Is 10 v 10 BETTER in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing 10 vs 10 in Ranked Season X – today I ask the question if 10 vs 10 is the best World of Tanks yet?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download


  1. Do SPGs crop up in 10v10? Would feel like a crutch.

  2. Not a noob friendly… IMO Ranked Battle progression should be made more easier… It’s hard for me to get to leagues and my clan mates has already gave up on them because it’s too hard to progress…

  3. just play type5 in ranked its easy shevrons

  4. 10 v 10 certainly helps, maybe 7v7 would be even better, but in my opinion, this has been a problem for random battles as well, tanks are too fast, their view range is too strong, and now we even have EBRs, the maps that we have are just not big enough for 30 tanks, and also the impact that you have when you are 1 of 15 is basically nothing, you are along for the ride most of the time, and the game is already won or lost before you even fire your gun. But yeah, these maps cant hold 30 of the 2021 tanks. Far too small.
    Less tanks in the game means:
    1.More room on the map to make plays = game lasting longer = more time to make plays that matter = more engaging experience
    2.More influence on the outcome of the battle per player
    3.More teamwork, usually people stick together easily, its much easier to coordinate 5 guys than 15, Try to get 15 players on the same page, its impossible.

  5. NOPE! World of tanks 2015 was the best. Huge downhill slide ever since

  6. As to tank variety. People are playing very solid and good meta tanks, thats the same as before, nothing strange about that. However, there is one particular problem that affects tank variety that nobody seems to talk about, except maybe Klaus did 1 video about it last season i think. But the bonus XP that you get for performing vehicle roles is completely unbalanced, some tanks get xp for doing damage and taking damage, some only get xp for causing damage, some get lame conditions like “Spot tanks”, which they are never gonna get, because there are EBRs in the game. For example I have Grille 15, I like playing it, I would play it in ranked, but unfortunately the only bonus it gets is causing damage from long range, which is insane, and I would just not do as well as i would in Object 420U for example which gets a bonus for causing damage close range (which is gonna be 100% of the times, unlike my grille which i like to play close range sometimes) PLUS a bonus for losing hp AND blocking damage. Thats why you see even more assault mediums and assault heavies.

  7. Jernej Prevolnik

    Amazing, I like changes… people are complaining all the time.. 🙂 never before better to play ranked battles

  8. Ranked battles sucks even more now…

  9. oh no, now we can actually play in ranked instead of being hostages to arty and to some extent lights feeding them cheap chevrons…

  10. yea fast games is good less grinding 😛

  11. They will not change anything, this smells as a nerfing the Kranvagn lol

  12. FoxtrotWhiskey3

    The new ranked mode is amazing… finally some intense brawls and actual skill to shoot the enemys where it counts. More often than not you found idiots rolling over ridges and getting clapped by arty in a 15v15. Also with the wheelchairs and clickers the 15v15 mode was not skill based at all.

  13. That moment when i look at my new ude 15 16 which i love and a grille on the enemy team manages to pen me with a he shell for 1400 🙁

  14. wojtek szazawski

    This game change might also help tanks with small ammunition number

  15. I never really liked ranked and played them just for rewards, so this change is great for me. Battles are much faster which means I lose less time for achieving same thing. Also what I hated most in 15 v15 system is A LOT of camping, you basicaly couldn’t do anything but wait or campers would have obliterated you, now there are less opportinities for camping which is nice.

  16. Bart Huylebroeck

    I figure a 15-tank team has at least 5 bots/afk/complete idiots in it, and the first minute of the battle is for those idiots to get themselves killed. Then after 1 minute, the real battle starts with roughly 10 vs 10.

  17. Ranked is a premium rounds sh*t show where 85% are 3min battles and recent changes to artys have not helped at all! Arty nerf was a fuc*ing massive mistake. Luckily there’s no rewards tanks! But try a MAUS or a TYPE 5 in this mode….. Useless! Ranked are for fast tanks with good armour and fast dealing damage….

  18. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    Did anyone else notice that the percentages of vehicle classes don’t add up to 100%?

  19. QB, I don’t understand why you are concerned about there being mostly heavies and mediums in the matches. They are the core of tanks, the others are support vehicles and specialists. Games with mostly heavies and mediums are the ones that are usually most fun. I personally enjoyed ranked last season already, because of no op reward tanks. But this 10v10 is even better, because of arty nerf and it being limited to 1. Also no EBRs everywhere. WOT finally got to a point where there are actually tanks going at each other. The only concern I’m having is that the Kranvagn is a bit too strong in this setup. But all in all it is a huge step up from before. Also I kinda disagree with you on your light tank analysis. Since there are only 10 vehicles light tanks do have more room to move around and flank. Often times a flank is left open in ranked and a light tank can make good use of that. in 15v15 lights always have to wait till the later stages of the game to really get going.

  20. So they’ve made Ranked less strategic, and more like a rush for XP. Nice one.

  21. So, nerfing arty leads to less light tanks in ranked (because it’s harder to get spotting dmg), less lights leads to less TDs (because nobody is spotting for them).WG did a big brain move once again!

  22. Mikko Lindström

    For me these kind of ranked are just pretty much the part I like. A hectic brawl where microdecisions and coordination giver reward. I dont mind this for a change. The first ranked seasons were also just afwul if you think about it.

  23. Michał Bowszys

    15v15ranked was just toxic standard battle, 10v10 is something new, you dont need long battles in this battles, it is more team play becouse you must stay together to get advantage on flank and pushnit to win

  24. Michał Bowszys

    Need variety – play standard battle

  25. The big problem with this game is that every thing have ben buffed speed,dpm and other things but the vehicle Hit Points have remained the same so I think this is the biggest problem for shorter battles


  27. Manuel Gailberger

    I like the 10v10 format a lot more but most of the time its all push 1 side

  28. james andrew luego

    How about fusing grand battles with ranked? You have a bigger map, more players and more variety with regard to tank types. And it will be an all or nothing battle where the players of the winning team will all get chevrons and the losing team nothing.

  29. I’ve played 3 games since last ranked season because of how toxic the teams are due to being in competition with your own team more so than the enemy team.

  30. So now WOT have manes to get the 15 min dawn to 3 min and they make more money and you think it is good to play 3 min games hahaha OMG this game is on the way dawn the drain…

  31. Butch E30 M3 s14

    I’m a mediocre player, started playing 7 months ago. I’m giving up on ranked because indeed: You not only fighting enemy unicums, but also get shoved out of the way by your own teammates… Ranked feels elite-ish imo…

  32. Ciprian Marius Lazar

    for me this feels better than the previous ranked battles, its better somehow.

  33. before, it was really often just 10 tanks camping, without the ability to push (whoever would push, would die to enemy 6 tanks on the position), now you have more chances to push – many parts of the maps are just free

  34. after qualifications , i have more mixed opinion on this 10vs10 , the mm and the length of battles are better but the team work is becoming more essential to have great experience in ranked battles and players don’t understand that 10 vs 10 you need more clever teamwork otherwise worst than in random batlles

  35. Ask Wargayming to do the following:

    -Let players decide which maps they want to play
    -Let players decide if premium ammo should be allowed or not
    -Let players decide if they want a simulation or arcade experience (whel losing a crew member, he should be gone for good and the handicap should remain till the end). This would make players more responsible.
    -Let the game last longer if needed

  36. Disagree!!

  37. It feels like blitz

  38. 9:37 You hit the nail on the head. That is why I will never touch ranked.

  39. Every online game in history was ruined or degraded by listening to the cry babies about balance and OP nonsense. If WG is going to survive they need to go back and revisit their game and take a new perspective on things they removed or changed based soly on tears of inept players rather than anything solid.

  40. A very good video that describes the situation in today’s wot. The only thing I personally missed was, the choice of not appointing dedicated maps means that HT is given a bigger buff.

    The reasoning and argumentation through the presentation is also of a high standard and shows that most of the game’s content creators, probably only do their own thing for all the free stuff you get. E.I Skill who cry on the net bc dev want let him 3-mark the new reward tank, then next day put up a vidieo crying how HE change effect Maus bc off more gold spam..

    QB, Keep doing what you been doing for years now, to care about the state of the game, no matter what mode you play. Ranks is stil the worst mode in this game and at the moment Meds are inefecte4d bc most dont know how to play their tankroll.

    WG, Should change och nerf all dmg and make it 0 for your personal stats that will count wher you end up. By doing soo, “we” are going to see more teamplay then ever before, normatter if you die or not, it should be a team mode, not personal egocentric closter fuck.

  41. kranvagn is td?

  42. reviewing and evaluating ranked game mode according to the experience in Qualification….

  43. QB LEGEND ❤️

  44. Typical Quickybaby video. Every other content creator likes the new mode. Only QB doesnt. Maybe he has less bots to farm and doesnt see the new opportunities that present themselves. I have had a lot of them wich lead to great gameplay

  45. QB knows alot about world of tanks.
    Also QB calls the kranvagn a td

  46. Kassandra Shaeya

    Team Play? Don’t they know this Game is a Singleplayer game?!

  47. the cellulon triptometer

    I’ve played the game enough since the HE changes to know that the dynamics of the game are completely different. As QB stated, there is no counter to heavy tanks now, so nearly everyone is playing heavies now. I just don’t enjoy it anymore. Though I do enjoy watching QB’s twitch stream because he plays how I wish I could.

  48. 10 v 10 in random battles would also be great…bring back some of the teamwork and tactics that have been lost due to all the newer faster vehicles.

  49. increase ‘teamwork’? what a joke

  50. Guys, can I get your opinion. I stopped playing Wot 4 months ago. Is it any better now?

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