IS-2 Shielded Review

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All you to know about the new !


  1. Of course the “free” premium is the worst one….

  2. IS-2 THICC

  3. Considering how incredibly easy it is to get this tank for free i’d say it’s pretty good if you’re a free to play player or a general player.

    Personally I really enjoy this new game mode and getting a premium tier 7 for free is a bonus.

  4. Jennen Geeraerts

    best tank review yet, so much useful info…….

  5. You kind of sound like dunkey in this vid…

  6. What an ugly turd man, looks like it crashed into a scrap yard with a magnet inside of it.

  7. There will not be a more to the point review for any tank, ever.

  8. LMAO! This actually made my day! I almost choked on my chewing gum, laughing so loud my neighbors would have wondered what the heck was up :”)

  9. I thought it was a videogamedonkey video xD

  10. Circon is infected by Dunkeyvirus and
    I LOVE IT!!

  11. I’m a simple man, I hear “Sea Shanty 2”, I give a thumbs up.


  13. General Saufenberg

    but hey, it`s protected against hesh^^

  14. More Russian creativity!

  15. Every other YouTuber 20 min review Circon takes just 1 min 59 sec and tells you everything you need to know anyway – Sheer class mate 🙂

  16. “The Chinese Knockoff?” I lost it, nicely done my dude.

  17. With that view range they should mount white canes on the corners of the tank.

  18. Tokyo Craftsman

    EVERYTHING we really needed to know about the new prem tank…
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  19. Oh man I’ve been waiting for an IS-2 with less view range and slower mobility so when all my teammates are dead and I need to reset the base I will barely be able to get back in time for the enemies to out spot me and destroy me. Poggies

  20. Yeaaaah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WG just have zero respect for their player base.
    Still, at least we have Circon. Keep the memes rolling man, hope you and yours are safe and well ^^

  21. Love the vid Circon! Keep it going!

  22. You forgot the IS-2-II – which, as you know, is an IS-2 x 2 making it an IS-2 too. My brain hurts.

  23. Plan for the next 10 years of WoT.
    !0 versions of every tank in the game and all exactly the same lol.

  24. This video had me crying with laughter, made my day. Thanks man can”t wait for your next one!

  25. Now this is a gud quality review

  26. Me at the beginning, “wonder if he’s doing a Dunkey impersonation on purpose?”
    Me a little later….”yup”
    Me even later…”this tank is a waste of time”

  27. IDK how dumb these WG devs are but they’re really dumb if this is the only thing they can come up with.

  28. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Ay the same time, the IS2 Berlin is being sold atm in EU :THONK:

  29. GiantArapaima74

    They’ll probably release the IS-2B next year.

  30. Flyntdefault447

    I liked the part with the 122 mil.

  31. This review was a better use of my time than the 20+ minute reviews that “others” are putting up. GJ Circ.

  32. A set of freaking bed springs shouldn’t slow it down

  33. The IS-2B (Iosef Stalin – 2 Barbeque).

  34. mightymasochist

    it has solar panels!

  35. oh boy a new…….oh ok never mind WG ill just play another game

  36. I love how QB does a (what feels like a) 3hr review of something Circ can review better and more comprehensively in less than 2 minutes

  37. This was fun

  38. Please, Circon, never change…

  39. Finally I’ve been waiting for a premium IS !

  40. This tune at the end: is this Dutch folk music?

  41. My man Circon putting out a meme video on my most played game of my adulthood and then closing it out with a song from the most played game from my childhood(still playing). Sea Shanty 2 is the greatest of all time.

  42. Wait… i have a question…

    Is meat included with the tank?
    If not, i pass

  43. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    Now this is a tank review I like. It’s short, sarcastic and features a bbq👌🏻

  44. Best review ever!

  45. Louis-Philippe Nault

    @circon nice runescape theme there circon 😛

  46. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Good Review! Thanks Circon, now i know what i am going to sell for credits and get a free Garage Slot on TOP wow

  47. I’m glad that wg gives us what we want instead of doing useless things like rebalancing gold ammo and nerfing op tanks

  48. I think heat round protection IS it’s advantage. Need to show that somehow.

  49. So glad i leave this game 2 years back

  50. I wonder if you will even notice the HEAT shields doing anything?

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