^^| IS-6 Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

Thanks watching!


  1. these are good circon 🙂 not reviews as such, but just good games. would
    you consider trying to give an idea of what you were thinking at the time
    of playing? kind of like how you said you were waiting for oake at the end
    to cap.

  2. *talks about linking the replay* , *doesn’t link it*

  3. I love this.

  4. Glad your doing this again…

  5. circClap circClap :D

  6. Great video, it is great to hear your comments … good stuff

  7. yeah of course we want circon

  8. Hey guys pls help me i really want a good prem tank.. What should I buy?

  9. Scott Middlehurst

    Enjoyed that rare treat Circon, you should do more, you have a much more
    relaxed style than when your live streaming

  10. Regular JagdTiger’s lower plate is weak, just 100mm at 45 degrees IIRC,
    usually you can pen it with standard AP – it’s the JT-88 that is a pain in
    the ass, as it kept the 120mm lower plate.

    I love these kinds of videos, keep them up and I will watch!

  11. IS6 + Rammer + Vents + BiA = Reload of exactly 9.65 seconds WITHOUT any
    premium consumables!

    Still love this tank, actually even more than ever as the HD model REALLY
    toughened up the turret, as well as made the driver’s hatch 110mm thick
    instead of 90, now it is actually a strong spot instead of an easy weak
    spot to target!

  12. lovely! looking forward to see more of this kind of videos from you. you
    might consider to implement it to your streams id love to hear some live
    commentary of the battles. well done!

  13. 2:20 or do what I did and buy both is-3a and is-6!

  14. Please do more, I don’t watch Twitch streams. I prefer this kind of after
    game commentary.

  15. What memes for today stream Circon? :)

  16. Great vid. You should do more foch style comment though when you become
    comfortable recording replay casts and what not for youtube.

  17. no face? where dem face at?? :O

  18. holy shit youtube content! moa pls!

  19. Hell Yeah We Like It :D

  20. >insane armour
    >great alpha
    >good mobility
    >Russian gun handling
    totally not op :^)

  21. George Cochrane

    I like these, especially if they’re quite simple for you to produce (moar
    content!) I would also really enjoy something like “what happens next” or
    highlights of dumb tactics etc. You’re always having fun with silly stuff
    too, so that’s the kind of thing that sets you apart from other “serious”

  22. Instead of the replay link put the twitch live gameplay link

  23. Circon is the new Orza 😛 U guys should platoon

  24. Any circon video is good circon video.

  25. I love your commentaries man. If you feel comfortable doing more that would
    be awesome.

  26. It´s really good, how you explain why you are doing things.
    Things like tracking tanks or prioritizing targets.
    This is first of all very interesting to watch and it will also help
    players to perform better . “I hope” ;-)

  27. Mihai Urs-Hadadea

    Definetly post more stuff like that

  28. Ouch that low roll at the end.

  29. giv moar

  30. Nice video, I would appreciate more like this. I has better commentary than
    stream highlights.

  31. Please moar videos Circon 🙂 borrow some of Foch’s habit of uploading 5
    videos per week, usually ;P

  32. Great vid, thank Circon!

  33. Love this shit. Do more

  34. Circon I know you love WoT, but you should start playing WT Tanks, you are
    a beast on the tracks!

  35. LoL, that Jagdtiger nickname was a spot on 😀 yumi yumi
    btw, enjoyed video, thumbs up. Realy like to watch replay videos, one can
    learn a lot, keep’em comming 🙂
    Cheers mate!

  36. Really nice game! I’m only a green but I love my IS-6. I’m all for you
    doing more of these. I find I get some really good tips just watching
    really good players such as yourself. Cheers…Astro_X @NA

  37. This was great, more would be appreciated.

  38. Thx or sharing, Circon. Plese keep up with the Youtube videoes. I don’t
    always have the time to watch your streams, why these videoes of your
    highlights is very welcome!

  39. Maybe you could put two replays of different tanks in one video but keep
    the same tactics (map tactics or armor usage on meds and heavies) so the
    video will have just one theme

  40. Circon most underrated tanks player known to RNG

  41. Jovan Schiebelbein

    Okay so ive been watching you for a while now, the thing about you and
    youtube is that you have A LOT OF POTENTIAL. you really do. you have a
    natural outgoing attitude (from what i can see) and you’re hilarious.
    Especially the highlights. Usually I dont watch my game specific youtubers
    when they venture off, but i could see myself honestly watching anything
    you post. Also all your co hosts and friends who join in are all amazing

    so please let your creative juices flow ;)

  42. Wilco Nijenhuis

    Nice video! Also really like the compilations! Really funny!

  43. That’s an awesome video Circon and I really like it!! ?? It’s nice to
    hear the tactics and you were commentating very well 🙂 I’d love to see
    more! Keep playing an being awesome man!!

  44. Ronald de Rooij

    Russian bias at work. Well played btw. tnx.

  45. I like you commentating, more than just listening to you cuss out people
    who rebalance you on your livestream. Keep it up man!

  46. SirCircon can you do a T34 review? or video? 🙂 I love that tank, but i
    feel like i’m not mastering it the BEST way :)

  47. Paul MacQuibban

    Yes please to more of these !

  48. JimPanse19921992

    keep on dojng this kinda videos. they are not as entertaining as the stream
    highligts, but more informative i think. maby you could mix both. The
    shenanigans of the stream highligts with the ”how to play Tank X”. kinda
    like the unicum guides

  49. nice memes

  50. more…MORE…MOAAAR, pretty please :D

  51. I really like this kind of video, and I hope you do more. You show us a
    badass replay, talk us through why you made the decisions that you made,
    and you sounded really professional. Your commentary style has improved so
    much since you first started recording this way (thinking back to how
    you’ve improved over your early tank reviews), and I’m happy to see the
    channel evolving the way it has. Keep up the awesome work Circon!

  52. Master Card Ace win……

  53. That low roll on the lorr reminds me a lot of the low roll i had on the
    same arty piece when i was in my T-10. Awesome video! We need more of


  54. Great stuff circon! Keep em coming! See u in chat on monkeis stream and
    then when im back on days on your own stream!

  55. You should do some more of these, I thoroughly enjoyed it

  56. anotherrandomtexan25

    do you have BiA trained in that crew too?

  57. Plz do more. Would appreciate.

  58. The intro is shit

  59. Yo Circ, given that you bag on TDs for lacking a turret so often, how would
    you rebalance them to not suck?

  60. Love it man! Keep doing This!!

  61. putting my video hype
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ hype
    ^ here

  62. Yay content !, I can’t usually catch your streams because timezone so this
    is the next best for me, So I hope you do more of these Circon.

  63. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    “because of the 122M gun” Circ, its a Russian tank that’s why it does so
    well (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  64. Thanks Circon. Honestly any content is good content, I’m not in a great
    timezone for watching streams

  65. hey circon love the vid. a little less uhhhhhhh would help a lot though.
    maybe have notes if you tend to forget what u wanted to discuss. keep it up

  66. i totally do enjoy these kind of videos. Since your a very experienced
    player i can also learn alot from you not only by watching your streams.
    But i also want to see highlights and 3 MoE montages from time to time
    since its basically your awesome original stile, you know… great memes,
    keep it up.

  67. Yes circon, please post more YT vids

  68. Its good to see you with a bit more of a youtube presence. Good vidya!

  69. gameplay from other games will watch too

  70. agingjedi yea

  71. furty five

  72. awesome game, love my is6 worth every penny

  73. yes, do more, will watch every time, watch jingles and quicky everytime
    they upload, will watch u too

  74. Nooo, circon you missed the oportunity for that last bullet last kill
    medal, I would go for it 100% of the time :D

  75. Marshall Allshouse

    dude this was awesome! my internet is not good enough to watch streams so
    im glad to get your content in an alternative way!

  76. Video summarized in one word: Uhhhhhhhmmm

    (jk love ya circon)

  77. If you are a more skilled player and use like IS-2 Berlin for crewtraining
    because tire 7 tend to make good xp, what would you then choose if you
    where to buy IS-3A or IS-6? Like don’t think about crew training just
    credits and having a feeling you can carry allot? :)

  78. You had really, really bad ammo choices… Why didn’t you HE any of the low
    health tanks? Or use AP on the STA?

  79. Thomas Skov Jensen

    Awesome video! Its so nice to see you commenting on a replay because you
    talk a lot more about what you are doing and why you are doing it than you
    do on stream, thats really nice for us who wants to learn more. Hope to see
    more of theese videos. Keep up the good work :)

  80. oake, as in aging jedi?

  81. TheMaybachProject

    Nice video showing the new improved is7 at tier 8 kappa haha I love this
    tank currently cuz RASHA

  82. Watching this is great and all. I like the way you talk through what you do
    and why you do it however I do miss the “sit down bitch” comments and such
    that we get on the stream that make it hilarious to watch.

  83. Also, as I already said, I know that you are getting sort of bored of the
    same old WoT. Do like an Episodic series where you start on a new account,
    play a specific line, and teach the newbs on how to manage and play well
    even on a standard account. Show all your matches. Could be a live or

  84. G0ld n0ob.

    JK, I’m the noob since I can’t get 3MoE on my IS6 over 3k battles.

  85. Definitely do more three mark compilations. If you want to do less played
    tanks, like the 59-16, that would be even better. Like a Sturer Emil, T 21,
    T-34-1 or 2, AMX M4, other sorry pieces of lumpy marshmallow steel.

  86. sebastianmagnus

    nice team work and play :!!! 3 days ago i did 5k dmg in my IS-6 .. alone
    and without prem spam and consumables though 🙂 gg –

  87. More of these please! I like the commentary about what your decisions were
    based on situation.

  88. I’m starving for Circ content, since my xbox twitch app won’t let me watch
    your old streams for whatever reason

  89. God damnit, this Aimless-guy… so salty in in-game chat kappa

  90. first

  91. HORY SHIET? Non Stream Cast? What are these memes?

  92. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    I think montages you suite very well circon. Although more content is
    always better, all WoT youtubers basically do this, you’re Leo montage was
    hilarious as well as the 59-16, I’d love to see more of them. It’s a style
    of WoT video I don’t see so much so there’s a market for it you could say

  93. Wouter Boezaard

    Keep these coming! :)

  94. Aaron van Wattum

    Wow I’m the first comment lol, so what the hell is…? Circon doing a an
    actual video on YouTube? This is not real… Where is the real Circon and
    what have you done with him…? Just kidding, nice commutation on your IS-6
    replay Circon. I like it, keep it up man!

  95. Finally a new Video :)

  96. Its not a stream capture. What is this madness! :D

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