IS-6 REMOVER | Conqueror British Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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IS-6 REMOVER | Conqueror British Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. God damn the Conqueror’s gun sounds so awesome

  2. Loving the unloved

  3. what is your discord phly

  4. Hi phly, great video.
    I have a question how to test drive with different enemy tanks?

  5. Conqueror was designed to sit behind Centurions and snipe out Russian heavies. War Thunder represented the tank well.

  6. futureinconsequence

    t-70 mini is-6 plz

  7. lobbing heshter….hesh lobster?

  8. Combo Time!
    Play the ST-A2 and G8N1 show them the Japanese ways! #attempt 3

  9. Do ad 2 and bulldog combo
    Attempt #1

  10. I love the 120mm sound

  11. I haven’t gotten hurtgen forest in forever

  12. Only 2100 rp for that last match? Gaijin needs to figure that out.

  13. A bunch of fucking bullshit as usual.Stop talking so much shit. Video starts at 4:38

  14. I dare you to play French low tier aircraft such as the MS410 phlee

  15. that was hard faught.

  16. Rip m103 ??? 14:06

  17. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #27

  18. That conq hull is way stronger than a 54s. I non pen that with 350mm pen apfsds rounds from my T62.

  19. You cant go through the cheeks of the Maus with those HESH rounds. You’ll maube splash some damage below the turret but you will never pen the cheeks with those rounds.

  20. No wonder its called the conqueror

  21. I have a more impressive seams pot than that. Once I was driving my T-34-85, which cannot pen a Churchill VII frontally. However, I created a hill (about 5 m away), bounced his shot, and panic fired while pitching down. It went through the optics and detonated his ammunition.

  22. Italy Combo! (3)Take out the P.40 and 0P.108A and get at least 5 kills between the two!

  23. loving the unloved: panzerjager I, the baby marder

  24. Cacahuète Pistache

    The conqueror is useless because of rank 6 uptiering.

  25. Phly take out the M4A3 105mm and the P-40E Warhawk for loving the unloved
    Attempt #1

  26. Hey phly this is a cutenes challenge/test:
    You will take out the M2A2 at 9.0br and when you encounter an enemy try to look as cute as you can so that he will not kill you (I recommend spinning around and shooting your mg’s into the air)
    Oh and almost forgot!!! You should put cute eyes to your tank good luck!!
    Attempt 3

  27. loving the unloved: M15 what could be better than an autoloading 37mm and two .50 cals good luck attempt 1

  28. Yay i was on the first match 🙂 (@KingZilla112233)

  29. The Stürmpanzer II should be somewhere in this series

  30. PHLY PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DO THE T95E1 and the P51 H

  31. Ahem…it is called a Rorschach Test…Not Asylum Cards…Be ashamed sir…be ashamed.

  32. the M15 CGMC SPAA . I searched and you have no vid of it  🙂

  33. That reload time is nothing my SU-122 have 22.3 sec 🙁

  34. Remove keba-… I mean remove IS-6!

  35. (Gameserver):Is-6 left the game

  36. You should show us how horrible the stock grind on most of the tanks is. 🙂

  37. is the japanese tanks worth?

  38. Im just here for commens

    The Barrel on this Camo looks like a anaconda that took Viagra 😀

  39. For loving the unloved! Take out the He 112 A-0 with the 20 mm low firing gun with the Panzer 3J. Have fun!

  40. Challenge!: Stop making your viewers sit through 3 ads every video. Tough, I know.

    I don’t use adblock for a reason, but multiple jarring ads in the middle of your videos is a huge turn off. I had forgotten I decided not to view your content until a few minutes in I was greeted with Conan obrien blathering on about a video game or something.

  41. Play the Leo A1A1

  42. Yeah being the lower plate so weak on brit heavies including the Chieftain was a doctrine thingy. They were built for defensive warfare (mostly hull-down positions , and using the terrain for only exposing the turret)against a possible soviet push in West Germany.

  43. But does it remove kebav tho

  44. Hull break is so broken lol

  45. CHALLENGE! DOUBLE TROUBLE! Take the sturmpanzer II and the Ho-ro (derps)

  46. The cannon sounds like the sniper from Halo

  47. On this video you can see the biggest problem of this game in the end. After taking out 8 tanks, 1 plane and some assists he only earned 2k exp and some cash. That’s so discouraging to play

  48. phly pls take out falklands war

    centurion mk3 and canberra mk 6

    attempt #1

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