IS-3A Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

If you are celebrating it … Happy Paddy’s Day.

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  1. great review. Thank you for saving me some money. I think I will just stick
    with my IS3

  2. Well played! An ace tanker well deserved!
    (no steam key)

  3. I have a question. How does the crew get out of the turret? xD

  4. I haven’t succeeded yet to ace this tank. I have had these ghost shells
    with IS-3A as well, weird. Happy Saint Patrick’s day to you even though you
    don’t celebrate it :)

  5. Would you recommend this tank for someone training USSR Heavy tank crew and
    just looking for a fun premium to play?

  6. therandomnessisreal

    nice game :)

  7. Dreadshells Gaming

    Great game Irish, and grats on the Ace!

  8. wow great game Irish!

  9. nice video as always !

  10. mojimax multigamer

    Lol I was just looking at is a vids then u suddenly pop up…how
    convenient. anyway nice game man

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