INVINCIBLE TANK Old Ironsides – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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  1. Play the Churchill VII with the extra armor track plates. Thing is a beast.
    You’ll love it. Treat yourself.

  2. TimelyGunRay Gaming

    ayyy thats my next tank for the brits

  3. TimelyGunRay Gaming

    can i play with you some time baron?

  4. elijah shooting cresent star

    I was elijah_ DIAMOND

  5. elijah shooting cresent star

    he took me out

  6. Can you take is3

  7. Is that a realistic battle?

  8. Or can you play the m22

  9. you should play one of the T-44’s Baron!

  10. I request thee to play the tiger 1

  11. Barooon, nice spanish jajaajajaj. Please try saying in your next video:
    “¡te quiero, guapa!”

  12. The same thing happens in Men of War to the British Heavies

  13. This is precisely how I play the airborne SU-57

  14. can’t arti spawn but can bomb it for the entire game

  15. I called that the armored turtle I once charged into enemy spawn with it
    and killed 5 tanks and didint get a scratch

  16. Valentine op!

  17. Skyward Apprentice

    the gun is on the back of the archer so wouldn’t that be going forward?

  18. did anyone else see the texture glitch were the tracks are at?

  19. Christopher Vanoster

    Okay baron plz I have a request. Panzer lll with the long 50mm gun. Model
    doesn’t matter just want to see how you play it.

  20. dicks out for harambe

  21. A marder 3 can pin through the front of taht Val becuase i k I went up
    against it

  22. Now try the Matilda baron

  23. Old Ironsides is the first tank divivision, I have one of the ww2 patcher
    from them

  24. Hey Baron, could you please try the M6a1? It’s a beast with a lot of armor,
    and two cannons.

  25. Play The Kv 1

  26. Good video Baron.

  27. Shoot the back of the front cabin of the STUG to hit the crew.

  28. lol 40 mm sucks

  29. lol did baron say it was br 2.3 i do believe it’s 2.7 since i tend to see
    t-34s and m4’s which easily negate your armor and penning them can be

  30. Play the SU 100

  31. Da Doomguy Senpai

    Valentines *lennyface army*

  32. Do the Crusader!!! Its to pretty to be ignored

  33. Can you play the Conqueror Or the Conway I have noticed you do not have a
    video on the conway FV4004.

  34. Speaking of the Crusader, can you play it sometime soon and on a desert

  35. Play the A34 Comet next and let them taste the 17 pounder gun of the

  36. Why didn’t you play with slick or phly?

  37. The question is…… is the valentines armour stronker than stalinium?

  38. Do you play on EU?

  39. Need a better gun… 75mm version!

  40. Play the 2,0 cm flakpanzer Gepard and wreck shit with your AP 20s (damn 65
    mm of pen at 2.0 br)
    Have fun

  41. When is next top 5 plays coming out?

  42. Not sure if baron made a command & conquer reference on purpose or not

  43. ships part of game is doomed. it will die in few months. keep making tank
    and planes videos.

  44. Brits have the worse shells in the game, on every tank.

  45. what about va t 50

  46. t 50 vs Valentine

  47. t 50 vs Valentine

  48. Pls stahp with the references… “High speed, low drag” is making me
    nostalgic ;_;

  49. Let’s do the Animal Channel combo! Quite simple really: The HS-129B-3 and
    the kitty cat Panther D! Let’s show the Allied Powers that we have the
    better animal tech!

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