^^| IS-2 Premium Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Michael Mcdermott


  2. Hot Cross bun!

  3. Man what a coincidence that you do a video on the IS-2 (Russian) and upload
    it a JUST B4 it goes on sale on the console version of WoT.. wow that was
    not planned with WG eh? Also I woldnt be surprised to learn that WG gave
    you 95% RNG bonus just to do this video.

  4. Circon how much average damge to get 3 marks on 59-16?

  5. Wesly Goldschmidt

    My IS-2 only likes to find itself lost in tier 9 matches XD

  6. The song at the end. I need it’s name asap

  7. So many dead baby seals.

  8. The commentary in this video is much, much more relaxed than your usual
    youtube vids. Much more like your stream. Keep doing these. They’re getting
    better and better.

  9. It helps if you’re slightly intoxicated. Noted.

  10. screamingdizbusters

    Because of this. “No problem” will be a stereo-typed Russian catch phrase.

  11. RonniePoleCasper


  12. “I would like to thank the rest of the team for showing up. It was great.”
    – Aaaahahahahahahaha Circon for president!!!

  13. love these vids thanks Circon! :)

  14. quinten vandereviere

    Raashaaaa! Ees belencd tenk comrad, Da!

  15. Soviet accuracy.

  16. > Earns 91k credits
    > Spends 15k on ammo
    > Total profit 99k

  17. Lol was like listening to Foch this video.

  18. “Get the fuck out, this is my flank” 😀 😀 :D

  19. great video. need your face cam on the video !!! ;)

  20. russian tank so balanced -_-

  21. ah man hard to play this tank or you can push w and rekt all team

  22. Love the content man, your videos are just getting better and better

  23. Great playing as usual. 🙂 Off subject question….sorry but do any of you
    guys/gals know if the current Crommy B is the same as last years? I got
    mine last year and swear the gun barrel looks shorter on the new ones.

  24. Not fun watching a stomp.

  25. Sircon yur an idiot.

  26. Yawn russians, op at tier not balanced

  27. MemoriesAreLost

    Lost it at 2:22. 300 kills lol

  28. Ehabocrates Starkof

    2 Russian guys did not like that ‘post game stets’ joke XD

  29. Totally balanced, just like the IS-3 and IS-6. Great job WG!

  30. SU-100M1 was CIRC clan

  31. is, no problem

  32. Best player i have ever seen….but also a verry sorry excuse of an
    human….ill wach his stream with the sound of from now on..this is the
    perfect example of admiration and disgust at the same time

  33. You are pumping out these things these days

  34. ahh true circon commentary its great

  35. Marshall Allshouse

    10/10 russian tenk

  36. hahahah that part >> its apparently an ace. i dont know how we did it.<< hahahahahaha

  37. Electroman054 Gaming

    0 Dislikes… :3

  38. Circon + IS2 x Radley Walter = No Problem…

  39. The snapshots…. :)

  40. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Too bad you didn’t land another crazy shot on that Stuart for a Pool’s

  41. russian bias ? whats that comrade ? kappa

  42. tldw: obviously

  43. This is what happens when alpha is balanced by gun handling – sometimes
    every shot hits and you just rake it in.

  44. I don’t believe he got even 1 shot fully aimed in this game, nice meme.

  45. Russia tenk.

  46. WarGaming and balance? You must be new here.

  47. Lol. I would like to thank the rest of the team for showing up. Smh.

  48. Ronald de Rooij

    Unfair plane…

  49. Ruscello Twitch

    Really enjoy your commentary style. More plz :-)

  50. Hello Circon,

    your replay cast videos are nice but in my opinion your special “circon
    atmosphere” comes from your videos with the beardcamera where we are
    watching the game “live”.
    This replay cast are “boring” because everyone can do it, there are so many
    (no-name) wot-youtubers doing that. (SirFoch is an exception. 🙂 ) But your
    videos like the CGC-JagdE100-Oneshot or WZ-11111111111114 battle against
    T95 and arty are unique because of the live-reaction, etc.
    But not everyone can (and wants) to watch streams. They are watching “only”
    the videos.

    Can you presents these battles here not like before, “ripped out” from


  51. It looks like your videos are getting more views

  52. George Cochrane

    Is gud tenk.

  53. Circon makes a short 9 kill game look easy. Most of us try it and fail
    miserably :D

  54. Kill me

  55. lol full HP with 9 kills and 3.5k dmg. Stalin like Dutch people 😀 and you
    can see the Russian bonus at the end which WG dont want to shot earned 91k
    -15k ammo cost = 99k net WELL BALANCED COMRADE

  56. Club the seals!

  57. when will your mod pack be coming out??

  58. Game is not broken!

  59. hey coincidentally I played my IS-2 on Steppes today as well, getting 4k


  60. ‘Cause russian tanks are balanced WG

  61. This kind of replay makes me wanna cry for everyone that met the old

  62. Play on the Xbox version and this tank is coming out soon on the console,
    should I get the IS-6 now or wait for the IS-2 and have some gold left over
    for other things?

  63. Balanced^^

  64. I wish every replay review on youtube was like this. This was gold. Thanks
    for the funnies circon!

  65. the commentary in this is golden, very entertaining :D

  66. This tank is so good, I 3 marked it and did 5.5k dmg in a tier 9 match ( of
    course lost because out of ammo.. ) :3
    If you can, buy it. It’s a realy good deal :)

  67. When i am having a bad day in WoT this is the tank I go to so i can pretty
    much bet on having a good game.

  68. José Vitor Vaz


  69. No OP, is feature!

  70. Wow very nice, I have only IS and I kill only 6 tanks, I wish I can do one
    day 9 lol, maybe never hahahaha

  71. ThePainTrain4234

    Yeah… I need a premium Russian heavy… ?

  72. ^^

  73. lol, KV-85 gets that gun at tier 6

  74. damn im early! I love whenever circon plays stronk russian tank, the memes
    are unreal.

  75. I didn’t get it, is this tank any good?

  76. Marien Passenier


  77. twitch.tv/circon Live now :)

  78. Reveice 91k credits
    pay 15k for ammo
    net 99k credits
    russian math – not even once

  79. Console Peasant


  80. Is pretty good tank comrade…just a little bit damage, just a little bit,
    just sayin’…..love your stream….

  81. martijn van tuyl


  82. ^^

  83. gerald wittingen


  84. ^^

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