IS-2 1944 & SU-6 TWIN 37MM CANNONS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ϟ -Want GE?
IS-2 1944 & SU-6 TWIN 37MM CANNONS (War Tanks Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I games that I play in my free , it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. This made my day after seeing the current results of the election?

  2. fury combo, M4A3 (76) W and the P51 D-5

  3. Cromwell Mk 5 and Hurricane Mk 4

  4. Take out soviets KV-222 Pony 500mm gun with 100000 mm of armour Stalininium

  5. Just got my is2 a day ago and I finally got rid of the shitty is1

  6. landon melesky (Ninja2199)

    Lol a friendly sabre just shot me down for being a trump supporter???

  7. Rainbow dash plz attempt one million

  8. so can i play navy?

  9. Do the British a favour old chap and take out the Chieftan Mk3 will you?
    Don’t forget to bring your back up the Canberra! Don’t let her majesty down
    Phly, Britain depends on you!!!

  10. I laughed so hard when he sneezed lol

  11. “So Whit …………….” I almost spit my food from laughing hahahaha

  12. Some pretty loud Flackett 10 minutes

  13. ps4 man plays game for ever

    see how many sherman can pin the armor one bullet from a tiger

  14. Play the Sherman 105, with any p47 you want. Haven’t seen anyone play it in
    a while :P

  15. How or can you use the bow machine gun?

  16. lol phly at 4:09 that was an AI that killed you…

  17. worst day to die in war thunder:

    got killed by an Ai (instantly)

  18. Ok phly, the moment I’m typing this comment I am curnelty watching the
    presidential polls. The day you read this, you will know the new president.
    I ask for support you play the dank meme generator the ‘Murican Matt Damon
    potato grower doom turtle T95 and whatever Conservative American Support
    plane you want (C.A.S). Make Mr.president proud! (Did I get it right?)
    Please like this so Phly can see the dank hot dog shooting tonk this is.
    Also, why are Russain tanks so happy?
    BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO Depression! (I stole that joke)
    And if really want a challenge…play arcade for one round

  19. tbd-1 and the lvt a 1

  20. can u rename yourself to stomedy since you say ooo wee alot

  21. Play panzerwurfer

  22. Lol phly 4:20 you were too busy raging about the ai to see that the enemy
    flipped while being persuaded by your ally

  23. 6:30 did you not notice the enemy?

  24. how about something with an IS-3 or 4? it’s been awhile. your choice of

  25. next time bring the american (fart sound) tanks the t26e1 and the ad 2
    skyraider. sad music playing in background

  26. Aye yo Phly, could you please Phly the Arado C-4 (The Explosively awesome
    plane) and the Maus?

  27. Phly play the l-S2 big brother the l-S3 :-)

  28. phly Play the A1E1 Independent and Sunderland Mkllla BRITISH BULLDOGS

  29. it’s my birthday today, can i get any birthday wishes?

  30. Play the cheeky British combo. Conqueror mk 2 and Lancaster whatever you

  31. What that new song that you use for your intro I love it

  32. Plz respond to that

  33. T32 and f9f-8 3rd Attempt

  34. Take out the T-29 heavy tank and the P-61 black widow premium or regular

  35. The “Magical” Meowstic


  36. But, you know White Roc…. Boom!!!
    killed by an AI shamefur disprayyy LOL

  37. Phly thank you for the videos they help a lot I dont get to play much im a
    OTR (over the road) truck driver owner operator I get home for 2 days every
    3 to 6 months so I dont play much but what I have learned from ur vids help
    but I wish you would do a couple vids on lower tanks help out the little
    guys lol and im sure people are going to comment some stupid crap on my
    post but I ask that you people not and be nice to trucks on the road we
    deal with enough as is.
    thanks from (Road Warrior)

  38. Hi Phly, just wanted to know… What video editing software do you use?
    Great video by the way!

  39. 122mm Challenge: IS-2, IS-2 1944 Mod, Is-2 Revenge for the Hero Brother (If
    you have it), T-44-122, KV-122, and one of the ISU-122s try to get Atleast
    three kills for each and it doesn’t have to be in one game And for air
    support any plane with a 37mm cannon or higher (If it needs a mod for the
    cannon to be installed that’s acceptable) Good Luck Komrade!

  40. Marco Perez Hernandez

    small challenge u chose a tank and go somewhere act dead and see how many
    people get fooled ;)

  41. OwO *Notices that silhouette over the hill*
    What’s this?

  42. T-54-1949 and Il-28

  43. bless you, salude, gazoontight!

  44. thats like surviving a plane crash and being run over by a firetruck….

  45. phly, new mission use the Soviet rbt-5 with those nukes in war against
    those Germans.

  46. make America great again

  47. The comments when you survive the bombs and then die from the jag were just
    GOLD hahaha

  48. that su6 is some bull shit

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