Iron Arnie, a Counter to BZ-176? | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M47 Iron Arnie, Medium Tank, M47 Patton Improved. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 Loot Box Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 – Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards.

Second tank from the holiday ops 2023 boxes I am going to showcase is tier 8 premium medium tank M47 Iron Arnie aka M47 Patton Improved. It is very SOLID premium tank… Let's take a look!

What do you think?


  1. For me it’s not Iron enough compared to BZ super op tank

  2. While I personally dont want that tank for multiple reason, it seems like it is balanced and enjoyable. I didn’t have too much trouble fighting against it for now but they seem to have decent games as well, so I like this tank very much!

  3. All WG had to do was model a normal M47 Patton with the M36A1 90mm gun with 270 damage. Instead we get this slightly over powered Frankenstein. Ah well, enjoy.

  4. Paid 80, got 2 tier 8, just unlucky. Did get 18k gold

  5. Did someone noticed that the arta used keyboard? 9:04

  6. definantly UDES or bourrat got hit blind

  7. No it wasn’t an epic shot. Another wot bs hit.

  8. lmao in santa help team Dez is so much ahead in points than everyone else XD

  9. I actually bought the boxes especially for the M47. I had hoped we could equip camos on it, but oh well. Idk why, but I just love a solid American Medium tank. I’ve been rather enjoying it, especially since I’m not the best player. I have that little bit of extra armor to help compensate for my mistakes

  10. That frontal turrer armor is absolutely ridiculous

  11. Thank you for the review Dez! I was afraid this would be another overpowered tank, but instead it seems balanced. Also thank you for making giveaways to your subscribers! I don’t think I’ve seen any other WoT CC do that.

  12. Hope we win santa helper. Then more giveaway. I join your team

  13. The arnie is amazing…tier 7 with premium rounds with 300 pen? Lol sold!

  14. The Crazy Old Coot

    You might want to put that Turbo in the Speed Slot instead of the gun Rammer!

  15. a normal tank?! ….feels strange – a tank without gimmick… what happened???

  16. Tank that works as it should be

  17. Dez, how about moving the Bounty Turbo to the Mobility slot? that would improve it even more :> :>

  18. Iron Arnie/ M47 improved is a fun tank. I really like playing it, even though i’m not great at it.

  19. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    It already op against higer tiers 400 alpha make it as meme tank

  20. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    M47 balenced

  21. I got so many no bounce with paper arnie

  22. Me too, i afford only 12 boxes and i get it in tenth one!

  23. 8:59 – Oh, Dez, poor fellow. And just to add insult to injury after you were vanquished the *_ARTY_* rolled in and shotgunned the E-100 – probably with an AP round that did not low-roll.

  24. I think I got it on my second set of boxes… so, less than 10. Then nothing but chump for 50 boxes before getting the light tank. 50 more for the Vipera. The last two I got in the same five box spread around 165 or so.
    I actually got 4 ‘arnies’ – the gold was very, very nice. That alone will cover the better part of a year of premium.

  25. It looks quite good

  26. 1:25 “look at the enemy team list” – are we looking for a particular person? We sure can’t be looking for a type of tank, because your display seems to say that their names are more important than what they’re driving… 😉

  27. This tank is a tough nutt to crack. Thank you.

  28. HAHAAHAHA…you even drove Into his slow traverse speed helping him.

  29. Chronological Gamer

    8:28 *cries*

  30. Why there isnt advent calendar?

  31. I had a good 1st game in this tank I did 4,500 damage and blocked 5,930

  32. Arnie is not the commander……fail

  33. I’m surprised that mod is legal in WOT. Showing UP of every enemy tank even when not spotted seems a bit like cheating.


  35. BZ-176 is so broken every game i join this tank do 5-7k dmg

  36. That lynx probably had spot 100 tanks in one battle daily tho 😀

  37. Stupid tank (Sorry Arnie) but thank you for making the Bisonte completely obsolete now as “spaced protected” tank. This stupid thing actually has better armor than the italian…
    And then I’m not even going to mention that other broken AF thing they introduced…
    Stupid. Fcking. Game.

  38. i killed one then i got kiled by the next one with all shot just bonce where i was shot the first one so not sure how that work but it is what it is

  39. You hit Strv 103 B in teh bushes blindly.

  40. The M47 has a tall cupola, but because of its spaced armor, the cupola is almost completely hidden when using its gun depression.

  41. dez can you tell who won the giveaway of large boxes? Thanks

  42. Realy like this tank, and with your equipment sugestion IT worked better, thank you

  43. To me this is Renegade with better armor and it pays for it with lower alpha and dpm

  44. It’s a better Super Pershing. I like it.

    I still think the best premium this year is SU-2-122 anyway, lol.

  45. This is a fast super pershing nice armor though

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