Inside The Mind of A Unicum in the AMX 30B

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  1. Have a nice day lemming 😉

  2. Pls do a video on centurion ax after its turret buff

  3. Stream again u noob

  4. Come visit sometime you baka

  5. Why is your ingame nic that is showing in the video different from your linked wotlabs profile?

  6. You’re the only person that bothers me that you don’t upload daily lol

  7. That was VERY helpful. I try to use my DPM at the start of the game and I find that to be a mistake.

  8. ‘I dont like to brag about my stats and I don’t understand why people yolo purples’ Titles every video something along with ‘in the mind of a UNICUM/SUPER UNICUM’ with a thumbnail jerking him off

  9. Finally someone gives this “buffed” tank attention

  10. Your videos are more than amazing, but these titles make them look clickbait-ish. Keep up the good work and thanks for the tips!

  11. Great vid man! Loved hearing what your mindset was!

  12. Whats your opinion on 30b ? Worth it ?

  13. It's not what you think

    I need a video “inside the mind of a tomato” so I know how to protect myself from my teammates.

  14. Hi LR! Missed seeing your videos, haven’t seen that many recently, and sorry I haven’t been able to catch all of your streams. Hope you have a good day!

  15. Hey LR, Would you say the AMX 30B is better or worse after its rework? And why

  16. Lemming is sick?

  17. Sent you an email last week. Do you not replay any more?

  18. Pls do video about stb1 after turret buff… 🙂

  19. Just about to buy this tank. Thanks for the Vid. Awesome stuff as always

  20. The 4 dislikes probably came from the Centurion, Emil, T34 and 268?.

  21. Great video Lemming.

  22. God, this tank seems so broken on PC, on console however, Crap, but I like it, and I 2 marked it. Yep.

  23. 2:26 did he just make up a new word lmao

  24. Captain VinylSiding

    Hey Lemming, would you recommend this tank as it is for someones first tier 10? It is either that or the BatChat for my first and I would like to know which is better for the average player.

  25. I love this kind of video, thank you.

  26. Very helpful tips Lemming. ONe question, may I know what crew skills you have on your M48 Patton? Almost done with the 3rd skill for the crews and will now do a reset to get BiA and wanted to know what important skills I need to get priority (Apart from 6th Sense and safe stowage ofc) Thanks in advance

  27. Seems so obvious when you point it out, and yet… wish I would have caught your vids when I first started playing this retarded game

  28. You should show more losing games where you comeback and win rather than you just farming easy shots.

  29. I’m sry but I can’t watch your videos anymore as the title says (or pretty much) “inside the mind of a player that’s better than you” I dislike all your boosting of watch my videos because I’m an awesome player is not a reason to watch your videos. You need some character for plp like me to stick around. I the constant hate towards QB for his views or opinions of a tank or the game is just fucking stupid. I’m glad he doesn’t play any attention to it cause it serves no purpose except to show what a poor sport you are to other plp trying to promote the same game you are playing!! I’m sry I can’t watch your videos anymore but maybe you will change it in the future. And I won’t be back in the chat to read the messages from all your fans saying I’m wrong or dumb so bye.

  30. I’ve been working on 3-marking the Lowe, could you do a video about slow tanks with great guns and good turret armor?

  31. nice video,hows the snow haha,in kelowna we got none.thank god

  32. You used every part of your tank perfectly. I think thats probably why you are super unicum.

  33. Can you do a guide on loading ammo? I want to be a unicum too but I don’t know how much gold to load.

  34. El halluf is amx30 friendly…some others maps are awful for it..:) (himmelsdorf?..:))

  35. I didnt come here to watch a dog playing mobile legends BANG BANG

  36. Zachary Olechnowicz

    what…. my amx 30 had like 260 pen… why does the 30b only have 248?

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