Introducing SQUEAKY BOI (War Thunder Next Gen Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Introducing SQUEAKY BOI ( Next Gen Gameplay)


  1. this squeaky boy has no suspension so when you stop really quickly it seesaws back and forth ther for it’s not very effective

  2. The L40 is probably barrel length Phly, like the 88mm on the Tiger I is an L 56.

  3. Phly u should use the Falcon aa to kill some tanks, and see if it’s as effective as the warrior

  4. M4A3 penetrating the frontal armor using a
    .50 cal…

    Murican B I A S spotted

  5. You think that suspension’s bad you should have seen the m18 pre-patch

  6. The wiggle tank

  7. I think from 3.3 to 6.7 the Italian tech tree is almost entirely OP vehicles :/. Especially the Anti-air which are completely overpowered except for the higher tiers which are more balanced but equally powerful. The low tiers are too fast and low sung to hit at the higher brs and have crazy guns that shred high tier and low tier planes. They can even take out higher br tanks! Like the R3 killing a British, American or USSR 6.3 vehicle


  8. Attempt #43
    Phly use the French M4A4

  9. It’s a rolling lasagna pan

  10. As if anybody ever went to the moon… POOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

  11. Omg this is the rocking chair tank

  12. 11:45

    *i think his mate saw me*

  13. I feel like this tank is the perfect defenition of how shittily implemented the italian tanks are

  14. Play the whistling death, the f4u4 corsair. Attempt #24.

  15. Nice videos man! Your stuff is super entertaining and brings alotta entertainment for my day. But you asked the question of what this tanks name means and i think i may know. 47 would be the caliber, 32 would probably be the year of production? And L40 may be the caliber length of the main gun. Cheers brother!

  16. LOL awesome intro, man!

  17. Sneal the cat Gamer

    Those are amazing graphics, do you need a good computer for those graphics or good WiFi?

  18. I fucking died laughing at the intro!

  19. Hey Phly, wondering if you could do a vid on the He 100. It’s a pretty good low teir german fighter.

  20. tataveve_angel 大火

    Just for the record… from what i remember from my italian armor college , that’s not actually a tank destroyer, but sort of a command vehicle… STILL NO HEAT ROUND ON THE 47!!!

  21. L40 is because it is built upon the chaise of the L6/40 Light tank. Most of them were sent to Russia during Operation Barbarossa where they
    experienced terrible losses after the Soviets rolled out the T-34’s, whit the 47/32 was ineffective against

  22. hey phly u have bad ping welcome to my world

  23. Use the FV4005 its very fun xD

  24. Yuo see Phly, if yuo are make tonk of bonce enemy not shoot for confuse of rocking chair or tonk.

  25. Hey Phly! I was hoping you could bring attention to a fault that has slipped by this patch. It is affecting heli Rb greatly, Helicopters that received Air to Air Missiles this patch have been ruining heli Rb lately, there are no countermeasures for lower BR helis against AAMs or can helis evade AAMs and as a result, they can be sniped across the map by helis with AAMs. It seems like Gaijin over looked this and heli Rb is pretty much unplayable if you don’t have a heli with countermeasures. Hopefully this comment is seen by you and others!

  26. with the Italian 47mm gun, you want to use the upgraded ammo. 1mm worse pen at 10 meters, however significantly improved pen at longer ranges.

  27. those suspensions that we made is because we eat a lot of pasta and it help us to our digestion during the fight
    HI FROM ITALY!! ??

  28. Yes, at the moment this is a bad apple among a decent bunch.

  29. The suspension is just too much like u are bounsing ?

  30. Which one is better for $90aud

    sho’t kal or the xm1?

  31. L40 is probably the chassis?

  32. PhlyDaily
    “Whatsa mattah you hey! Gotta no respect. Whadda you think you do? Why you looka so sad? Itsa not so bad. Itsa nice a place. Ah shaddap you face!” – Joe Dolce – /watch?v=sFacWGBJ_cs

  33. KittyCatInAMicrowave

    Why does the gun make such intense electric traverse sounds? Also at 11:30 “Would love to be able to shoot at this guy” Why not rock the suspension?

  34. nonnina’s rocking chair

  35. What, the fuck, is that…

  36. This thing rocks…likes a baby’s crib on tracks.

  37. L40 stands for light (leggero in italian) tank designed in 1940

  38. phly i am loading up war thunder to play and i love you for this rocking chair tank

  39. merry christmas mr and mrs trump

  40. 47/32
    47mm gun,
    32 calibre (in this case it means length of barrel relative to the bore diameter)
    L40 is the tank it’s mounted to. An L6/40 to be Exact. (6 tonne, introduced in 1940.)

  41. Play M11/39!
    It’s awful too!

  42. Shell spreads nicely in the tank was it Granata ?

  43. WOW new cheeki breeki tank

  44. The back of this thing looks like an pizza oven.
    The only thing missing is a key bind for opening the rear hatch.

  45. The Italian Tank designations is the result of a Country trying to imitate Germany, but really doesn’t understand what Germany actually does

  46. The rocking chair

  47. 0:27 – 0:37, 3:55 – 4:10 wow. When were bouncey tracks added to warthunder? I like it owo

  48. Christmas seems to be the Time of special Introductions 😉

    Love that Sound, like Grandpa in his chair 😉

  49. Suspension of Disbelief

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