IS-3-II GOES 1 vs 6 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – IS-3-II. Update 1.7.1 brings three new double barrel Soviet including the IS-3-II. Here it’s tested to the limit!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. I just can’t enjoy replays with only gold rounds fired…

  2. If I ever wanted reassurance not to return to WoT after ceasing a couple of years ago, this is it.

  3. APCR is just way better than normal AP better shell velocity better pen so yeah i get why he is firing so much prammo but in this mm its quite unnecessary but the result speak for itself gg!

  4. So many bad players

  5. Typical Russia Design… stfu QB when german people ware some german stuff always people saying U ARE A NAZI … so .. its fine
    BTW .. Boring GAME … kill a AFk yeahh fun … thats why i dont play WOT anymore after Waffenträger not in the game not a nerf, arty changes .. Pay2win easy game for old people .. ESL tournaments in 2012 was soo much funnn but now .. just Old people game

  6. the t34 went supernova

  7. Wish they would bring them doubles to console

  8. F*cking goldnoob

  9. Did qb think about making a vid responding aeg?

  10. Jingles would call him “Dave”

  11. Alexander Aleksandrov

    T34 left!!!

  12. @quickybaby PLEASE how is it possible to loose with obj 140 32 games oyt out 154… even if i suck or to be the worst player ever my team should better right… 22k games and i never been through this before

  13. Is it weird that I’m already sick of hearing about double-barrel tanks?

  14. People still playing this?
    I mean this russian game?

  15. Why do you pronounce “Belarusians” similar to “Russians”? It’s from “Belarus”, not “Belarussia”.

  16. So I guess the gold spam is 10% now, since double barrels ?

  17. Pls do not show any more games with players that are afk. It is not ok…

  18. Stop those facial expressions

  19. The explosive flame effect on the gun barrel of that tank in his last shot makes me want to grind that line lmao

  20. It annoys me when really good players like this fire nothing but gold…

  21. The mighty goldspam from this player

  22. I always wondered how the breech works on this tank with the barrels being so close to each other

  23. would you rather be hit by kv2 or m4 and back to the garage. or hit by this and left on 2hps? idk

  24. SO glad i moved to warthunder after years of only playing world of tanks. This stuff looks ridiculous. Its ugly, overpowered, fictional, and just utterly pointless.

  25. …again and again…advertise a no brain gold ammo spammer….Every monkey can shoot gold for extra pen..Where is skill here?? shooting tier 8 or no armour tanks with gold…come on…

  26. I like how this category possibly brings good change in game environment. But more and more the reason playing German tech tree will disappear.

  27. James Sunny Crockett

    If anyone cries again about bad eu players ask the red team on this replay how to suck big time. He should be dead 4 times at least.

  28. Bill Polychronidis

    is this a carpet camo? how more russian can you be?

  29. he just got lucky. They all came for him 1 after another. But every time i get 1 vs 5 i get bomrushed. also don’t forget taht t34 was afk.

  30. You can’t really blame him for loading gold since you can’t swap shells that easily in the tank

  31. Top tier full gold ! f off
    And you’re enabling them with these replays !

  32. WHat a blytefull carpet u got there mister al capone

  33. who can blame him? everyone should. They way he handled the gun was remarkable, but the ammunition choice…….. if he had only used gold ammo when he really needed it would have been an awesome game, so it was only good

    • Your comments makes no sense. If he uses gold ammo on soft targets, like Skorpion G, it doesn’t matter, right? Then there are the targets which he can bounce so the gold is the optimal choice. So there’s really no “bad” usage for gold. It’s APCR, not HEAT so there’s no “tracking shots” to justify it either.

  34. Is that a new tier 8 premium, the ferdinand 8.8 ??

  35. lmao qb always forgets asia SerBer

  36. Sou waffentrager e100 was bad and this double barel tanks are good now?:)

  37. play like p44 pantera with more armour

  38. About these “carpets on walls”… In history, those regions had to quite often fight Ottomans, Tatars, Mongols, etc. Those nations were (and some still are) well known for their beautiful rugs and carpets. These were treated as a “war booty”, and were hung on the walls along with the weapons that were taken from the enemy, to show everybody the owner’s wealth and that he is a great warrior/soldier.
    Later, during the “small glacier period” (XVII-XVIII century) were also treated as thermal insulation. Sadly, in the XX century, years of communism showed that “this economy model can bravely fight social and economic problems that somehow are not existing in rotten capitalistic states” and constant problems with heating in apartments forced Russians to revive this historical type of wall decoration.
    Also, some people still have this belief that a nice carpet on the wall shows how rich the owner is.

  39. *best carry so far* ??

    enemy team us just stupid

  40. Nightblade. Greyswandir

    it is not carpet if it is on the walls, and they put it on walls to keep warm, as it is one of the better ways to insulate from cold. You put wool between cold walls and warm air in the room. After introducing modern insulation materials it becomes more fashin or tradition then necessity.

  41. Premium ammo and AFK
    why am i not surprised?

  42. So actually it has same DMG potencial like E100 , but reloading less than E100 if you fire singlex single

  43. Christian Alboroto

    8° of gun depression? Hmm, that’s weird ?

  44. Ellef Henry Rasmussen

    It’s so ugly

  45. Trust it is much better reverse sidescrapper compared to KV4

  46. More OP than the usual OP Russian tank?!?

  47. this was a 1v5 i do not consider the afk moron on the enemy team

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