Insanity! – Batchat 12T

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  1. yeah i like the 40k books

  2. It has to go to Jingles.

  3. ofc RNG is going to save a retard in T30 + you most likely lost the game because 704 killed your tier 9 arty which could do a lot of damage to an enemy team….such a fucking retard that 704 toxic piece of shit that did 700 dmg in the game -.-

  4. Is this real life?

  5. I watched it live yesterday (I actually comment #BRUH there at the end) and dude that was such a sleeper game, like yeah you shot a lot but nobody expected that much damage to pile up…

    • It’s funny, I actually left stream after like 2 minutes. I had no idea it was going to be such a monster game.

  6. When the planets align …….they just did. Fantastic game

  7. Pre- and Post-1.0 should be separated because of all the shenanigans they pulled with the maps as far as terrain and concealment.  Crazy game.

    • ikr sum of the bushes on sum of the maps dont even work and they have to put invisible walls all over the place, not just in the game breaking spots but fuking everywhere. takes all the fun away from the game.

  8. Legend????

  9. Fat American tracks FTW!

  10. Dude def had paratrooper on that crew

  11. they had to tell people that any idiot can play the type 4/5…

  12. I honestly don’t know how you took the Type 4’s nonsense with such good humor. I would have lost my fucking mind at that idiot in chat.

  13. Superb vid !

  14. P E N E T R A T I O N !

  15. Under 7k damage in a tier 8 light? To be honest though, I got to farm a full health IS-6 to end on a win.

  16. Go to training room in T30 and try to do the same on the map

  17. Adrick Herregodts

    Must go to jingles…NO excuses. I would love to hear him talk about that type 4.?

  18. Holy balls!!

  19. Circon, why are you shooting so much gold, like, just aim for the weakpoints!

    (kappa, please)

  20. This guy in type 4 heavy should have his own server

  21. Carlos Conceição

    REPORT TYPE 4!!!

  22. Whats that mod that tells you how much percent on MoE if thats it on bottom of the screen?

  23. Circon, Idk what it is about that spot on that hill, but i’ve done that a few times in my T30 and strangely enough, even my batchat 12t and i’ve lost no damage and rarely modules/crew.

  24. There is always that one bot in the japanese heavy. But never in the enemy team

  25. “Physics and realism”

  26. So if want to beat this now.. you need like 3 full HP ammo racks :V

  27. Last week I was wondering why you had so few BC 12t replays and then you drop this holy grail of a replay.

  28. I feel a video for jingels comming

  29. Bottom tier OK now.

  30. I haven’t played WOT in months now after deciding that it wasn’t worth my aggravation. I see that the game and its players are still just as retarded as ever. It feels so good to not be playing this shit anymore even though I still enjoy Circon’s replays.

  31. I can’t play WoT anymore. I’d have been shouting in chat at that Type 4 nonstop from the second he drove towards bridge.

  32. Smartest Type 4 in the entire history of world of tanks m8

  33. Send to Jingles!!

  34. T30 crew should have been turn into scrambled eggs in that tumble and roll

  35. May be the best 12t battle I’ve ever seen but that t30 has some bs rng

  36. my phone number is 87772987

  37. This was fuckn crazy!!

  38. 6200 dmg….. Circon….

  39. I have never had more than 3200 damage in my 12t

  40. Damn I watched this twice. Gotta send it to Jingles. Too many “wtf” moments. Team kill arty at the start, bombardier medal for the enemy artillery at the end, tiger kills himself, t30 does a barrel roll for no damage, and the type 4 does type 4 things ignoring his own cap circle.

  41. Enhanced Russian physics

  42. Please tell me you sent it to Jingles. This is the perfect material for “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and I think it might boost you over the 100K subs mark.

  43. What an end. Awesome play from the Type! But in the end he may also would have been clicked.

  44. Neymar approved the T30 barrel roll

  45. The thing is : if 704 had not TK the arta , apx how much damage would Circon had less ? and arta might had been more helpful than Type 4 , but for sure 704 did not help at all to get a win !

  46. honestly you played HORRIBLY afinst the ferdinand in the end. You shot his gun mantelet twice. Otherwise you could have won. anyway gg

  47. Ok. This might beat the Foch HE replay as the GOAT. Just because it’s the 12t gun in a tier 10 game!

  48. Holy shit, what a match. I think this one should be sent to Jingles as well.

  49. ultimate respect

  50. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    This goes to jingles

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