Inside the Mind of a SuperUnicum – 150,000 Credit Carry in My T-34-3

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. One of my fav tanks…. you really showed out in it

  2. my favorite tank is the elc amx, and Amx cdc

  3. Another quality vid. keep it up lem!

  4. Hey Lemming Rush. When I started watching your YouTube videos I had abysmal stats, and my WN8 was around 400. Now my stats are much better, and I have 1.7k a year after (now). I just wanted to say if it weren’t for you and other you tubers, I would not be as decent as I am right now, and I would probably be in a different game, whining about why I can not do anything useful. ???
    Thanks for everything

  5. hey wassup lemming. whens the next live stream?? 🙂

  6. lul fak dis i fully aim almost every shot with my sta 2 and i hit like 3 out of 20 Yesterday, u dont fully aim and hit 50 % of your shots

  7. Wow – what a finish!

  8. The Rhm.Borsig-WT had a great game as well. He must be soooo mad at the T95 for not hitting you at least once with HE.

  9. Hello 🙂

  10. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    I have a love/hate relationship with my T-34-3. That fucking Chinese gun, dude!!! It’s a giant troll. No idea where the shell is going to go. Well played.

  11. your my to go guy when trying to figure out how to play Maps.
    pilsen you were high tier medium playing with low tier heavies. question: sometimes when I’m in same situation. I have the gun that can pen their high tier heavies. so I would try to support my lower tier heavies. is this also an acceptable ideal?
    I get your approach to win the weaker flank, and get behind their stronger flank.
    also could you post a swamp gameplay playing from the other spawn “north”, because the south spawn seems to me to be an over powered position to start from

  12. ‘but that’s just my experience’ – Lemming Rush, every 5 seconds

  13. I have 10% less winrate in this tank than what my recent approaches. And you made me buy it, I hate you! 😀

    No, actually I kinda like you. But this tank! How do you make it work is so far beyond me. I’d drive my STA-2 any day instead. I’m not loosing hope though! EU is really screwed right now when it comes to preferential matchmaking.

  14. LemmingRush with 2 HE omg! 😮 “HE loadout kills the ability to handle a epic game” – LemmingRush 2017

    however well played!

  15. How do you have XQMP enabled without stats showing?

  16. Wow nice game. And here I am getting worse by the day at this game. I have basically given up. I do One or two penning shots per game now. ISU 152 today….4 games, 4 deaths, 168 total damage, 3 zero damage games. Frustration with everything about wot has driven me from it. But it’s nice to see at least someone is doing well.

  17. !!Thanks for the heads-up

  18. very nice

  19. lol, gratz on that last shot mate, got me thinking about that vid you did about the HE versus hvy tanks awhile ago.
    Bags2247 NA

  20. But 80% of my games in this tank are tier X, 15% full tier 8 with broken prems and only 5% remaining battles are like this. Cries….

  21. “I’m just gonna pretend I’m going this direction… *says quietly* fucking clicker faggot…” ?

  22. Why not play more challenging tanks. All the time these Op stat pad tanks lol

    Lucky scrub .-)

  23. That T95 kill was fukin’ awesome!!! LOL!

  24. Fantastic game man, super nice carry.


  26. “We only have T6 heavies and they’ve got a ton of T8 heavies” IS-6 is now a T6 heavy, and a ton = 2 apparently. lol

  27. Tom's Game Replays


  28. TBH the T95 did the right thing in the end. Alone in mid with nothing to back up against he would be toast.

  29. hello you dirty sons of bitches. I wish you all a nice day. :3 Lemming send us a picture of your lily white butt.

  30. ATeamBalkanGames

    Showing those names on the side panels arent ya 😀

  31. Great video & good to hear your thought processes during the game. Also, there is noting wrong with loading “lucky games” we all get them & it was very entertaining


  33. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How to T-34-3:
    Step 1: Load Gold
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit

  34. Jochem Groenewoud

    “bounce a shot in his ass” terrible aim bad gunhandling….

  35. Jochem Groenewoud

    and again

  36. Jochem Groenewoud

    love your vids but superunicum playstyle isnt it in my opinion

  37. Great vid, really pleased I subscribed and hit the bell.

  38. what a fantastic 2nd game man…. that’s some great play and thinking.

  39. Please do a guide for the 121. I just unlocked it and im struggling, I enjoyed the WZ before it but the 121 feels different.

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