IS-2-II Tank Review – World of tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – IS-2-II. Update 1.7.1 brings a new tech tree of Soviet double barrel heavy tanks here’s the first the T8 IS-2-II.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Once again, the tier 8 premium completely outperforms the tech tree tire 8. Thank you, wargaming.

  2. How do you add the light bulbs in game playerlist and change the text colours i’ve seen in previous videos?

  3. at 17,21 the son of a bitch is cheating

  4. 13:30 Sorry QB – Had to poke fun ^-^
    “ What you want to do in this tank is fire singles & fire doubles “ . . O.o uhh . yeah ?

  5. 15:00 Apologies again . . But you are TooFunny
    “ I’m not going to fire another shot because I am going to fire another shot “ ??

  6. Press ‘F’ for our dead comrade ST-1 and IS-4

  7. IS-2 II: Electric Boogaloo

  8. the first gun is sooooo awful , that’s horrible!! that’s just unfair when u face a 100mm ..

  9. 1 gun = ur gun
    2 guns = our guns

  10. I was Soo hyped that I by mistake bough wrong tank is2-m and now I have to grind 2.5m silver from begining 🙁

    Any one noticed that there are no discounts on the this tanks??

  11. I think the double barreled tank line is bullshit and Wargaming just completely loosing its mind. That Russian is definitely a case of inbreeding.

  12. Tanks nobody ask for, nobody needs – sad

  13. Very reason why I don’t find WoT fun anymore – Russian power creep is just beyond any normal realm of understanding now. I play some other game now.

  14. Can not wait for the 3-barrel tanks.

  15. So when will arrive the quintuple turret KV-2 in the game?

  16. Why you’re wearing Tanyas jumper?

  17. So these fake tanks make it into the game…
    Cars make it into the game…

    And somehow triple barreled wheeled arty isn’t a thing… Screw you WG

  18. the chopstick tanks are here.

  19. When is this coming out on EU and NA?

  20. In my opinion. 300 alpha dmg is the best you can have. well atleast up to tier 8 games. its not too low and not too high aswell. you dont have that long reload that you have with 390 alpha dmg, which means you can take multiple tanks at the same time, without them being flanking you cause of your long reload. to top it off the gun handling is usually alot better on 300 alpha dmg which means in trading with 390 alpha dmg, yoiu can drive out shoot and fall back to building quickly while with 390 alpha dmg you bounce.

  21. if you lose creidts on a winning game then it is not that sustainable gameplay lol, I am free2play player and I feel it even more.

  22. WG logic:
    IS-2 II vs 703 (II), 703 (II) weighs more, same power, is faster.
    IS-2 II vs IS-3A, IS-3A has less powerful engine, weighs the same is even faster.

    Because premium, comrade.

  23. Double barrel gun damaged. How it works? 1 gun damaged both gun down?

  24. Russian chat 😀

  25. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    End my existence :'( I grinded 50k exp with that slow turd KV-3 and guess what…
    Researched KV-4 instead of new shiny double dong :/

  26. If it russian, it works

  27. this tank is complete trash compared to the 703,

  28. 14:44 was the addition of the giant pile of rubble necessary? The building was already damn good

  29. thank god for the shit ton of universal blueprints so teir 10 is unlocked and 90k xp for the teir 9 and easy grinding for me

  30. When do the update come out for xbox one

  31. supervaronis333 :D

    In my first match with my IS-2-II I did 3.5k dmg and then the next match 4.2k dmg. I shoted double barrel shots more often BC no-one was just rushing me. I used the top gun and top turret.

  32. When russian heavy tank actually has less armor than the tiger II lol

  33. I have not played it and will not do so in the near future, but from the get go, i have had a feeling, that this is2-II will be the most exiting one for me. It kinda reminds of the polish T8 and further more, the old german t8 vk and I loved these. Yes the VK out of the meta, but back in the day, it was kinda in the same position as the polish one is or was now and it feels that the is2-II falls kinda into the same place + the double barrel stuff, so a bit better i guess.

  34. Imagine if you just want to play a tank game and then you face this abomination wich never EVEN REMOTELY existed.

    • @Stubbari At least those were somewhat concived on paper. This IS-2 did not even exist in Stalins diary.

    • @Rash B blin Both IS-2 and IS-3 hulls existed so that’s already way more “real” than those German tanks only designed on paper. The ST-II existed only on paper, that’s true, so it’s comparable to the German tanks.

    • @Stubbari Does does not make the idea of a double-barreled IS-2 less silly.
      What if you just took the Maus and just invented a new non-sensical turret. That would be more fictional than an E XX tank, wich actual engineers thought about.

    • @Rash B blin Well, if the Germans had designed Maus-3 with guns pointing front and back I wouldn’t mind if WG introduced a “made up tank” Maus-2 with similar features to Maus and Maus-3. IS-2-II and IS-3-II are there for content purposes. Just like E50 and E50M. They could have just released the STI-II next to the IS-4 but that’s not a lot of content considering that they didn’t release any new lines during X-mas.

      This is a game after all, gameplay first, then historical accuracy. I don’t mind tanks made up by WG as long as they are realistic and similar to real designs.

    • @Stubbari You dont seem to get it. There is a difference between putting in blueprints of a tank and just making stuff up.

      Your Maus-3 example is bad because you said “if the germans had designed it” They never did making it just as silly as the IS-2-2

      I get that gameplay is important. Its just that you cant ask “whats the stoy behind this thing/whats its purpose” because the answer is:
      WG just made it up for gameplay

  35. Zero hull armor 😛 Not enough against tier 8s… Even Tier 7 pen easily… Not going to play until it got some armor buff… This is terrible.
    It could be use as long range sniper. Long range sniping “heavy tank” 🙂

  36. Even the stock gun isnt that bad comparing to other tanks

  37. 21:04 wtf is this…confirmed that EU server players are dumber

  38. Dem new two barreled tenks are just massive xp credits and wn8 piniatas ??

  39. I hope that when i have chance to play this tank on weekend i will perform good

  40. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    AEG vs Quicky Baby

  41. what i can see from this new tech tree is that the pay to win premium double barrel is way better than the shit free 2 play double barrel .
    again gj wargayming more shit and more garbage update after update
    so glad i uninstalled this rigged piece of shit pay to win game

  42. Next upcoming premium tank: IS-2-II A, an auto-reloading double barrelled Soviet tier 8 premium.

    • The IS-2-II is already auto reloading double barreled Soviet tank… And the 703 (II) is an autoreloading double barreled Soviet T8 premium.

  43. Man these Devs must of played too much Red Alert 1995

  44. waste of time… RU abandoned them after 2 days lol

  45. KV3 become so popular in this days, but I still wait 3 barrel tank 🙂

  46. I see it has the famous russian tardis turret allowing -7 gun depression as well.

  47. Game is so bad after they added this and EBRs.

  48. It’s fairly ludicrous that gun barrels absorb shells so completely in the first place.

  49. So as usual they drop a premium vehicle that’s nothing like the new tech tree. I dunno what war gaming is doing. Why is it so slow ? I mean I’m not sure I’ll be playing this line but if I did I’d be a little POd by that slug

  50. If I had fired the double shot on the Löwe I would have hit the upper plate, why, because RNG.

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