IS-2 Goes Ham!

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  1. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Will you make a 121B review, or the tank is too bad to deserve to be
    uploaded to Foch’s channel?

    Also, what do you think of the VK buff?

  2. Balance….
    Foch nailed again.
    Reminds me of why I like the t-34-3. Same idea it’s no problem to peak
    shoot do 400 damage and hide for 10 seconds. And of course by that time all
    the reasonable people have forgotten about me and I pop out again and blast
    some poor asshole in the asshole again for 400. If you hid for 10 seconds
    in a panther you might not get shot but you won’t do any damage either.
    Plus nobody is afraid of 135 damage they come chase after you.

  3. Well, the gun stats are based on averages, it all balances out. For every
    game you have like this, some pore sod on the other side of the spectrum
    (that would be me, hi) has to miss 4 fully aimed shots. I’ve been doing
    this for you for the last 4 years and I’m getting pretty damned sick of
    having to clean up the mess you make of the rules of probability.

    I wish I got picked for the job of being Jingles’ probability balancer, but
    Circon just beat me to it.

  4. Foch’s main point is all about “accuracy stats means nothing” in this game.
    Why you guys just talk about “russian bias” or “OP tanks” here? wtf.

  5. altho I know that russian acuracy is wierd you cant really compare your IS2
    with others as you probably have 4+skill crew. it helps a lot, improves
    acuracy. thats why most of snapshots are going well not aimed properly.
    anyways well played game. nice possitioning

  6. And he fired nothing but AP… Well played Foch.

  7. Just triple marked this tank last week, so much fun.

  8. Moja Marowak Šolja

    All those kids not complain about russian tanks cause they like to play
    what ever is the best look at the battles is3-s all arround ! Pussys dont
    vomplain and russians are only good in game thank good.. hahah

  9. Moja Marowak Šolja

    Favorite video!

  10. Russia bias is always funny, especially when people think it’s true.

    U-S-A! U-S-A!

  11. Please do T110E5 review!!!….please please please please???

  12. you are such an arrogant prick,get a real job loser.

  13. you should make another intro this one is kinda boring

  14. time to watch some foch ive been playing fallout 3 and ive seen enough
    child corpses for a today

  15. Foch I would love if you balanced this game. it might even be fun if you

  16. you hit those shot because you are a super unicum, unicum get better rng

  17. u got good rng

  18. 5:07 another shot into the ass 420 blaze it rasha da hahahaha, so casual
    yet hilarious! XD

  19. balance boys, balance, blyat, cyka, my commentary is non existent, so in
    the meantime let me bitch about balance. Daaaa R-R-R-R-R-Rashaaaa

  20. will you do some kind of preview of swedish tier 10-s?

  21. You know, unlike your tank, my crew actually misses shots that are right
    against the barrel lol 😛

    They would still miss if the crew crawled down the barrel into the breech
    in front of the round :P

  22. its funny how people dont understand what Foch is on about.. you have guns
    with 2.2 second aim time and great stats. Do worse then a gun with 3.4 and
    bad accuracy.

  23. Should have bought this when it was available.

  24. It does not make sense. I am currently playing the Leopard PT A with the
    105 gun which is made to be very accurate to compensate the shity armor the
    tank has along with many shity things. Yet, shells disappear once they
    leave the barrel even if they are fully aimed, but the Russian accuracy ..
    uhhh boy don’t get me started.

  25. if the IS and IS-2 could mount a vert stab i would agree they be OP but
    with its kinda meh armor and wild gun handling a lot maps it is tough to
    excel with

  26. Dont worry, autoloaders with mobility and without single weakspot are
    almost here, u will not even remember russians with this shitstorm comming

  27. Your ranting is legendary

  28. Nice M103 physics at 4:27

  29. foch what do you think about the upcoming overmatch mechanics? all armor is
    increased. and what about these new Swiss tanks? t10 heavy is an amx 50b
    with a turret that has 600 armor when hulldown using the 12 degrees of

  30. Oh I was in this stream. Rashaaa !

  31. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Sure the 122mm guns have their moments
    but a lot of times, even in this video the shots didn’t go exactly where
    you aimed but luckily hit a soft spot at very short range. Also complaining
    about that Ferdinand bounce makes no sense – he hit your upper plate at an
    extreme angle, the T29’s hull would have also bounced at that angle. The
    T-10 gun is the only gun in that line that isn’t a complete potato gun.

  32. bullshit foshy i have is3a t15o can i hit even a fully aimed shot fuk no so
    how you pull it off good tanker i recon coz i suk

  33. MrImmortalityPrince

    Sometimes i ask myself why i still watch and subbed to Foch when in my head
    i’m being salty because of his natural saltiness.

  34. Can’t wait for the rants on the new IKEA shitfest da.

  35. 420 blaze it 😀
    dont do drugs foch they are bad

  36. Got my 2nd mark in the IS at 4AM in my uni dorm while too drunk to stand up
    after a night drinking vodka. Very Russian. Very balanced.

  37. Thanks Foch. I’m sure your the only one who brings up the farce which is
    accuracy. Keep it up. Good work.

  38. This game is like one in a hundred when bottom tier in the IS.. But hey you
    dont see me complaining

  39. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Swedish tier 8 TD 288 base penetration on AP LoL . haha nice joke WG !

  40. Why tf is everyone hating on Russians, when WG is putting in OP premiums
    like Liberte and Patriot and new tech trees (Jpn heavies, Czech and Swedish
    tanks) that can absolutely dismantle any IS 7 or E 100 within seconds. But
    nobody brings up the fact that E5/t57hvy is OP, or Death star, or
    ScorpionG,… yeah sure if T29 would hit those shots without aiming nobody
    would give a fuck.

  41. I want his crosshair :/

  42. I think i actually saw how ruskie 122mm d25t accuracy works…..its on dez
    games rng compilation, i think it was su122 44, and, idk if it was an
    replay bug or “accidental” by wg to show that, but u could clearly see how
    reticle jerked from full(and actually accuracy) to more than 2-3 times
    smaller one, which, obviosly made it hit…

  43. I love my tech tree IS-2. pretty much the same tank. If I really can’t be
    bothered to aim I could just spam gold. Now about the panther, I enjoy the
    fuck out of it. The terrible alpha just buries the thing though. Even if it
    had 150 alpha it would be better, so that 2 shots do ~300 damage.

  44. Total champ move to protect your team mate.

  45. This video should be called “IS-2 goes KV-1 Sport” to honor the spirit of
    balanced Russian tanks.

  46. Alexander “Charcharo” Yordanov

    The Russian bias thing is starting to get old…especially when very
    balanced Swedish/Czech/French/US tanks generally rule competitive…

  47. i have a question:
    what mod are you using to get that aim reticle?
    try as i might, i could not find it in game
    pls answer i love it and want to use it

  48. i just wish they could buff the panther

  49. i think wg are just trying to level out the skill gap between good & not so
    good players, so anybody can have a good game..
    its like in schools now, there NO such word as competition.

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