Inside the Mind of a Unicum – Carrying in the Buffed Cent AX

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Can you play some t10 lights ?

  2. Hello. Woke up. Phone buzzed. Video posted. K bye now.

  3. stream right now

  4. Cent AX is now pretty good. Better than the Patton personally. It’s turret armour is now decent but bear in mind tier 10 tads can pen the you. But it’s excellent gun does make up for it. Also the fact that all the ammo types are all useful means that It is much more effective than something like the patrons gun.
    And yes I am British.

  5. My nAme Is MikeL LeOparD is a sNIping Tenk. No arGuE oR i BlacKliSt

  6. Your final location was fine… where you sat gave him your cupola. He plinked one off… should have been a warning.

  7. im really curious about how the ‘cheating’ guy answered u

  8. xvm has a team hp counter at the top of the screen…  to bad u don’t run it..

  9. xvm also lets u hit the alt key to see individual tank hp..  too bad u don’t run it..

  10. Suleyman Cetinkaya

    Strv found the last shot from your right side of the hull you overangled that shit.

  11. Lemming, great game and yes maybe the height of the AX did make it harder.
    But what did you think of the tank – did you feel any difference?

    • Well the turret bounced the Strv reliably, but we don’t know how well he aim. Surely he would have been able to pen the turret roof of the old turret if he’s not complete potato.

  12. “Low”

  13. What a heartbreak… That Strv didn’t deserve to win at all

  14. I hate those fucking players like Strv. Absolutely useless to team. But will ruin your game

  15. Love the way u handled it. Nothing to add. Just perfect. Agressive when u could and calm when down with hp. Didn’t see yet all ur videos but this is one of the best till now. Well done!

  16. Damn that was awesome elm!

  17. Great game but what are your thoughts on the tank?

  18. Uroš Nedeljković

    lol that guy who sent you the message though…

  19. Only thing I could think off would’ve been to relocate when he went down to one shot territory and gone up on the hill from behind instead of still peaking. Not sure if you had the time though. Cracking game, well played and keep up the great videos – I learn a lot (just need to learn who to put these teachings into practice 🙂 )

  20. Bartolomew Chevalier

    How is this possible that players on NA are so bad? You were literally doing whatever u wanted

  21. super great try. awesome vid! gg

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