Inside the Mind of a Unicum – Playing Without Gold

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. First like

  2. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    I know this is a weird question but because I cannot afford a premium tank yet sooo…. can someone buy me one?

    PLEASE i am not joking :/

  3. Lemming rush too stronk very OP wargaming pls nerf

  4. “With food that wouldve penned” All skill

  5. Im pretty early… For me…

  6. Always enjoy these videos. Nice Work!

  7. Hey LemmingRush what yank won your next tier 10 poll was it the E50M?

  8. This game is so toxic lol

  9. 5 tanks with 0 dmg – boggles the mind…

  10. Yea these games always cracks me, sure we won that one, even was fairly easy game but 5 vs 15…. Type 4 Heavy and B-C 25 t 0 shots from both, how the fuck??

  11. LOL at those zeroes in the first round.

  12. my leopard reload is 6.69 so i’m a cool kid now

  13. You see premium ammo and chocolate make a huge difference this game broken

  14. Hey Lemming, you haven’t done a Highway southern spawn guide yet have you??

  15. Wait, you said all you have to do to win that map is win 1-2 line, then push 9 line.  What happened in that first battle?  The LRWay did not work?!?!?  Oh the humanity….  Also, the ‘no gold’ in the title is completely irrelevant to the videos, why call it that???

  16. First like…

    …that matters.

  17. didn’t LR make a video specifically saying ‘don’t play hill’?!?!?  I thought tracks was the magic bullet?!?!?

  18. Lemming are you sick? Hope u get well soon if u do!

  19. Question, why run it with out food or Prem ammo? Was this a request from a viewer?

  20. without gold? what for? for being not so competitive?

  21. idea: if someone does 0 dmg in a game they get banned from that tank for the rest of the day.. thoughts?

  22. Im pretty sure i watched this before some where or a very smiller game

  23. Don’t you know lemming? The leopard 1 and PTA are sniper tanks obviously. Look at that .29 and .3 accuracy respectively. Obviously means that they are great. * bounces 3 shells in a row after missing lower plates @300m*
    Thanks qb.

  24. I like the live commentary. I think it’s much more instructive than voice over of a replay.

  25. Not sure what you think you’re trying to prove by not loading food or gold. I’m sure most here understand why you use gold and food to maximize your effectiveness. If people complain about it, that’s on them and shouldn’t affect the way YOU play, because at the end of the day that’s what we’re here for.

  26. people who complain here are noob gold spammers

  27. u got a sexy voice bb
    u should be a voice actor

  28. More like “Adaptive Gameplay of a Unicum – With Constructive Naration #NoGold”.

  29. finally you play without Gold. Thats nice to see 🙂

  30. Great job Lemming. I love that you showed two battles which really sucked. That’s what I want to see more of: what to do when your teams fold pretty much from the beginning. What did you do? Both times you did your absolute best to prolong the battle, prolong your life, prolong as many of your teammates’ lives as possible, and with all of that farm more damage and kills. So even in a loss you still gained great amounts of credits and XP. It’s not about stats. It’s about gaining those credits and XP as much as possible. Again, great job!

  31. hmmm, lemming sounds sick, thats what made him make this video

  32. I carry a decent supply of gold because of teams like to rush hard these days and being able to happy click helps me “carry harder” though I really do miss the older meta that was much slower than it is now.

  33. Leopard 1 is a great tank.
    Play a mid tier tank with bad pen without gold ammo and show us how to play by flanking because that’s how lights and mediums should be playing well some mediums.
    Only saying this because it’s true and you know it. I don’t disagree with you alot only this game.
    Many mid tier meds and lights without gold can’t pen heavies on same tier even at there flat sides. Here you are with tier 10 so you can easy pen low tier.
    Use a stock T37 yes so know it’s worse than chaffee but be fun. I know but most people cant because they don’t have common sense lol
    Let’s just make it.more realistic for most players and fair 🙂

  34. Abdominável Homem das Névoas

    I am the Tortoise from first match. Thanks for your effort on trying to save some of my HP. 🙂 As I was saying on chat, your videos are always awesome! Keep up that good sense of humour with that analytic gameplay! 🙂

  35. The leopard 1 has 20 less pen than the new french tier 8 premium, also 1 degree less than the new Fv4005…
    Nope it sucks.

  36. *Playing without gold*
    *Loses all games*

    Seems legit… lmao…

  37. These are my regular teams

  38. The crew names are golden

  39. Hi Lemming, thanks for that very realistic gameplay. Loosing a game, but making the best of it. in my opinion, nothing would have changed, if you used gold ammo.

  40. Why do you hold rmb when driving around?

  41. Erlenberg is a boring map to play. Both sides win one flank and then camp. The most aggressive team loses.

  42. Lemming, your commentary always makes you sound like a huge cringy neckbeard. Because you’re a huge cringy neckbeard. But I don’t care. You’re really smart, and really good at the game. And I learn a lot from your videos. So you are my new favorite neckbeard uniscum.

  43. LOL when I play like you the others start telling “noob” “camper” “idiot” “imbecil” stb. There are many problems with Wot but nowadays the biggest is the community. I mean there are too many rude players. One of them said me – cause I did not play as he wanted – that he hope my family will die! So this game became disgusting. And wg dont do nothing. New hd maps, they realise every month a new prem. tank, but dont handle the biggest problems. That is why I already dont want to play this game. There are many other…

  44. Your Himmelsdorf game shows that often those that do the least to win a game (you in this case) end up on top in DPS and xp. Normally it’s TDs camping uselessly at the back, getting their damage only in the end when the game is lost already.

  45. 3:57 what do you mean? Don’t you even know paotton has good armor now?!

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