IS-4 / Live Oaks / “In Dez We Trust”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

A couple people requested to see this particular match from my point of view, and it’s actually not a bad IS-4 match, so here we go!


World Tanks is a free-to-play online, tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. 8th view cool

  2. 2 of my favorite youtubers! Keep up the good work!

  3. over-esterating lmao 

  4. Nice video, very funny 

  5. ok Jedi, i think you like platoon requirements because you can platoon up
    with good players (even unicums), but we, ordinary people, we cant, we have
    to play with average players (not considering languange bariers) and it
    gets really tricky to do some harder missions

  6. Sometimes when my penis go hard, Rainbows spew out. Whats your judgment

  7. While I agree that the social aspect of platooning is great, being forced
    is so-so. I play WoT solo. I guess I severly got burned off ot teamspeak
    and socialising while gaming after my long stint with BFE:WaW (having
    served both as player and as admin). Plus, I still feel slightly
    uncomfortable talkinf while my PC is in the living room :S

  8. I have no doubt that getting into platoons would help my win rate and
    improve my game, I just have no confidence I can find a group or clan that
    is going to be ok with teaming up with someone who is average at best. I
    used to team with a clan years ago with Tribes and it was fun but that
    group stressed attitude over ability with an iron fist and doubt there are
    many groups like that today. The local guys I play with quickly gave up on
    WoT when they realized we could only get 3 per platoon leaving out other if
    we had 4 or more. Shrug.

  9. Vollmeissel3achtel

    Of course it can make a diffrence to platoon up! In my case it’s not that
    easy, i have played 17k matches alone and i would need someone to teach me
    how to drive in a platoon! And that is quite complicated cuz i am unable,
    due to my old trusty laptop, to run TS and WOT at the same time. WoT only
    runs on arround 15-20 frames when it’s the only active prog. So i have the
    choise to platoon with some randomguy with whom i could not communicate
    with, except in the typeing chat of course… This might become better IF
    WG decides to introduce multicore sup at some point.

  10. That 110 must be an idiot. This thing can even bounce T9s and T10s, he
    could easily have gotten some more damage, maybe even killed jedi ^^

  11. At first I was like: IS-4 is quite fast. Then it had to climb a little bump
    and I was like: Ah, yes… that would be frustrating. 

  12. Much of it has to do with how much time one can commit to playing WoT. I
    have a very busy schedule, so I tend to play in short sessions (maybe 30
    minutes long). Searching for a good platoon just doesn’t make much sense
    when you are only going to play a couple of games.

    I have never platooned, and I don’t see myself being able to finish the
    individual missions due to the platooning requirement.

  13. I’m stuck on ALL the platoon missions… totally unfair to those of us
    without people to toon with, or time to bother finding people. 

  14. shouldn’t we call you “PointyHairedauti”?

    ok ignore that, that was my bad side coming out :P

  15. I swear there’s a car on Ruinberg that has the exact same problem. I
    couldn’t back over it in the ST-1.

  16. The real issue with the platooning, is that you must have a PREMIUM account
    to create a platoon! That means that free players must rely on random
    players to invite them to a platoon, otherwise the missions would be

  17. I will keep it very short and to the point “individual missions” what part
    of those two words makes you at any time think “oh i need to platoon?”
    Wargaming you really screwed the pooch on this one.

  18. No, it’s not easier on the russian server. Period.

  19. +PointyHairedJedi oh lol where have I been then. Under a rock, obviously 

  20. What mods does jedi use?

  21. Platooning is fun… even tho I am ussualy the worst player stat wise -.-
    It’s just that this old computer has a kinda broken soundcard and I am not
    really sure that it could run TS at all times because kinda bad connection.

  22. U try to hard to be funny with the messages on screen.

  23. 5:45 ya that car is glitched, i’ve gotten stuck on it a few times this week
    since i noticed it.

  24. you got a lot to say

  25. MrImmortalityPrince

    I’ve seen people complain ingame about platooning missions… I get angry,
    why? They always have a clan tag after their name

  26. Subscribed to both channels and love both ! Do more videos like that please

  27. monkeystandoffsucks

    Overesterating-to create too much of an ester :P

  28. i have a 1Mb/s download speed at my router but less than 200Kb/s download
    at my computer. this means that my internet connection can just decide in
    an instant to completely screw me over and theres not a single thing you
    can do. (playing with 999 ping is completely i possible you have no
    control) i dont want to platoon because if im platooning i would want to
    talk to people verbally but if you do that then your giving your internet
    connection more of a chance to completely screw you over so i would be
    completely unreliable.
    another point is that i will never finish an “individual” mission as long
    as theres a platoon requirement. do the belarussians not know what the fuck
    “individual” means? i mean come on wargaming cant be that thick but no
    apparently wargaming is because fuck that percentage of their player base.
    its so idiotic plus they said “it wont even have a chance of being removed
    until after 9.7 and even so that is at most a chance” thats fine by me im
    just not going to participate in it until they stop being stupid.

  29. Jeez, Mr. Editor dude was being extra harsh this video. What did Jedi do
    to deserve this? 

  30. Well, that is all true but i don’t have time for platoons so i can’t do all
    “PERSONAL” missions :-/

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