IS-2 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Keep up the daily videos of you wrecking house. I really wish I could buy
    this tank ASAP!!!

  2. liked this one before it loaded… ;o)

  3. I have 73,47 winrate in IS-2 after 98 battles 🙂 :)

  4. Good tanku!

  5. Look, I understand that this tank feels OP in your hands but you are a
    GREAT player.

    The rest of us out there, the grand majority: we are not. I have the IS-2
    (Chinese one), I used to have the IS, now I have the IS-3. None of them
    ever felt OP in my hands because I simply am not able to use them to their
    full potential, and neither are most players. complaining that a tank is
    too good when driven by a player like you is bullshit, to me.
    For fuck’s sake, I’ve seen Circon carry matches in the VK 28.01 with the
    derp, and that sure isn’t an OP machine.

  6. I love the commentary. Soooooo funny :)

  7. remind me of the good old time KV-1 Sport =]]]

  8. Thing you always forget Foch is, you never take your skill into account, to
    you it’s a seal clubber, but to many noobs like me they’ll be dead out of
    the gate :D

  9. i got my is 2 with an 100% brothers in arms crew in the christmas
    special…its ridiculous

  10. suuuuluuuuu he star of the show

  11. There’s a non-premium IS-2 in the Chinese tree

  12. Good memories of Foch playing this tank while drunk on stream: tier 9 game,
    over 3k damage done, top xp…
    Totally Balanced (both the tank and drunk Foch)

  13. This tank makes my game simple. I like playing it more than my CDC, just
    because I get tired to pay attention not getting shot back every time I
    fire the gun. Driving IS-2 when top tier = zero fcks given. Totally
    recommended, 10/10.

  14. hahahah, and again a good one! 😀 Modules on Soviets are the best! :P

  15. Please, Foch, stop pointing out how absolutely dumb, retarded and
    incompetent the balancing department in this game is. I want to play this
    game again one day.

  16. that nazi base xp though

  17. for those who says foch doesnt play op tanks here you go

  18. My nigga Foch is the most entertaining WOT Youtuber, keep it up.

  19. that 12t in the beginning…

  20. what do you think about is7 against the other tier 10 heavies?

  21. Basically the old KV-1S….

  22. Im early, let me think of a arty. T110E5 buff.

  23. and better hull armor

  24. Another one, i appreciate that.

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