThat spot rests base, covers where the skoda was, and covers the push from the t-30
    Took you a while to find that spot but if you did it earlier the game would have been less stressful
    Also any tips on the Patton 3 mark
    Stuck at 94%

  18. git ur 3 mark already noo000ooob

  19. u finally switched to the right gun for dank farms

  20. misleading title.  the second game was definitely a team save.

  21. Do a commentary on qb’s latest T95 video where the player wins a 1 vs 9 by camping in base and letting his team die

  22. “Insane carry” does 4 k dmg in tier 9 medium tank spanking gold to the Right and left…

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