Inside the Mind of a Super Unicum – Buffed Object 140 Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. U shud do buffed 121, the tank is good now

  2. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    Object 140 is a

    russian medium tank

  3. Hey lemming. I stopped playing wot after 3 years and I’m trying so hard to get back into it. But the game play is so repetitive and slow. Any hints or advice to help me get back into it

  4. If you had the 62 the skoda would’ve penned your frontal plate in the end and killed you.

  5. You always sound like you are commentating on your own replays, and the moment I realize you are live commentating it blows my mind. It happens every time, even though I am watching your videos for some time. It seems I cannot get used to it. It comes so naturally for you. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, and arty will change everything in your mind. Wellcome to SEA, where arty appears in every match

  7. The Pwning of that Bat Chat was fucking glorious.

  8. I saw you in a public match. I didn’t get a chance to shoot you though. You were playing your Patton. Good video, I like the way that you think out loud. I’m all aboot it. Maple Syrup!

  9. “Pretty sure if I didn’t have sixth sense I wouldn’t have been spotted. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works” I laughed so hard ??

  10. 5GTD is recruting pm me on milos_warrior NA if interested

  11. Is it just me or does the audio and video interupt every few seconds for a splitsecond? It’s really annoing and I don’t get it in other YT videos.

  12. First off, this was funny as shit, as I watched the live stream yesterday where LR was ‘fishing’ for a good replay.  Didn’t watch for long, but when I did it was like 5 losses in a row in the 140.  (He had some bad teams).  I think he is wrong about the last four who ‘carried’.  This game was won because (and this is highly unusual), the heavies that went south DIDN’T yolo south field.  They all fell back.  You almost never see that.  That moved allowed the rest of the game to play out as it did.  Great SMART team play.  Also helped the enemy team had a wonky deployment, camping Maus, campy initial southern flank…

  13. play south with 3 arty

  14. Q: Why does Quickybaby never recommend other people’s channels?
    A: He’s an arrogant cunt with an ego/skill ration of at least 78.

  15. I love brawling in my T-54 and usually it works well if I can isolate vehicles. That way you can actually aim for weak spots (useful if u have no tier 8 Prems) and not spam gold. And the turret of that thing is just beautiful.

  16. 140 or t62a

  17. Man this is the best wot content ever great videos!

  18. Hey you finally turned on aimbot

  19. Lemming would you play the south even if you were in a bottom tier 8 medium, like the t44 or ravioli for example?

  20. at 2:24 your quote is the same thing i have heard from my wife a few times…. 🙂

  21. “they have camping jews and what not”

  22. With the new bonds you can take firefighting as a crew bonus for only 2 bonds a game which in turn you can take food on your 140 ?

  23. Object 140 is now a faster T-62A with better hull armour and gun depression.

  24. lemmingrush is there any chance you could maybe make another replay for the super persh in a bottom tier/all 8s game please? whenever I play tanks just snipe my weakspots on the move from 300m like every game, and I would like to see your play style in it. thanks :DDDD

  25. It's not what you think

    Next: Buffed O-Ho gameplay.

  26. That’s why I stopped playing the obj 140. 60K lost without premium account and with pretty good dmg. less dmg and loosing the game would make it like 100K credits lost. Total bullshit! I would of never grind this line if I knew how much nonsense this is! WG just went nuts on ammo and repair costs with this one.

  27. Lemming I really like your videos and playstyle. I even manage to tune in to some livestreams inspite of those being during nighttime in Europe. I think I’ve learned a lot more from your content, than from that of QB, SirFoch and Circon, which I also enjoy. But you can’t keep saying the same crutch phrases in every video. It’s getting old and to be perfectly honest a bit annoying. “Basic counting skills show that A – we’d win X flank; B – we’d lose Y flank.” “A lot of people have trouble with this map” – practically in every video. Even if those are true, which for the most part – they are, please try and work on how you’re phrasing your thoughts and commentary. Maybe even work on a script, before sitting down to record the voiceover on the video. I know you’ve said WoT content isn’t your primary focus in life, and you don’t aspire to be the next QB of WoT, but still it would be nice if your commentary was a tad more professionally prepped. I think it would help your channel grow faster.
    No hard feelings I hope.

  28. I wonder if there were at least one arty from both sides in the game would this be a loss? Enemy pushed into lemming’s base and gained full map control but they didnt seem to achieve much out of the map control they have.

  29. 3:15 –
    WTF? Are these heavy players actually making a reasonable decision and going back? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? HOW THE HELL?

  30. Hey lemmingrush that was me in the team’s amx 50 120 i tried to hold the enemies coming to south of hill but the Emil and others crippled me then the jgpanther2 abandoned me to die and just when i was about to run and relocate to east side an enemy was just in front of me and got me

  31. Why do you even need i believe Russian language installed on your pc ? Maybe for playng RU server.

  32. I love the live comentary.

  33. Lemming, do you think the T-62A would have bounced those two shots from the Skoda T 50 off the front plate in the endgame? It’s the same thickness, but the 140 has a more wicked angle on it; I find I often get crucial bounces like that when I’m a one shot in the 140, but not so much in the T-62A.

  34. The guy you randomly tooned with did played well. Not a frequent thing.

  35. Inside the mind of most super unicums: “need moar wn8”

  36. Thanks for showing Arctic Region.

  37. great content, glad i subscribed. thumbs up

  38. That was the single saddest bat chat yolo attempt i’ve ever seen ?

  39. should i grind for this tank?

  40. Lol basic counting skills on every video!

  41. great vid, you play a first class game.

  42. Thank you for the plays AND THE WHY u did it.  Well done, and well played.

  43. All my WoT career, I thought it is important to aim. 🙁

  44. Matti Meikäläinen

    3:16 how in hell you made your every single tank come back? In my team they would have just rushed enemy base and died. 😀

  45. That play vs the batchat…. Amazing

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