IS-2 Ruinberg RNG!

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. To keep it short:
    – My mom is doing ok!
    – I, however, was not! I had 3 hospital visits, 3 dentist visits and 2 specialists visits all in september.
    – I got 1 more appointment at the start of november, then im all clear again. : )
    Should be daily if not close to daily videos again. <3

  2. Is it 2015? A youtube video by Circon?

  3. Yay, Circ is back!

  4. Yeaaaars ago, when i actually played, the IS-2 was my go to. Had a ~60% winrate with it and really don’t know why.

  5. Christmas in october – new video from Circon! Thanks, sir, pleasure as always.

  6. You’re back!! Sweet.?
    Hope all is well.

  7. Yay, Circon is back. Realy missed your content bud.

  8. you had a phenomenal game no doubt and you carried your top tiers as much as you could, but you can’t be lucky all the time. you had some lucky shots there as well.. RNG given and RNG taken

  9. Salty 3A in chat xD

  10. LE POG!

  11. Pog. Finaly I can enjoy some good videos again 😀 Good to see you back circon

  12. Glad ur back! Beterschap.

  13. Glad your alive!

  14. Missed you…a lot…happy to hear all these news…wb 🙂

  15. 480p… not used to this anymore!

  16. Glad that u r back and even more to hear ur mother is doing ok!

  17. Great to have you back and good news about your Mom. Sounds like you’ve been in the wars as well: hope its all sorted soon mate. Great game under the kosh, unfortunate end.

  18. you are missed by many
    and welcomed by even more 😉

  19. Hope you recover soon, good to see you back!

  20. it’s been a long time.. 🙂

  21. Great to see you’re back. Missed your vids.

  22. Eyyyy my favorite streamer is back. Life is good again

  23. The is3a on circons team got upset and called out circon “is2 you have 3.6k wn8 and play like a potato”

  24. Love IS-3’S comment at 3:40, circon is total facking noob

  25. Long time no see. Glad to have you back, sir.

  26. Actually, Circon, the “alien tank”‘s weak spot is the top left corner of the turret.

  27. I once had IS-2 (prem) battle on prokchorovka, where I hit snapshot on enemy scorp g across half of map, when I had damaged gun, dead gunner and stun ( just imagine that aim circle 😀 ). Rasha blyet !

  28. So good to see you back Circon <3 And I hope you stay healthy

  29. Glad to see you back again! And good to hear that your mother is better aswell. Get better aswell too and take care of yourself

  30. CIRC.


  31. Wow, that IS-3A mother*#king you in chat at 3:48

  32. Yay! Circon, missed ya!

  33. E25 reload less then 3 sec,,fck op shit

  34. Im so glad you are back and things are getting better for you and your family! Praise the beard!

  35. I haven’t played WOT for over 2 years, but man, I missed your videos

  36. Hooray circons back.

  37. Wow !!! Its Circonflexes. I have been wondering how you were? Nice to see you back.

  38. Chinese IS-2, nice! i’ve got the Type 58 rn and looking forward to playing Chinese heavies.

  39. Mabel Ota Anderson

    You take care of your self……

  40. Oh you wonderful human being welcome back!

  41. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Good news! Take care.

  42. Good to have you back, man! Will you be doing a video on the proposed HE changes?

  43. Good to have you back. I hope you are well.

  44. wargaming are selling the same tank again

  45. shout out to the raging is3a calling circon a noob

  46. I can’t believe people still play game….pay* this game

  47. That’s what happens when you play muppets. The KV-2 should have taken you out around 8:00.

  48. Nice to see you back Mr Circonflexes and I’m pleased your mum is doing well.

  49. this showed up in my recommended videos but not my subscriptions list for some reason, YouTube continues to be quality

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