IS-6 review! Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. im still waiting for your review how to shit on lowe xD

  2. buffed because…not for historical accuracy, but sales

  3. Between m46 korea and fv4202, which one i should buy? I already have
    matilda BP to train my British MT crews, but I love British MT. However, I
    have no prem tank for America MT crews and I am grinding through America
    MT. So, which one i should choose?

  4. Not worth it at all, WG needs to buff the armor to 300 mm all around first.

  5. Just a consideration about Gold Ammo: Spamming them is just unfair
    advantage IMO, and you are right to spare them, (albeit other Unicorns are
    not so shy). The fact is that you can buy them for credits and as far as
    you don’t abuse them, Gold Rounds (GR for brevity) allows you to make up
    for your tank deficiencies and still get out of battle with an income. In
    an IS6 you NEED GR when you are at the bottom of the feed chain, and other
    tanks, like the STA-2 needs them badly to just stay alive because they lack
    armour hit points and mobility even more in tier IX and X games. Yesterday
    in Secret Valley my STA-2 got stuck in a canyon with an E-75 in the front
    an a Panther 8.8 in the back, and without GR I would have been F***ed, but
    I still got out of the game with a minimal loss (about -5000cr) for a +4200
    W8 game. IMO they are there for a reason, albeit they’re often abused.

    IMO an easy fix for GR, is this:
    remove the “buy for gold option” for GR completely reducing the “fat wallet
    warrior’s” unfair advantage (albeit you can “buy Silver” from their store,
    which is a problem);
    Ad an adaptive price to the GR credit value, let say +15%/+30% for using
    them against -1/-2 tier lower then your: -15%/-30% for using them against
    +1/+2 tier higher then your own. Light tanks could get to -50% credit cost
    for GR used against +3 tier higher then your.
    Circonflexes often laments the sense of +/-2MM in WG games, but applying
    improved GR costs, even tier X will be forced to pay attention to those
    Tier VIII meatshield they like chew up as snacks.

    BTW, Why the F**K STA-2 ammo are 380 credit’s each and all other similar
    guns have been buffed to 190mm+ pen and cost 1/4 less per round?!?

  6. @SirFoch I don’t mind what you’re reviewing, it would be great if you could
    do a few where you have to play differently because of MM in a tier 7/8.
    Why ? because some of the whiners who just throw their tanks away in Tier
    IX/X matches might just watch it & get a F***ING clue…thanks :)

  7. Simply put, this thing is the tomato annihilator.
    Good players crap all over it though.

  8. You forgot to add that the roof of IS-6 is auto pen for every gun above 90
    mm. It’s the biggest weakspot on this tank and not many people abuse it.

  9. So it’s like the old KV-1S, you spawn top tier, you’re shitting on
    EVERYONE. You spawn bottom tier and you’re fucked.

  10. Every tank with the name “IS” slapped on it is worth getting. I just got
    the IS myself.

  11. Shoots on the move and hits target 362m away while going full
    speed…..with a gun with 0.46 accuracy because…….?

  12. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    the turret front used to be easy pen for my tiger 2 but wg says fuck
    germany lets buff stronk tenk

  13. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    yay i was on that stream i was the guy you called dumb moron :)

  14. It was an ok tank till they introduced the the shit load 200+ pen t8
    mediums, then rased all t8 medium pen to 190ish. So in a t8 game now most
    tank can pen you frontal, in t9 you cant pen any1.

  15. First Foch game I’ve watched live, too bad I don’t get to see my “Hyellow
    Yewtube!” :)

  16. foch respect to you , man you defeated an o-ho in is6 with AP ; man you
    proved yourself again and again , but i cant understand why you forbide
    yourseelf frm using APCR or playing E5 and Arty

  17. why no shoot on move esports quote?

  18. Kind of excited to take this thing out for a spin.

  19. After seeing this it just pisses me off even more that WGing still refuse
    to buff the T32 and VK4502A…they are now arguably the weakest tier 8
    heavy’s in the game and have next to a snowballs chance in hell of killing
    an IS6 from the front without Gold ammo or if the IS6 driver is a Potato
    and forgets to angle his armor.

  20. damn foch, on point

  21. *sees new video from SirFoch*
    another one

  22. liked before watched as its a FOCH review

  23. can I get some advice?I want to buy a new t8 prem tank but habe no idea
    wich one.looking for a heavy tank or meduim tank any advice would be
    usefull as I dont want to make a stupid buy

  24. Before I watch this video
    I just bought this tank so let’s see Foch opinion

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