^^| IS-2 PREM Review

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  1. was this on the test server?

  2. OMG A YOUTUBE VID?! Illuminati.

  3. The 6th or 7th russian premium heavy….

    • IS-6, KV-5, Churchill 3…

    • +CSR Denis …KV-220, the upcoming Object 244, the next CW reward tank IS-5, the upcoming IS-3 autoloader…and this thing…that will be 8 in total, cause why not!
      -Germany has 2, and you can currently purchase 1…and it’s the Lowe !!, because fuck German heavies!!

  4. it is a tier 7 so ofcourse it will make less credits, but you get the same gun as most of the tier 8 prem HT’s and you pay like 40% of the price in gold. certainly not the worst buy! 🙂

  5. Good preview, really good, but T14 review was the best of this century xD

  6. IS, NO PROBLEM! IS takes care of all your problems, one 122mm shell at a time! 😉

  7. I love my normal IS2. It is such a fun tank to play.

  8. If you want to see the ‘normal’ IS in action, look at my highlight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NY2IFaB0XY

  9. Can hear circon voice, can’t see circon beard, very confusing.

  10. I was almost expecting a guest appearance by Foch so you two can discuss the punchy-ness of the gun

  11. why would you by this when you can buy a is6? is6 has same mm as is 2 (minus tier 7) and makes more money.

  12. +SirCircon Don’t have an IS in my garage, so I’m wondering how the crew layout is; is the loader also radio operator (for training IS-7 second loader).

  13. Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Great thumbnail. Great video.
    And everything i needed to know about the prem. IS-2

    Thanks Circon 🙂 !

  14. what is the intro/outro song?

  15. abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz

    Are the old personal missions gonna disappear?

  16. Rita mentioned that the in-game armor stats of the premium IS-2 are wrong. The frontal armor is thicker than that, but Wargaming isn’t going to fix it until the next patch.

    • CommunistDolphin

      the stats are currently correct, the frontal armor is 100mm, however there is an extremely small strip of thicker armor (120mm) on the top of the lower plate, but its too small to make any difference

  17. My reaction to this video is the first line of the description
    WP circon

  18. love tou circon gj for the video keep going and you will have 200 000 subscribers

  19. To you think the Jagdtiger 88 (T8) is good a strok premium tenk? I could use a German TD crewtrainer, which is not like the Borsig line (as Im already on that, a change in playstyle would be nice). Cheers man

    • +Donatas BIrgiolaitis I have a JT 88, and I’m still waiting for my “very good profit.”
      Like Circon said, it’s too slow to be entertaining. But for me, it’s probably because it doesn’t suit my playstyle at all. The only way I can get this tank to work is if nobody is shooting at my lower plate, trying to flank me, and if they’re all sitting still. Otherwise, it just takes too long to rack up damage when you have to constantly relocate to find new targets to shoot at because your other ones have already left.

    • thanks guys 🙂

    • +psnmadracer27 2 or 3 weeks ago i had 4.2k damage game in my jg88. i fired 23 shots 22 penetrated. i earned 125k and profit was 115k. if you dont like german TD line tanks why you bought it ? lol

    • +Donatas BIrgiolaitis The issue is that I don’t like the JT 88. I just don’t think it’s that good. I like the German TD line. My JagPanther II is one of my most prized possessions.

    • jpanther 2 is great, i do grind credits with it sometimes lol.

  20. you did not noticed the difference???!?!?! y u no see them logs on the side giving this premium tank + 100 spaced side armor because reasons! 🙂

  21. More Russian tonk no problem

  22. Is-no problem
    Is2-still no problem

  23. Commander crew skills +13, that is sick!!!

  24. Isnt this just a Chinese IS2 with less premium pen? ^^

  25. Why u heff to be mad? Is still no problem!

  26. 6:30 I would wonder what QB would’ve said XD

  27. too easy Circon… unicum playing field full with newbs..

  28. More just youtube content would be good if you fancy it Circon 😛

  29. 8:30 50% luck 50% skill 50% power of will

  30. This IS-2 doesn’t get preferential mm then? How does this compare to other tier 8 premiums such as the T34 which also have standard mm?

  31. What is that Expert off on th screen?

  32. 8:20 it says “Expert OFF” on the right side. ?

  33. If they gave it pref MM id buy it in a heart beat. I love the IS but hate seeing tier 9s in it.

  34. Hold the phones – All of them!

  35. Robert Pettigrew

    I had heard that all these special tanks get pref MM.

  36. Wait is the IS-2 available now?

  37. Just keep making videos like this and you will get better at it! Love the videos, keep going.

  38. Oblivion'sLegend

    What site did you use for the stat comparison?  I’ve never seen it before.

  39. Actually that hull is what makes it an IS2 rather than an IS. And of course it is the same as the Chinese tank that is already in the game.
    Ever since the Chinese we introduced, I was wondering why they get a latter model of a Russian tank than the Russian tech tree. And there we have the answer – a new premium.

  40. What is this… Circ on YouTube.. *confused*…

  41. It’s available in Premium Shop. It costs 39.95 Euro and it comes with a 5750 gold bonus. It’s just around 5 Euro cheaper than IS-6, not considering the gold you receive. Not sure if it’s worthing, seeing in that video that it’s not such a good money maker for a Premium. I guess it will do it for collectors.

  42. mod ??

  43. Anyone knows the website at the start for comparing? tank-compare confuses the Soviet IS-2 with the Chinese IS-2 and I want to see how much those two are different from each other.

  44. How much avg. APCR pen has the IS-2 Berlin? You mentioned 217, but couldn’t show it. So does it have 217, like the Russian IS, or 250 like the Chinese IS-2 please?

  45. does it have pref MM?

  46. Where is the sub hype button. Where is the beard. Wait…a …minute…this isn’t right. This is not twitch.

  47. I like your reviews, Circ. Wish you did more of them.

  48. O. Fouronethree

    13:10 About IS-6 having better MM than this IS-2: i think its the other way around. They both have the same gun, and this gun against tier8 enemies is at best “manageable”(fighting enemy top tier heavy tanks can be really dodgy if you can’t flank them, and you won’t have this chance all the time) and simply weak against tier9. The diffrence is, that IS-2 will also get into “tier7 top” battles, where this gun actually is really good and will butcher anything it meets.

    What i’m saying is: in IS-6 a player will have to use APCR more often because it will meet tier8-9 enemies more often than IS-2 will, and this will affect the credit income. Also, IS-2 being a lower tiered tank will get more EXP for fighting tier8-9 enemies because of  tier diffrence- IS-6 gets bonus only for fighting tier9.
    And if someone want to say smth like “I can fight tier9 enemies in IS-6 without APCR with no problems” then it also means to me: “i could do it in IS-2 as well”.
    So my guess(i don’t own this tank) is: tier for tier, IS-2 in theory is a better tank of those two.
    PS. If anyone want HBs back as much as me, then there is also the factor that IS-2 might actually get into HBs, while IS-6 being the prototype/fantasy tank: won’t.

  49. I wanted to buy the Is2 soo badly, but when I went to buy it, it had been taken down, soo not happy tbh

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