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World of Tanks – IS-2-II. Finally we have visuals and statistics what is shaping up to be the double barrel tech tree the IS-2-II!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Can’t wait I want it now! Lol

  2. Hi quacky
    I’ve been watching you and jingles for ages now. Learning how to do a little better than I was. But the thing is. As jingle would say, I’m an xbox console peasant and the game is a bit different there. Do you recommend any youtubers from that perspective. The vast majority I see are American.

  3. How many xp do we have to have to unlock the IS-2-II ?

  4. wargaming, just move your ass to cold war era already

  5. If the High Explosive need goes in. I’m quitting. Done, never spending anymore on either wot or wot blitz. Bye Wargaming, dumbasses.

  6. Any idea on how much XP will be needed to get this thing?

  7. This idea is almost as bad as the upcoming HE nerf.

  8. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    Gamers: it’s impossible for WG to fuck up this game more than it already is.
    WG: hold my beer…

  9. Now imagine this tank going into Frontline. ? Exactly! ??

    • I was afraid te new IS-3A would ruin Frontline, but for me it didn’t. I don’t expect these tanks to be more game-breaking than the completely braindead tank that is the IS-3A.

    • @Fort MenenDen Frontlines has such big maps that heavies are obsolete. Only good for holding the city.

  10. Poor reverse speed?! HA! Soviet tanks only go forward!

  11. sounds like the double shot could be good in the situation where you have multiple HT’s duking it out with multiple HTs in a corridor. Roll forward, unleash both barrels and roll back again and wait while covered by team mates.

  12. This is OG WoT’s version of the Helsing HO…
    Which mean it’ll be just as broken as it.

  13. is this some obscure paper tank or just wargaming fantasy?

    • WG mentioned in one of their double-barrel videos that these tanks, especially the tier X ST-2 are strongly based on existing blueprints.

  14. hostilebogeyinbound

    This double barrel shit is why they are nerfing HE.

  15. These things are so ridiculous. Really wish this wasn’t happening.

  16. How do you say ‘Shotgun!’ in Russian?

  17. You also have to consider the amount module damage these double barrel tank can do, having two shell instantly hitting someone might have higher chance to instantly ammowreck or set someone on fire where usually one shot would damage then instead but it’s usually rng base.

  18. anybody knows how much XP do i need for the IS-2 Chu chu ?

  19. Bugger. Gonna have to re-grind off of the KV3 again… The ambush double-tap aside, it looks balanced-ish… Ish.

  20. 8:28 Imagine this: aiming in the is3a

    I can’t

  21. Omg? Just imagine RNGesus, Stalin and the holy Russian bias working together with this thing.
    Can’t wait to see this is in the “best replays of the week” sniping LTs from 500m ammoracks???

  22. Why ffs 221 pen with standard ammo… thats so pathetic!

  23. Yea but…….when’s the premium one getting announced

  24. I have 40 USSR blueprints

  25. Hey can anyone tell me if they experience world of tanks just crashing on them when they load in the game or into a match. If you have how did you fix it I deleted the game and re-downloaded it I tried the check and repair feature in the launcher and nothing has worked

    • I like the game and I want to play but I can’t even load into a match without the game crashing on me 2 or 3 times and then crashing on me the moment I finish a match

  26. With double barrel scifi tanks entering the game, wonder how long till tier 11 Gundams become available?

  27. If only I could put my British female commander in this tank.

    “Penetration!………. Double penetration!”

  28. Have to wonder, did wg clarify that firing will interrupt the reload? Isnt it logical to think that as it has two guns, the reload works separately? Well it will make the tank stupidly op. Just a thought.

  29. Tank-launched nukes are next

  30. QB please remember that a real world T-54/55 have 100 mm main guns, the T-62 has a 110 mm and the T-72 a 125 mm. Well done sir. It will be interesting to see you play this so I am looking forward to it. Take care and God bless.

  31. Double-barrel KV-2!

  32. I love the IS-2.. but not this ugly monstrosity

  33. Can’t stand this buttfkr. Such a queer. Skill is way better at Tanks then this idiot.

  34. Brake game tank

  35. complete op…. sorry wg but thats a bad joke…. and maybe the Prem doppel gun tank is much better…… WOT 2019…. not my cup of tea anymore….

  36. Does this mean the H.E can be considered useful? As it has dual shot

  37. Not really interested in those tanks but the more the merrier ? (as long as they are not OP)

  38. WG is totally stupid. They should reset the game to 9.17.1

  39. It was only a matter of time before WG started bringing in tanks from C&C Red Alert. Think the Maus was big? Wait till you see the Mammoth.

  40. Gimmick fuck.
    Another crack in WG’s weakening facade.

  41. oh damn i cant wait about it, i hope it comes for christmas or beginning next year, cause the prem version could be in lootbox this year like the is-3a last year. This could be incredible. I think this new mechanic is really interesting. But we have to test it really to have a better feeling on it.

  42. Anyone else see the C&C Red Alert heavy tank in this thing? I sure do

  43. It’s just getting silly, and worse now. I predict next premium will,be a 2 barrel tank. Sigh.

  44. End of the line for me.

  45. My KV-3 has 90k exp on it, this tank might make me wanna run back to WoT for a week.

    Then its back to WoW Classic!

  46. WG Concept Guy : We have a shit ton of tanks to choose…maybe add more countries to the rooster!
    WG Retard in charge : Suka double barrel NOW! Long live the Soviet Union!
    WG Concept Guy : But sir!
    WG Retard in charge : Want gulag comrade?

  47. This game is going down hill very fast, and it’s actually sad.

  48. @ 19:00. Is anyone naive enough these days to think that’s not exactly what they will do? It will have a nice big red ribbon on it and be available in the Christmas loot boxes. On the bright side,at least we might get some amusing photoshopped pictures of Stalin in a tutu out of it.

  49. Am I the only one who does not understand why:
    Tiger I is not Tier 6?
    Tiger II is not Tier 7?
    IS-1 is not Tier 6?
    IS-2 is not Tier 7?
    …and why the actual flying spaghetti monster is all above false if we switch to premium tanks?!

  50. HOW much xp to get it from the KV3????? 80.000 is good???

  51. The IS2-2-II , I love it, looks like a meadium heavy in my opinion, with the best gun stats from all heavy in russian line. Armor wise is crap, but I see it as a good tank to smash slow heavy and medium ones. Has IS-3 traverse speed, and this is quite ok. In my opinion is better than the 703-2, due to better gun with faster reload time. Really enjoy it.

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