^^| IS-6 in HD patch 9.14 :^) Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon



  2. Oh hey, look! Aimless is complaining about Goldshells again! kappa

  3. You’re wearing a Neat dude hat? 😀 So you watch Chris and snake on vine?

  4. All the fawcking apcr aaaarrgh my gawd

  5. Yeah carnage when you are Top Tier in IS-6 but with 4 or 5 tier IXs it at
    least ain´t that easy.

  6. Welcome Back bro ;)

  7. That tank needs even more buffs, still too shitty. Kappa

  8. XD op is6 is back circon you should get 3 marks in it

  9. We missed you Circon!

  10. Lol the APCR

  11. Damn, Circon, you just make it look so easy.

  12. 1500 euro donation jesus

  13. I like the bit where you shit on their hopes and dreams. 10/10 would
    balance again.

  14. Andreas Friedrich

    Ive heard there is normal Ammo ingame too :D

  15. Is-6 < Is-fix

  16. that 1,500 euro donation tho

  17. Here’s the complaint you ordered: OMG violet stetpedder gold noob plz learn
    to carry.

    Did I forget anything?

  18. Meh, WG wants the game to be a fairly stupid form of CoD in tank shapes;
    they’ve been heading that way for years.
    Sprem spam falls squarely within that.
    Anyone remember back to when WG nerfed HE because it was too effective v
    armour? Seems they have the institutional memory of a goldfish, as sprem
    has done far more to make armour irrelevant.

  19. IS-6 memes are 2dank4me

  20. We miss you Circon, please upload more videos soon

  21. Full IS-6 > Full HAM

  22. The fucking APCR!!!! ;-)

  23. I love my HD model <3 ...... and SirCircon i love you, you should go PRO WG
    Who can?? Sir Con can!!!

  24. IS stands for “IS no problem”

  25. Yeah, 3 months bitches!
    Money well spent here…


  27. only 14 of 15 kills for the team, between all three

  28. And I was proud of my 5.6k damage game in my IS-3…
    Great game, though, hilarious and beautiful at the same time. Great to
    finally see a video on your YouTube channel again.

  29. contaminatedfilth


  30. yaaay finally a video from circon 🙂 Are you going to upload more
    regularly? You have a shit-ton of youtube worthy games from the stream

  31. Bayern beat Juventus!

  32. lol still makes 56k credits anyway

  33. that was the perfect representation of your streams :)

  34. Demolishes one flank > “now we have to turn around and kill the other
    flank….yeeeyyyy!” :D

  35. is-6, such a terrible tank… to play against ;D

  36. when will we see your modpack for 9.14?

  37. IS-6 good tank comrade. Strong memes. ^^

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