IS-3-II, More Fun Than Tier 10? | World of Tanks IS-3-II Tank Review: Update 1.7.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) Gameplay, 9 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. Double-Barreled Tech Tree IS-2-II (ИС-2-II), IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) and ST-II (СТ-II). World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 Update Test Server.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

The long waiting time is over, update 1.7.1 test server is up and running with mini-branch, double-barreled Soviet Russian heavy tanks.

Today I am going to show you 9 in that list, The IS-3-II. This tank turned out to be quite a surprise, I enjoyed it more than 10 and it has some really unexpected tricks up in its sleeve…

Double-Barreled tech tree:

8 – IS-2-II / ИС-2-II
9 – IS-3-II / ИС-3-II
10 – ST-II / СТ-II

What do you think?


  1. I find it very unsettling that the guns only fire when releasing the mouse button, I know it’s needed for the double fire system, but heck, I missed alot of shells because of it already.
    They are nice tanks and I enjoy the change in game mechanics alot tho 😉


  3. I think that from S 34 2 122mm gun I think gonna lead to IS 7-2

  4. Thx for the introduction to the new tank. What about the other modules? Is it worth to spend free XP on the engine or the turret?

  5. The gun is ok , and the tank is too armored…of course is funn…

  6. Only one person in WOT enjoy stock gun on tank:):)

  7. Thank you , Dez . ( Good morning, )

  8. Master Chief 00117

    These tanks are a scam from WG.. They now get you to wast 10,000 Credits per double shot. Using Premium. And they know people will use it a lot. They have the stats to show how many players press#2 every game…And these tanks will see lots of Tier X games…

  9. Best stock grind is Bobject 430… you just need to research a radio, engine and tracks.. no turret no gun.

    Because RASHA

  10. Tank is so long. And shells goes so strangely in sniper mode. I think it can be enjoyable tank anyway

  11. Quite a few Soviet tanks have that problem with the guns where you have 2 version of a 122mm. The 1st version is worse than whatever comes before it (usually a 100mm gun). Then you get the top 122mm and it’s a choice between more alpha from a 122mm or better gun handling from a 100mm. IS, IS-3, and SU-101 all have that issue. Probably more than that but those are the ones I played.

  12. Little tipp for people who have a microsecond delay after clicking and before the tank fires in single shot mode: Change the SALVO key in your settings! 🙂

  13. Can you make a video about the stock gun on tier 8? It looks very funny

  14. Selmanzwak Blazevic

    Dez you forgot IS-2M

  15. Anyone else who’s Testserver always crashes?

  16. The best thing ST-2 has going for it are hit-points but that’s not enough.

  17. Dez, if gun dispersion values are anything like the premium, I strongly recommend running GLD, Vents and Optics on all of them. You don’t need V.Stab on the premium for sure

  18. Cough, RHM borsig stock gun?

  19. Where was the “stay awesome, take care and bye” ;( I miss it

  20. When does the NA server get these ?

  21. They shouldn’t go live like the test server versions, because of too much russian rip off compared to the OP-prem from the cash boxes.

  22. Hail To The Empire

    Hey dez what are your thoughts if instead of them being tier 8 9 and 10 it was 7 8 and 9

  23. Die_Sturmtruppe [J_F-F]

    I think if there is an Buff coming for the germans it is a Double Barrel wt e100 with 10 Shots 650 alpha and 30 sec Reload time for the complete Magazine

  24. This game is going full retard mode wow…

  25. IS-tutu? Sounds fun.

  26. 9:35 don’t forget the IS-M2

  27. Hmm…Those guns not showing DPM?

  28. what camo is this? been googling it but no luck

  29. How do i get test server pls answer

  30. What aim mod are you using and where can I get it?

  31. No “take care and bye”? ???

  32. [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅я̲̅] Nly

    Can anyone tell me how to get Test Client in New War gaming Game center, can’t find it, in servers it doesn’t show up like in the war gaming post

  33. Im definitely 3 marking this with the stock gun if they dont change it.
    Thanks for pointing this out!

  34. Fun is not allowed!
    And so was the story of the 100mm gun getting nerfed by WG…

  35. Laughs in Type 4 and mäuschen

  36. How do I get my hands on one .im from Asia aussieland

  37. The s35 ca has three really good options for guns and the stock 17 pdr is imo the best option. 176 pen at tier 5 is gross and it has really solid handling

  38. Actually speaking tier 9’s are the best tanks in the game. At the moment i am working on all my tier 9 tanks – Emil II 50TP E50 E75 Obj705 and yes they are the best for the gameplay. As for this one (IS 3 – II) i find it very balanced ie mobility firepower and protection

  39. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I enjoyed playing stock gun on obj. 430. ???

  40. High tier grinds are awful but not for Russian tree.
    Example: Skoda T50 I need to waste 100k+ free exp to be just “good”. Meanwhile Obj430 is maxed out right at “stock”.

  41. I can’t wait to see a double-barreled KV-2.

  42. I don’t understand why Dez says that ST-II it’s bad because is sluggish…. this tank is literally JagdPz E100 with turret that possibly can deal 1k dmg and quickly hide behind the corner (also back sidescrap) it won’t be competetive (which is good) but on random battles or stronghold battles it will have use.
    But that’s only my opinion. Cheers

  43. its good double barrel specialy its use Apcr instead heat premium.

  44. Yay, more russian tanks where cupolas with 240mm angled armor is medicore and 140mm side armor is poor while US tanks have either pen so bad forcest most spam gold to stand a chance or have gun that can pen but hull armor is useless.

  45. I just started enjoying playing with P44 and this tank came out. -_-

  46. A 44 with stock gun is Perfect cuz you can achive like 1,6 sec reload with similar pen at Gold to top gun

    • No it’s not, maybe it’s fun for top tier but bottom tier you can’t really use that rate of fire. And who would even use that gun in the first place.

  47. The amount of ammo these tanks can carry is also a big plus…

  48. I’d rather try to figure out which IS-2 we’re talking about than remember which Obj ### we’re talking about.
    How many “Obj” do we have to try to remember? lol

    I think the quantity of XP required to “Ace” the double barrel line speaks for itself >_>

  49. There actually are some tanks that i find pretty enjoyable with stock modules (E50 with long 88, E75, jagdtiger, T10,…) and there are some tanks that make me wanna uninstall the game (Jpanther, IS, both Tiger tanks,…)

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