Inside The Mind of a Super Unicum – How I Deal With Being Bottom Tier

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Please feature replays and don’t play live because there is just so much time wasted on things that are not valuable for an audience

  2. Ya. But you’re driving the good low t aren’t you lol.

  3. Ply tier 8. Won’t take long to be bottom tier.

  4. All the tanks are the same tier. You are top tier, not bottom tier.

  5. Oh ffs. Invisi firing super fast go cart T67? Really? Play something that is average or bad please if you dare. With a 70% crew, and no skills/perks. This video is just ego stroking.

  6. you are bottom tier in a tier 5 game with a tier 5 vehicle ???? are you retarded or simple click baiting ?

  7. I’d imagine that the arty drowned himself because he saw the bullshit that was about to happen. It’s not hard to look at a line up and see that it’s fucking rigged, even without xvm.

  8. Lemming runs away in a relatively straight line and doesn’t get hit once by the Pz. T 25. Anyone else would have been hit by nearly every shot whilst zig-zagging like a mofo. I know, been there. Gotta luv the rng for some players.

  9. Playing bottom tier in a T67 doesn’t count, lol.

  10. How to play bottom tier… gets an overpowered TD and plays with food…. right.

  11. Lol why ppl so triggered bout the t67 bruh……..

  12. xdddd lol @ your response.. why is the game over.. welcome to low tiers bro ^

  13. What is that camo though?

  14. LemmingRush, since everyone is complaining that your tank is OP, try the Pz 25 t or Pz. 3 K… or anything like a Sherman and whatnot. I’d recommend those tanks if you redo it… (I think this is a lot like the Obj. 907 game!)

  15. Thank you for the video LR. Would love to see more lower tier tank videos to help position myself better and do better overall while trying to grind to tier 10 tanks.

  16. Viktor Woloszczuk

    So there seem to be a lot of comments raging about how you’re using a T67 (which is pretty OP, to be fair) and a lot of replies from LR that the tank is less important than the positioning (which, as is apparent, is true).

    I think that the next “Inside the Mind” should be a look at how to position correctly. How do you evaluate whether a position is good? What are the thought processes that you go through when moving around the game board? I haven’t seen any video like this so far (which probably means that lots of us haven’t, even if it does exist). So maybe one of these is in order?

  17. Antonin Jeanjacques

    It’s very sad to read all this bad reactions because t67 is OP at tier 5 but it can’t pen anything at tier 7 so for my this video is very usefull. LR is trying to teach you to don’t rely on your armor and to don’t waste your HP and I think it’s one of the most important thing in this game with map awareness

  18. Lemming Rush have you ever played the t69? what did you think of it?

  19. Alexander Agustine

    The difference between tier IX /X and VIII is huge…. In my T34-85M I did 2600 dmg even tho I was in tier 8 game… That is more dmg than in my Defender or Mutz in tier X game… In my T34-85M I did not use a single gold while in my 8s I use them all the time. So what do you do when in your Mutz you end up facing E5 and T62A… pls don’t say change the flank cause Type 5 is in the other flank… The point is, even Unics cannot perform great in 8s anymore given the new mm

  20. Tier 3 no longer sees Tier 5 now so you should be shooting Tier 4 as lowest nowadays

  21. u dont play the tier 5 mutch but u got 3marks haha one it xD

  22. You do not waste ammo with T67… And T67 is kinda op… You should have played with a more “regular” tank. Something like Fury or Easy8 etc

  23. ” i dont play low tiers a lot”….ROFLMAO.. 3 marks on the t67

  24. Great job LR you helped me understand how i should be thinking when i am bottom tier,it dosnt matter what tank you used -the important thing for me was listening to your logic and how you used the mini map. a lot of times i have a favourite spot if it turns to custard i just try to hold it and die,or wait if nothing comes and be useless. refreshing thx

  25. Unicorn running food T5!?

  26. Really? The statpadders tank of choice? Yeah that’s useful.

  27. A case of coke in a T67??

  28. Ik you just wanted to get a video done and you had a t67 in your garage but can you play the worst tank from each class, or tell me to go screw.

    Worst Tanks:

    Light: AMX elc
    Med: Matilda BP
    TD: Archer
    Heavy: Excelsior
    Arty: uh no…not torture xD

  29. however LemmingRush there is no bottom tier map meta! It doesn’t exist. There is one (1) meta. The only thing which differ a lowtier from a toptier game are better view Ranges and more experienced players. But the meta never changed. Everyone who starts as a bottomtier need to know how the (a) meta of the actual map works – normally – and then he try to read the (b) lineup of both teams. To answer a simple question. What can I expect and where? Which tank can I deal with and which not? And (c) search for someone who can possibly protect you against anyone who wants to jolo you. Always have cannons of your team in sight. (d) Never isolate yourself. As a bottom tier follow a lemmingtrain if they follow the meta or not – nobody cares at this point. I have the feeling this questions are hard enough to follow.

  30. lucky with AMX 12 t…i still Hard to understand what happened… :)) You make it look so easy

  31. Hey Lemming! Nice vid as always, but i think (as other people stated) you should do a vid like this playing tier 8 since it’s one of the most played tiers (premiums and whatnot) and currently with the new MM you end pretty much 90% of the time as bottom tier. Hope you read this, keep it up!

  32. Lemming Rush:” How to deal with being bottom tier?”

    Me: “get a KV-2 with HE and send them all to Goulag”

    Stalin: “I approve”

  33. Typical. You want equal tier mm, and you get tiered up. You want shit mm, it gives you God mode mm XD

  34. Play support roles if you’re bottom tier, spot for your team and engage fights you can win.

  35. Hello lemming, i was thinking about clan wars and the reward tanks, and i wanted to know what i should look for in a clan if i want to get a reward tank. To whovever responds in a resonable and thought out manner, thanks.

  36. Did you do a video on turret-less tanks yet?

  37. I gotta say, if LR was exploiting the tank he would have camo and camped bush all game.
    So I disagree with all the noobs crying about using this tank to prove his point.
    Personally I think mobility and gun handling along with positioning wins the game.

  38. How to play bottom tier:
    Step 1: queue up your T67
    Step 2: keep playing until you aren’t top tier
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: profit

  39. Thank you. This was great. I have a T67. I play a set of the tier 5 American vehicles (Chaffee, M4 Sherman, T1 Heavy, T67 and M41 HMC) and a T34 (Russian medium that I got based on you liking Russian mediums). That’s it. I sold off everything else. Imagine the games you played with no sixth sense and no premium ammo or consumables other than an automatic fire extinguisher–that’s my exact situation. There’s so much to comment on here because you played in a situation I can relate to. First off it’s very clear you’re simply better than I am. Primarily, you can fight your way out of trouble better than I can. A top 500 purple player pubbing on the North American server in a T67 has got to be very rare. I’m sure you were being focused by anyone with XVM. I’m surprised you weren’t followed a lot more. That’s probably because you were in a fast vehicle. That seems to be your preference–high speed and fast reload/high dpm. The Chaffee is pretty good in that respect as well. I guess it would be asking a lot to see you play a T1. You’re not going to switch flanks quickly with that, but it has fast reload and a bit of armor. Of course it doesn’t stand up to anything in tier 7 and it’s tall so it’s hard to keep it from being shot. I’d still like to see your approach to playing it. Just seeing you play any of the vehicles I play would be (and was) sweet. I’ve been playing the T34 a lot in an effort to build up the crew. The turret traverse and aim time feel slow to me. I’d like to see how you approach that as well. The last game in this video is what I remember best. I was really hoping the T71 would come after you. I was also really hoping you’d have to deal with an E25 (or best of all a T71 and an E25). The difference is it wouldn’t be that big of a deal for you. Your ability to evaluate the situation helps keeps you out of situations like that (but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see it). In the last game, overall, you played less aggressively than I would have except in the beginning. As I was watching I was saying to myself “why is he going so far forward on the flank where the heavies go”. You had three choices there: fall back (which is what you did), take damage and then fall back (which is what used to always happen to me), or stay there and die early (I used to be that bad a player but I’ve improved at least enough to avoid that). With a T67 on that map what you did is about all you can do. These days I usually go north with the mediums early in the game. Then I either die as the flank is lost (which as you said is easy to do when all you have is 360 hit points), push the flank as it is won (mostly by others), or, if I’m lucky enough to survive and smart enough to do so, fall back and defend the base (like a good little TD). One difference here is you used the vehicle’s speed to get to an advanced position early and at the very least do some spotting. Another difference is you found a position near the base to get some shots where you were reasonably safe without having to commit to one flank or the other. A third difference is you showed your superior ability (compared to me) to fight your way out of trouble. That was more apparent in the earlier game where you circled an enemy vehicle, was attacked by another simultaneously, and got out of it. I’m happy you mentioned luck had something to do with it. On the other hand, good players sometimes make their own luck. Also, I believe you were commenting as you were playing. If so, there were times where you were in trouble yet your voice didn’t change (you didn’t tense up). When I get caught in situations like that, I can’t do all the things you were doing at the same time. Only recently, based on your statement that it’s a necessary skill, have I tried circling opponents. You took some hits and should have died when you did that here. I certainly would have died in the same situation. You did well preserving your hit points so you had them when you needed them. That is sort of an example of making your own luck. The second vehicle screwing up his opportunity helped as well. That’s something I’ve done. An average player (on a good day) runs into a well-known purple player who is in trouble and should be an easy kill but gets nervous and screws it up. That’s part of your advantage playing tier 5; you can probably bully players with XVM and get away with it more frequently because some of them are going to tense up and make mistakes. I do that more than I’d like to admit. I do have to say having the balls to try circling other vehicles is helping with that. Plus it’s really sweet when I manage to pull it off, come out of it alive and keep going. When I do that I feel great. I used to receive what I thought were a lot of post-game insulting comments in the garage. Pulling off daring maneuvers (at least as far as I’m concerned) makes me feel like I’m at least playing decently and not deserving of any insults. With that I’ll mention that I don’t use XVM anymore because, like you, I don’t think it helps. I feel my positioning/decision making is better without it. I also have in-game chat turned off for the same reasons. Even further, I don’t ping the map, ask for help (use any of those keys), or anything outside of straight up gameplay. I’m the last guy who should be making suggestions as to what others should do, should have done, etc. I feel the vast majority of (if not all) mid-tier players should keep to themselves and devote their full attention to their own gameplay. There are few things I dislike more than self-proclaimed in-game commanders–especially the ones who start in with all of that after they die. I’m so glad I don’t see any of that anymore. The stuff players can do on the minimap in-game is more than enough. I’d just as soon not see any of that either. I feel that if you want to do that join a clan. Watching these videos is making it more and more apparent that in random public battles it’s every man for himself. Positioning and reacting as the game unfolds is the important skill–often even moreso in low tier games that often unfold in unusual ways. It’s nice when team mates play into your strategy, but expecting them to and getting mad when they don’t is silly. Quickybaby is good in that regard. People follow him, bump in to him, cut into his line of fire, you name it, and he rarely reacts negatively to it. I used to stress out over stuff like that. I’m better about that now and it has helped. Thanks again. This was wonderful. Of course I want to see more like this. I have visions of platooning with you. Some high level players will platoon with others for a fee. I haven’t heard of you doing that. I don’t think it would help (me) much. WoT has a high number of variables. That’s why we can play thousands of games and it still seems fresh. I don’t believe platooning for a small number of games will markedly change how well I play. I’ve heard/seen that it’s done for training or just for fun. If you decide to do that, I’d consider it with the understanding that it’s mostly for fun. Of course I’d want you to play tier 5 vehicles–preferably the same ones I have. Quickybaby would be fun to platoon with as I appreciate his (in real time) knowledge of weak spots, reload rates, alpha damage, armor thickness, etc. at most any tier from 4 on up. In short, it would be fun having in-game help with what to do from someone who I respect as opposed to all of the would-be commanders who may not be any better than I am. It’s another income stream if you decide to get into it.

  40. How u play being at bottom tear? Just pick a OP tank…duhh

  41. T67 was not the best choice….but positioning and strategy is largely the same.

  42. Hans_von_Twitchy

    A particularly good video. Really showcases the skills required when bottom tier, which are useful at all tiers. Thanks.

  43. LemmingRush console player here, thank you for all your honest and informative videos. Great job. They are very helpful.

  44. Why the tier 5 E 25? That tank is a turreted E 25, it’s faster than a light, it even can circle same tier light tanks.

  45. but your top tier, best tank for tier 5??
    Its all tier 5 tanks game? that tank will do well in tier 7.

  46. damn… i am never that lucky in tier 5…always bottom tier.I mean …20 games in the row bottom tier

  47. But doing that in a 67? come on lemming i know you probably picked it because it will allow you to showcase certain tactics and plays without the risk but really?

  48. TROPIC Agario and more

    Drive a stat pad 67 is what to do when ur bottom tier

  49. Wrong tenk – the T67 is one of the few vehicles where tiers don’t matter. Maybe you should try a Pz IV H or an M4 ??

  50. I really do enjoy your videos.

    This one is very good in that it is practically informative. That is, it gives you a finite thing to do in practical situations (“Run awaaaaaaaaay!”) where you find yourself in the worst position in the line-up.

    it’s fascinating that you concentrate so much on strategy. As you yourself point out, strategy and concerns for it are pretty rare at the lower tiers snd instilling an understanding of it is certainly useful (just ask the game I played In a TD last week where I repositioned like it was going out of style and I was rewarded with f-tons of damage.).

    A couple of things.

    A thing.

    I know that you, like all good players like to optimize your winning chances, which makes the T 67 a wise choice because it’s an OP turreted TD, but that raises an important question: “how do you play when your tank is not something spankworthy but something ordinary or something less than ordinary in some respects. Everyone dreams of kicking serious butt in an ELC the way they do in the videos, but how do you use the strengths of other tanks?” I wonder what advice you would. give on playing a medium or light that was heavy with armor but had a high DPM gun like the French lights that come before the ELC or tanks like the Russian lights that get penned by thrown marshmallows but that combine Olympic mobility with scary rates of fire.

    Another thing.

    You talk a lot about strategy and the key to strategy seems to be correctly using information gotten from the minimap. Perhaps the greatest flaw beyond weak fundamentals in new players is the inability to use the minimap. Have you ever considered devoting a video to understanding and using it at various levels. The minimap is a lot of different things to different players. Teaching new, intermediate and skilled players what things on the map mean might be interesting and useful.

    Again, cool video. Thanks as usual.

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