IS-6 KILLER – M46 Heat FS Acquired (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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-6 KILLER – Heat FS Acquired ()


  1. I just bought the premium m46 last week and the tank just got this awesome shell. I’m very lucky wohooo!

  2. I have a question for ya Phly. I have played war thunder on and off and I usually play for about 8 months or so, but I have tried so many times to play the starter German tank. The pzfw. II I think it is, i’m not entirely sure but I can never figure out how to play that tank. It seems like I cant pen any tank with its gun

  3. bt7 needs heatfs

  4. Armando Rodrigues

    I still remember my comment back when you did the first video on HEAT-FS, about how it neutralizes any porpose of heavy armour and how it will make the game too easy, there’s no much skill in pointing and shooting HEAT-FS, I thought it would be bad for the game while many defended «it won’t be that bad, it’s more hype than real effectiveness», it seams I was the one right about it, it broke the circle [firepower»»armour»»mobility»»firepower»»etc]
    there is the case of the MAUS but I think the Jumbo has suffered the most, both variants have enough armour vs AP from low/mid power weapons, however neither variant has good enough gun for either BR and on top of that only average mobility, with tanks like ASU or PT-76 bove variants don’t even have enough armour to survive vs light tanks

  5. Play the Japanese ST-A1/ST-A2, they have the HEATFS rounds as well.

  6. Instead of Heat FS to counter the IS6 can they just remove the IS 6 from the game pls? Playing Tiger 2 against that thing is impossible

  7. lol black hole armor

  8. I would love to see armor matter again

  9. Kryptonite's Gaming

    I agree with everything you said phly.. I wish player’s as myself were rewarded more in a sense when using your armor effectively than how it is now and becoming, as time has gone on in war thunder , a restructure of wt tanks I’m not so sure of how but maybe another game mode similar to war mode, it could a whole other mode of war thunder tanks maybe starting off in world war 1 era.. idk but somthing in the opposite direction wt is currently heading would be nice which is slowly becoming current era which would be cool and I could understand why others would want it to become fast paper “tanks” 1 shot wonder… but a “reconstruction” of tanks as you say would be interesting.

  10. looks like wt and wot is starting to mix they both using heat/apcr spam to kill off super heavies until they don’t do there job anymore why i gave up trying to play heavies and went into mediums on both games since they got better speed less armor but about the same gun so they can still do damage but get around better.

  11. Armando Rodrigues

    04:41 half of the ASU HEAT-FS round was below the surface, shouldn’t the game detect the impact and detonate it?

  12. can we just remove heatfs from the game and actually enjoy tank matches

    Ru 251 can go and just bloody die
    M46 can go and die
    M56 can go and die
    Type 62 can go and die

    every tank under 7.7 with heatfs can go back to where it came from

  13. Hey phly got a challenge for ya. Try to kill a plane with the FV4005.Bring the wrath of the queen down on the enemy. attempt #9

  14. may as well just give EVERY tank in the game fin stabilised with 1000pen at all ranged and angles, like seriously it destroys the game, dosent need to be there, likewise ATGMs dont need to be in the game at all

  15. The cheat-FS shouldn’t be in 4th tier period. Tanks that relies on armor suffer. No matter the nation. Not to mention 5.7 players suffer as well. You definitely shouldn’t be seeing cheat-fs slingin tanks in your t34-85, jumbo or tigers etc. I don’t mind seeing the m56 with cheat fs as it have no armor what so ever. But that’s the only excuse. Even the maus shouldn’t face cheat-fs. Every nation have tanks with 200mm pen at 6.7. I don’t see a single reason why wwII tanks and planes should face post war vehicles or planes period. Every single tank on 4th tier (doesn’t include post war tanks) is more than capable of dealing with its counterparts. The ru265 should tip the fuck out of the 4th tier. I’m willing to accept the IS6 as it’s the only viable heavy tank on 6.7-7.0 ruskies have. Every single ww2 tank should be at 7.0 and they should not face post war tanks. Period

  16. Using the M46 “Tiger”, I almost killed a maus from the front by shooting crew out. The mantlet can be penned.

  17. it’s not just on m46 STA-s have HEAT-FS TOO

  18. P40E-1 please.

  19. Alright, rant here.
    Heat-FS destroys the purpose of a heavy tank at tier 4.
    Especially the KT.
    The KT doesn’t have performance that compares, _at all._ Obviously, if it pens, it almost always kills. But it’s
    slow, a huge target, it’s ammoracks are incredibly volatile, and worst of all almost everyone seems to know where they are.
    Leaving the KT behind, there’s the tiger 1. Imagine. Already, the m18 can pen the tiger 1 frontally, so what will the m46 do if downtiered. it will go all the way to the engine block, and one shot it. The Is-2, T-34s. They’re all fucked by this spamming of heat-fs. This is what gaijin does. They see “oh fuck we’ve added something op, time to add another OP thing to counter it.”
    Rant end.

  20. Koalas in the house

    Yes Phly, I also HEARD TEARS.

  21. Ever since that video with devil and jingles, I’ve noticed rounds dropping from the sky in tank RB. Does anyone else see it too?

  22. Andrew Teozhaovern

    ya, adding heat fs just fuck a shit up

  23. That last match was INTENSE. Phly, showing us what the difference is between the boys and the men. that was an excellent match phly. Should seriously be featured as one of jingles videos or on Warthunder epic moments. because holy man that was epic af

  24. Oh noes! 6.7 Germans have actual competition at their own BR, hurry, nerf the opposition! The non premium M56 has had an even better HEAT-FS round and has been in the game for awhile, so has the ST-A1 and 2 at 6.3. Germans whining about this historically accurate addition of the HEAT-FS shell to the M46 aren’t so much interested in game balance as wanting to club the opposition. *SAD!*

    > Complains about HEAT-FS being totally overpowered
    > M46 can still be penetrated by the 8,8cm gun easily, APHE still yields significantly higher SSKP than HEAT


  25. that was epic man wow ?? can’t wait to for the next epic video have a great day ??

  26. The fact that so many neckbeards bought the IS6 so they can sealclub people is just sad

  27. Sorry but i don’t like usa tanks, poor of armor and gun not satisfied, then the planes US are too heavy

  28. Yeah, the power creep is getting real and it’s just making things worse now 🙁

  29. Yes, these über rounds are getting out of hand. Particularly against WWII tanks.

  30. To solve Heatfs problem, I think warthunder can add like a maximum amount of special ammo that can be brought into one battle. Otherwise, default ammo is useless and people just spam the fuck out. Replace that ammo research to something like increase the max number of that special ammo can be brought into a battle.

  31. People just need to learn how to play. German teams are just crappy.

  32. Maxgaming Maxgaming

    Wow such an amazing clutch (1v5) my hart was pumping for you

  33. can you please make a gameplay with the M4a3 (76) HVSS easy wight?

  34. TheCat PlaysGamez

    “there should always be counters to things” aka turn everything into rock-paper-scissors olol

  35. IS-6 needs Heat FS now.

  36. Its basically a panther II with a bad heat fs shell

  37. MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey Phly I recently started playing War Thunder on PS4. got any advice for a noob?

  39. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Warthunder really needs a complete battle rating overhaul. Playing at 5.7 and up is a pain in the ass. Tier 4s raping tier3s every game, tier5s raping tier4s every game, the matchmaking has become complete dogsht. The thing is, no tank is op only can be considered op is because of the terrible battle rating placement. First thing to do is to separate WW2 era tanks and Postwar era tanks completely, then balance out the BRs in the 2 segment accordingly. But Gaijin never ever gonna do that since it requires actual work and some working braincells, also they only want to milk to community not to make a good game, as we could see in some examples, steam summer sales fiasco, massively overpriced bundles/ingame goods, copyright strike abuse etc.

  40. How do you fuck up killing an M46 with the King Tiger….#PrettyMuchEveryGermanPlayerTheseDays

  41. Hey Phly , where do you see the range? with the rangefinder?

  42. american bias confirmed

  43. what is with the planes sound? it sound so cool :))

  44. When nazi and soviets gets something good or superb i don’t hear anything but when US gets something good i see tears of rivers flowing from every corner , WHAT THE HELL ? I’m usa fanboy and i’m glad i have this round in my tank.

  45. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    And now the BR is literally fucking broken. Sick…. and fucking tired of getting killed by these stupid fucking tanks

  46. take the M24 Chaffee and the B-25J-20 Mitchell

  47. Great, now USA is completely OP at 6.7. T29 and T34 was not enough, now they get 2x M46 with cheat-fs.
    And I don’t think it’s a solution to nerf the IS-6 by giving CHEAT-FS to all T4 tanks except Germans to make armor obsolete…..
    I don’t play WT anyway anymore. This game is completely dead with it’s broken balance and gameplay in T4 upwards plus terrible matchmaker plus Rocketplane spam…

  48. I don’t know Phly I’m a Brit tanker

  49. freddiehouthuyzen

    shit talking mushrooms!

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