INSANELY MODIFIED TANKS | Israel Ground Forces Overview

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  1. Day 1 of asking you to play the L3 again.

  2. Philippe Szwarcbart

    Its weird they did not transfer over the Merkava 3 from the American tech tree over to the Israeli one. The Merkava 4 has had significant armor improvements over the 3, thus explaining why some shots will penetrate the 3 and not the 4. The hype will be real when they introduce the Merkava 4m, which will likely sit at a BR of at least 10.7 if not 11 because it has the trophy APS. Cant wait until these vehicles are released in full into the game.

  3. I am sure merkava 4 will get moved to 10.7 soon after drop

  4. Day 312: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  5. Hello__________________King of War Thunder, Lord of Lords, Slayer of the unslayable, Master of Long Range Yeeets, Ohhh Tooodles. Please show some love to DEFYN. He is by far the best Air RB content provider around today, Green Fury is gone. If you don’t know him, I challenge you to watch two of his videos, and not agree he provides a good service. I watch you primarily for entertainment, and secondly for knowledge. However, with Defyn, his knowledge and skill are the entertainment. Why would some lowly peasant, not even fit to lick the mud off the boots of a Lord such as yourself, should say such a thing? Defyn constantly comments on the energy state of his aircraft vs. the enemies, how one could and should get into position to best one’s opponent, and why certain planes are just dog shit. Words of encouragement from me might be meaningless, but from you, they would carry immense and profound weight. Any way, just say’n. Thanks for being you Phly.

  6. I dont know why he wants APHE for the 51 cus the filler bug is still getting me murdered when i play America. 😒

  7. It’s really annoying how you don’t have to crew the 50 Cal guns. They get the benefit of all those extra guns without any weakness. Why this has been fixed in 20 years is baffling. All this talk about realism and balance… This game is a joke!

  8. Normal people will just look at the gal batash turret and say “waw that looks cool” meanwhile elite dangerous players will see it and probably say, someone jammed a gun into an asp’s cockpit lol

  9. Phly please check out the french AMX elc or bis i forget

  10. Yes, not a single Israeli MG mounted ontop of their MBT and other tank’s guns/rifles, was remote. Some had to get out and sit behind it, or lie down on the turret roof behind it.

  11. The merk was built for survivability

  12. Spike NLOS missiles when? Pereh when?

  13. Hey phly, Nice video I really enjoyed watch it, keep up the good work. Btw are you gonna make a best of 2021 video?

  14. the brrrrrrrrtt just overshadowing the new update

  15. merkava in real life is a verry bad tank mate xD it cant even go off steep slopes or go up than it wil get stuck because of its shape ive seen videos of it shitty tank

  16. Grand Moff Tarkin

    That 150mm of extra RHA on Magach 6B Gal Batash is not a simple push over, the frontal turret arc it can actually shrug of top tier APFSDS fired from 1500m away. In one occasion my M60A3 gun mantlet deflected 3BM60 from from 2500m away, sometimes even my CM11 turret front survived a direct hit from DM53 due to steep angle.

  17. TheSlavicLlama YT

    I’m sorry, Tiran 4S at the same BR as the T54-1949 is complete bullshit. Stop the power creep Gaijin please for the love of all that’s holy can you just spread out the BRs a little so we can have room to breathe??? I’m already facing Leo 2A4s and shit in French MBTs without stabs or decent armor, and it’s no better in Russia or America where you’re trying to play an armor-based tank against ATGM cockroaches and cross-map-sniping, corner-camping, perma-thermal, sweatlords in top tier premiums that give them access to thermals, strong apfsds and high mobility MBTs. This game just keeps getting worse and worse for F2P players. It’s basically impossible at this point. You HAVE to pay at least 100$ to get to top tier these days. Or pay less and spend months and months grinding through boring, weak tanks like the T44 or M103. “uGh bUt IT haS aRmoR” – Someone who’s never played a heavy tank.
    Sorry for ranting on, but every time they add more and more unnecessary junk to the game, before they fix the biggest issue with it. And don’t tell me you couldn’t make the grind easier by splitting up the tech trees in the following manner: Have the first part of the tech tree up until about 7.7-8.0 as is, but then stop the tree there. THEN add the rest of the tech trees under another tab as “Post Cold War” or “Modern Vehicles” and start off with 8.3s and 8.7s, at a very very low rp cost, so players can dive into the modern experience ONLY upon finishing the first tech tree, and then you have a much easier grind to max tier, but the players are still experienced. So now instead of grinding for 2 months in toxic, sweaty Air RB matches at 9.3 to get that new jet, you can grind for a week or two instead. It’s not like players get any better between the T54-1947 and 1949 anyway, so why the hell make it cost 150K+ RP to pass through? Okay. Shit. Rant done. Sorry, it’s War Thunder, it does this to me.

  18. Anyone know when the update drops?

  19. israeli tank is just pimp my ride tanks

  20. Lance Gideon Diokno

    they think the Gal Batash looks amazing
    wait till they see the Mag’ach 7C bet gal

  21. Again: pretty sure the Stinger is rear aspect only, its a good missile but you cant shoot anything not flying away from you or a helicopter.

    • Kostya Levit Naddubov

      It’s not rear aspect only. It uses ultra-violet and infra-red targeting. Telling that cause I served in stinger battalion

    • @Kostya Levit Naddubov Well not the 92A right? IDK what that vehicle in WT has though.

  22. Next time i want to see the turkish armed forces

  23. Im israeli and thank you very much for supporting us!

  24. in my opinion theres no reason to add again tanks that are already in the game, same was with china.

  25. well israel don’t have there own tanks, they realy bought othere tanks from different countries

  26. Israelis didn’t buy them, they got em

  27. Merkava 4M with Trophy is going to be even more of a brute.


  29. It seems that the Merkava Mk.4B is unfinished. The turret armor seems to be ALL RHA instead of NERA. And that’s why it’s so strong against APFSDS

  30. Talking about the Machbet being 9.3, meanwhile the SIDAM goes from 8.3 (already too high compared to similar AA) to 10.0 by adding Mistrals

  31. AHMADUTY aka PeanutUSA

    ‘iNsAnElY m0DifIeD’ literally same tanks copy and paste

  32. why is the m51s hull different

  33. phly the 1800hp was on arcade stats . RB its 1200hp

  34. Ah yes Israeli names, time to practice Klingon.

  35. since these start from a high Br of 6.0, would everyone be able to research them? Or like players who have reached atleast 6.0 in other nation tech trees would be able to start researching?

  36. That ATGM half track flare looks real af, but no wind effects are in the game so it won’t be squirrelly

  37. delete this shitty russian game

  38. love you phly from israel

  39. will you need to research again the amx 13 and aml 90 if you are coming from the french tree? I guess you will, but it’s so much bs.

  40. Man that Alef camo was SICKO BAMBA

  41. maybe you should make a video of the naval with uss raleigh 🙂

  42. cool and all until you realise he was on arcarde mode

  43. Day 4
    Hey Phly i’ve never seen you play the I.A.R. 81 C , it’s the only romanian premium of the italian tech tree and it has the best german weapons at 2.7

  44. Yeah, look for the “monster” armored tank to get a little NERF to it’s composite armor before the update actually hits. As well as the lethality of all the rounds…

  45. Виктор Фирсов

    Merkava 4B has 2862 hp???
    So, it’s 44 hp per ton???
    That’s gotta be a typo.

  46. i hope they add imi oto m24

  47. After this dev server stuff, you should take out the Tiger(of your choice) with a FW 190 or BF 109(of your choice) & maybe a JU 87(of your choice) to sauce things up!?? I miss when you used to make videos of WW2 era ground vehicles & planes more often… but anyways…I love your videos Cpt.Phly! Keep up the amazing work

  48. This is the best part of the update imo, irl A-10 is cool and all but if the enemy has any kind of competent air defense systems then they are more or less gone. meanwhile the Merkavas are literally known for their crew safety and survivability.

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