IS-3A Peregrine – Worth it? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

is auctioning IS-3A Peregrine but what is it and ? I let you know!



  1. Man, I remember the days when the IS-3A was considered lackluster. It just had a slightly faster reload time than the regular IS-3, with no other real advantages.

  2. Looks pretty nice. How much Gold is it regularly and where is it sold?

  3. Tommy Gun The last roadrunner

    porque no estan disponibles los subtitulos? lastima

  4. Personally not bidding

    But for players who do not have the is3a already this is a very very good chance to get it

  5. WOT console has this “problem” but 10x fold, we have so many tanks that are already in the game but with a style. It’s only kinda annoying because the game doesn’t show the actual tank name instead it shows the skin name, example, our t26e4 shows up as “freedom” so unless you remember the name, you don’t know what you’re fighting until you see the tank.

  6. Jup I got the 268/5 fore 20milion XD I didn’t expect that fore shure LUL

  7. As a free to play player. I find it difficult to save free exp. I wouldn’t say I’m good at this game and the highest tier I have is like 4 tanks at tier 6. I use my free exp when I need just a bit more exp for an upgrade. Free exp generates so slowly and it sucks

  8. I finished august battle pass and I have a question, do I have to spend tokens or I can use them in new season after august?

  9. I wish Wargaming will release IS-3A 3D camo though. IS-3 have its own 3d camo.

  10. Quickybaby- skips the stat breakdown of the tank because it’s “exactly like the IS3”. Isn’t accurate at all. QB wtf are you talking about? Yes he touches stats through out the video but thats not his style.

    For the record, an IS3A has 3 round auto re-loader that loads faster with each shot. The is3A’s gun has much worse stats in every way from worse aim time, a LOT worse accuracy, worse bloom when moving the tank and turret. The IS3A is also much less agile with a lot weaker engine. Its an IS3 that is knocked down half a tier but it gets an amazing gun at close ranges.

  11. Sinisa Mrdjenovic

    I give 27,5 milon for obj.

  12. Benjamin Pedersen

    Hey QB the reason why im not doing any bids in the auction is because i spend all my 50 mil on consuemebles and equiment for discount and now i dont wanna sell it for even less.

  13. Damdinsuren Ganbaatar

    Well this move doesnt hurt wg at all. Its literally free money for them. So maybe they need all the money with the invasion etc nothing more hurts

  14. I have put a bid in on this, but then watched the gameplay and was reminded of the awful gun on the IS-3. I hardly ever play my IS-3 because of this. Might cancel the bid!

  15. i use vents, improved rotation device, vert stabs… works like a treat.

  16. I have only one word to describe WG : greed

  17. Could the next tank be the Italian TD ?

  18. Thanks QB saved for crew fix and new TDs

  19. Kinda torn, if I want to try and get this. I already have a soviet premium heavy tank in the form of IS-5 (fairly similar at that as well), so I don’t necessarily need another crew trainer for them. But being a F2P player I don’t often have a chance to get premium tanks, and 100k free XP is definitely doable. But if I spend 100k+ on this now, and something else more interesting pops up in the auction later on, then I probably can’t afford that anymore. On the other hand the later auctions might not be something I want, or entirely out of the scope I could bid on them, so I might end up regretting to not bid on this. Decisions, decisions…

    • Depends how much you got there Buddy… If its only slightly more than the 100k, just go for it. Even if they throw Another free exp auction for something better, you will need MUCH MUCH MORE free exp to actually get it. Whereas there is a chance ppl will not bid that much for the Peregrine because many ppl already have the is3a and others just wait for better options.

      Tldr if you have hundredSS of thousands of free exp, wait, but if you only have slightly above 100k I wouldn’t think twice

    • Only got like 320k, so not quite hundreds of thousands, but also more than just barely above it. Maybe I’ll ponder it until later today.

    • @DonanzadoR8 not enough for other tank IMHO, and I highly even doubt next tank offer will be for free exp. The only thing that they might throw for free exp will be crew styles or equipment. Tank offers will be for gold now imo

  20. Nothing in this game is worth a plug nickel.

  21. Had it all ready from before waste of XP what rare meat WOT is so foul

  22. Got IS-3A from caravan for gold. I suck anyway.

  23. Bet they put the op Italian td prem in the auction at the end for op prices lmao

  24. I won’t be getting any of the tanks even if I wanted to cause I’ve got no where near enough of any resource. My highest tier tank is the Object 430.

  25. I think I got my IS-3A from loot boxes, it’s fun to play. I would suggest to try to get that Peregrine if you don’t have IS-3A.

  26. 21 mil for obj 268/5, and am totaly happy with it, tier 10 number 73 in garage

  27. I spend 1,050,000 xp for the object 268 v

  28. another tank for cheater to spam there gold ammo

  29. Not worth it.

  30. So how much you suggest to put to get the tank (as this is a good opportunity to a F2P to get a good russain t8 prem for money)? Feedback guys?

  31. How much do you think i should put on it? 130k would be enough?

  32. Look Quackybaby. YES it is very lazy to copy paste an other tank.
    BUT the fact that we have a Defender/Guard/Skorpion situation here where we can change the skin is actually an improvement.

  33. This tank is just a repeat of what the T34B was back in the day, same skin just T34 in black lmao. I thought WG would learn from that mistake a long time ago lol.

  34. Funny thing is I got the is3a from the trading caravan event for like 10k gold

  35. Lol i definitly won’t!!! I dont like or have any interest on the normal IS3A LOL

  36. I feel WG really missed an opportunity with the Black Market. If they wanted to introduce separate tanks, they should have made all black market tanks, have an unalterable, black style (just like the IS6B and the T34B et al). That way, you get the tank but you pay a price for having a “cheap knockoff”. Where, of course, the price is probably not so cheap but everybody knows you got the black market version. Everybody wins. For what it’s worth I think a Type 59B would look infinitely better than a Type 59G. I’d also bid for an IS-3aB.

  37. Motionless Productions

    How much do you all think the minimum bid will be? And do you think the minimum bid of 100K will be enough to acquire the tank?

    I’ve always had my eye on the is3A

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