Is 121 Better Than Object 430U Now? | World of Tanks 121 Gameplay – Update 1.10.1

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World of Tanks Update 1.10.1, 121 Gameplay. World of Tanks 121 Buff, Tier 10 Chinese Medium Tank. World of Tanks 121 vs Object 430U. World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Test Server Review. World of Tanks Объект 140.

► World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes:

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
00:25 | 121 Introduction
01:55 | Giveaway Announcement
03:25 | Giveaway Details
06:17 | List of Buffs
08:25 | 121 vs
12:10 | Equipment Setup
15:13 | First Live Battle
20:05 | Second Live Battle
24:05 | Conclusion

In my last episode from the Update 1.10.1 test server you see me showcasing newly Object 140, this time I am jumping into tier 10 Chinese medium tank 121. It was very unique tank, when they first introduced it, but after releasing Object 430U, it was moved into “forgotten” tanks category.

So, let’s jump into it and let’s see if it is worth it now?

What do you think?


  1. I have to say, I am definitely going to clean up my 121, when it comes to the live server as it is… You still playing with your 121?
    Have a good one, beautiful people!

  2. Dez’s community is just so friendly, as usual, because we have a great example.
    Server: EU
    Username: SilverMagician

  3. 3 day aim time better? 😀

  4. Username: Hellwake
    Server: EU
    My favourite thing about the WoT community is the almost universal hate of artillery. 🙂

  5. username: BotArmy_Obi
    server: EU
    I always enjoy finding those 1 or 2 random players to carry the game and get that unlikely victory.

  6. I love playing with underdog tanks.
    Happy upcoming birthday Dez!
    Username limoozina
    Server EU

  7. Name: xxxlightxxo
    Server: Asia
    WOT has me grinding harder than strippers.
    Hope you beautiful people have a wonderful day

  8. Username: Vita_K90
    Server: EU

    I am happy for you that you are content creator which will be streaming E220. GL all in giveaway 😉

  9. Hello everyone, have a nice weekend, i’m sick so have a lot of time to play this and other games now 😄

    Playing on: EU
    Nick is: PikkuPuudeli

  10. Username: lenoch3
    Server: EU
    Could finally help the vecihle in battles.

  11. ign site_zeta
    server NA
    its always a pleasant surprise to find a team of 15 randoms who work together perfectly

  12. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Wow, as someone who has played hundreds of matches with a 121, these are pretty big buffs. Definitely going to give it another spin.

  13. Username: Cpt_VV
    Server: EU

    Good luck with RNG fellow tankers!

  14. Username: Pantherfust
    Server EU:
    Hope that Wargaming will add some old maps back in soon

  15. Nice I will have to try out the buffed 121

  16. Username: rowan_05
    Server: EU
    Everybody stay safe from COVID-19 just play tanks and have fun

  17. username: SonnMarkus
    server: EU
    The community might see toxic but thats just some hadfull of people usually people are friendly and helpful

  18. In my opinion 121 will be a future problem. Looks very good. I think i will buy it, who knows!!
    Nickname: cristianterminator
    Server: NA

  19. noor70 (EU)
    good luck everyone!

  20. Server:eu
    I finally have a reason to buy the 121

  21. Hello fellow tankers… May we be on the same team sometime.
    EU Server

  22. Username: LeXGaMe
    Server: NA
    Always nice Video!

  23. Username: JDBanjoman Server: NA. I have always wanted to like the 121 but never able to make it perform like it should, I hope the buffs help…

  24. Hope you will be lucky 😀
    Username: Balliballi
    Server: EU

  25. We’re all lovers? Well, who can argue with that? But during battles we will agree to disagree.

  26. User: MoBoeh
    Server: EU
    Happy Birthday

  27. Kittens! Kittens are always nice! Have a nice day!
    Server: EU
    Nickname: bagetka69

  28. Username: rexkomodo
    Server: Asia/HK
    I dunno what to say I’m free to play and I cry every time wot has content that can only be bought with money. The tank marathons excite me tho 😉

  29. username: steel1405_nil
    Server: SEA
    A Shark that surfs is cool and all but *DOES IT HAVER DA LAZERS*

  30. Server: Eu
    Username: superTim1302

    Ich love your channel so much Dez, not only your content the community to. You are saying it always we are like a big family and even if i am new here i feel welcome. Love you all guys and girls😘☺

  31. Username: Emad_xX
    Server: EU
    Really loving these giveaways man so kind of you!

  32. Username: sjords
    Server: EU
    This game has been getting way more enjoyable with lots of love to underrated tanks

  33. username: WOOFFFF
    Server: EU
    I just really like wot community in general all the youtubers/streamers are so nice to their community and there is no toxicity, it is relaxing compared to other gaming communities.

  34. Good morning community. cabioman NA

  35. Username: journeymonk
    Server: Asia
    All these changes make it dynamic, and make we want to revisit forgotten tech tree branches. Was able to research the WZ-120 via the WZ-132, but never built it since the 121 seemed underwhelming for an end of tree tank. This changes things.

  36. 430u-the besst

  37. username: mr_crazy_2018
    sever: EU
    I have played this game on my phone since 2013 and started palying it on computer 2018.I’ts just crazy to see that the game is still alive after so many years. Have a nice one:)

  38. Such a humble person, love watching!…. forath on eu…..

  39. heringsdorfer .hörnchen

    Username: Kind_des_Konsums
    Server: EU
    Hype for the next twitch streams. Incoming WT E220 🙂

  40. Keep up the good work! Love the vids and streams.

  41. Hans Dajo Von Wulffen

    Dez is making it rain money on us again.

  42. Username: Sir_Ivan123
    Server: EU
    Cant wait for the buffs. Hope everyone gets atleast one premium tank from the boxes!

  43. Username: aqell_Brain
    Server: EU
    Happy Birthday

  44. Username :wolwerin_M
    Server :EU
    Today I played 20 games and the 5th maybe and I f*cked up the end and 3 players just instant say “gg and no problem you did your best”. And this is give me a hope into that community so thanks all. 🙂

  45. Nickname: T1dus
    Server: EU
    My cat sends a huge miau to the entire wot community

  46. Omg Dez! I didnt know you were a fan of Davie 504!!! Incredibile!!! I made sure to slapp that like NOW!!!

    Server: EU
    Nickname: Henerum

  47. Username: Deciderio14
    Really glad they buffed the 121, I’ve been grinding for it for a while now, I get to buy it at a discount next month and it gets buffed 🙂

  48. Username: Goose2Kill
    Server: EU
    Keep up the news man!

  49. the T77 is shit dont buy the lootboxes yourself, a tip from me.
    usernamer: aardappel10
    server eu

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