Insanity – AMX 13 57

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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: !


  1. First minute or so is muted due to music, but trust me, you’re going to want to see this one! Enjoy! 😀

  2. I_am_not_stupid _

    Tuned in just before the M6 shot the SU, pretty epic! Kind of forgot that it was a stream and not a YT clip due to it’s extreme perfection of execution!

  3. Good to see that you could meet a fellow golfer carrying in the opposite team

  4. Love the ending of this one, if it had been me playing either the SU100M1 would have charged me like a retard or my shots would have bounced, great to see it can happen differently as well! 😀

    Also, the requirements of this tank at the moment are insane, I’ve had multiple 1550xp=>1590xp *BASE* games and they were all 1st class, you can see them in the review video I did on this tank on my channel, gg!

  5. Are you fucking joking Circon? 3 marks in less than 30 games? Whats is this even??? Truly insanity… G fucking G

  6. that su maybe had good rng, but no luck with you in enemy team 🙂
    tnx for share

  7. Holy shit dude. Sunglasses’ moment for sure wfp

  8. Send it to jingles!!! 😀

  9. Alunita Inghinala

    Jingles must see this.

  10. “Oh he’s behind us… Bye Leo” wow what a dick lmao *I would have done the same thing*

  11. Lol, nice game! Imagine that tank with 16 more shells…

  12. We should have a ‘Circon’ medal above master.

  13. Wow SimonTemplerS isnt a bad player

  14. Audio at 1:54

  15. Not very often a M6 gets complimented :p poor SU too

  16. That was fucking insane!

  17. Enemy SU tho, 4111 dmg

  18. Hope jiggles see it

  19. I’m so glad that nearly everyone I see in the 13 57 is a rushing tomato.

  20. Never doubted it….

  21. the best video ever
    missing the push it to the limit though 😉

  22. You should comment his replay, the SU-100M1 guy!
    That ending from his side must’ve felt so frustrating

  23. Hey. I love my T67. Give me 3-5-7 against tier 7s and I’ll give you a bush that shoots you.

  24. Send it to Jingles?

  25. Serbian Highlander

    Stand up comedy

  26. Circon, you DA MAN. Absolute NBK ….. Natural Born Killer

  27. Beyond Fadin’s.

  28. No sound. Wtf

  29. This game was:
    Feels bad man
    Feels good man
    Feels iffy man
    Feels bad man
    Feels good man
    Feels like another potato team

  30. Bloody cool, very well done Circon !!!

  31. Nice meme!!,great game dude

  32. Pure Gold

  33. Perpetual Ephemerality

    I had EXACTLY the same game a few hours later.
    No ammo, last kill ram for the Radley Walters’:

  34. The French line has to be your favorite with the amount of memes and crazy games you have in them

  35. great game!

  36. This would make an great vid if both Circon and SU sent their vids to Jingles for a split screen, both points of view with Jingles narration.

  37. this is the best game ive seen in a while lmao

  38. There should be a medal for having to rely on an M6 to help win the game.

  39. Poor guy in SU… I feel sorry 4 him now. That’s depressing as hell! ?

  40. ever video ive seen on the AMX 13 57 he runs out of ammo lmao

  41. Awesome game and ending!

  42. *I’m still standing after all the memes*

  43. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  44. This tank is just awesome. 🙂 Say Hello to 1829 base XP

  45. This dude is legendary

  46. Wow…nice vid with this little bugger…

  47. Does anyone else think glacier is the best new map in a long time ? I mean after Paris of course. Am I right ?
    Hello ? Where did everyone go I just said Paris and everyone left….

  48. Regarding the ammo… I had a game the other day with the Challenger that has 30 shells with the 32 pounder.. I did 2,6k damage and ran out of ammo in the middle of the match.. and I had to sit there watching my enemy wither away ’till the end. I think that I might have had a way bigger impact if I wasn’t so limited (maybe even carried the game). Heck, I was second on damage in my team and still managed to ram some tanks capping my base while being fired upon. I did waste a couple of shells at the start while firing at a Lowe, not penetrating, I’ll admit that, but come on…

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