IS-6 – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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  1. FYI youtube finally made the Super Pershing review HD. : )

  2. Which T8 premium do you recommend for credit grinding? I have been using Lorraine and Scorp G mostly and mixing in the Super P, KV-5, IS-6, and Type 59 after the buffs just to give them a try and see how they perform.

  3. Didnt make a single game in my is6 since the new matchmaking and defender existed, after the buff i played again and recognized i used to have only 6 gold rounds, like wtf was my past me thinking xD

  4. This armor buff is a mistake unless IS-6 will intentionally never see tier 6 and 7. WG is cunning … +1 MM literally ?

  5. Hand of circGod

  6. My pref MM sees more equal tier games “EU2” full of VK’s and Defenders vs 5-10. I wished my IS-6 saw nothing but 5-10 vs equal tier games. That pen buff did little to help counter super heavy armor on tier 8.

  7. So is the IS-6 actually useable now? Never thought that that would happen.

  8. I had a game IS6 vs IS6. He penned me all day long with AP frontally and I always bounced from him. We had no special angles going on…

  9. They needed to buff the penetration a bit more on the base AP round in my opinion.

  10. I wish they forgot about the Black tanks they are going to pull the same shit in World of warships

  11. Beards ON Circon Beards on!!

  12. i bet oxygen inside dis tank was replaced with vodka fumes

  13. Do the Type 59 next

  14. keep pumping brat 🙂

  15. Why do I even own an IS3 anymore…

  16. No idea why the fuck they buffed the tank it was already good before now tier 6-7’s cant even pen it.

  17. Seeing Type4/5 shitters getting killed never gets old or boring.

  18. Tiger II and T-34-2 still shit.
    Also, the superheavies always win straight up fights because they are superheavies XD

  19. sold my IS-6 a year ago because it was practically useless after the defender was introduced. The matchmaking made it even worse

  20. Well even if you fight tier9 almost 90% of the time… is still better than playing with t7 against t9 or with 8 vs 10… this mm fucks everyone.
    Preferencial MM premium tanks are just garbage…
    Hope they fix that …

  21. 252 better ….

  22. Like a mad man

  23. Have not played my IS6 for 2 years. Maybe I will have to take it out for a spin.

  24. in polish, “spotted” means not only “noticed”, but also “stained”

    so, in the polish client, after the last patch, when you spot a tank, a text pops up stating: “stained t110e5”

    WG translates their game trough google translator

    just letting you guys know

  25. “Bihljeh”

  26. 13:05 “the mongolian horde” leuk man ROLF

  27. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    Cheers for the video, nice to see that my much be-loved IS-6 has at long last has been smiled on be Wargaming, because of that I may even go back to WOT’s and see how it holds up, that’s if I can remember how to play it! LOL Thanks again, keep up the great work Circon. 🙂

  28. WZ-111 is just a better version of the IS-6 still imo.

  29. I don’t even bother loading HE in a lot of tanks due to either the guns being too small or there isn’t really enough ammo capacity to afford it as was the case for the IS6 before the buff.

  30. Nice review ty Circonflexes

  31. Goldnoob stetpedderer haxxor!!!! 😀

  32. Nice tiger II buffs

  33. @circon
    bilge is the right term, your pronunciation is on par with how Americans say it. bilge was originally used to describe the very lowest part inside the hull of the ship where water often collects. its just the hull part of a tank.

  34. I bought the IS-6 around 4 yrs ago and loved it back then, but not so much now, but with the buff it just got, I’ll get it out, give it a hose down to get rid of the layers of dust and see how it goes now.


  35. You exaggerate Circon. You can totally pen a Type 4 if it’s flipped on its side and you have the chance to fire straight into the engine deck.

  36. Yes, we are enjoying them a lot. No one else on youtube is really reviewing the newly buffed tanks. Some have talked about all of them grouped together, but none are doing individual reviews of all of them. Great work.

  37. Totally worth the $70 bundle.

  38. IS6 is the first premium i bought, then i figured that 175 ap was trash, so then… premium account and after 500 games full gold (and you will say goldnoob… but 217 gold apcr, not even close to standard tier 8 pen) to 98.8% MoE

  39. A really comprehensive review Circon, thanks so much! Enjoying you show us the true potential of these vehicles… even if we mere mortals will rarely achieve it 😀

  40. Did he say ‘Caravan Action X’ hehehe lol?

  41. How about wargaming buff the tier 8s that are already in the game??

  42. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    Hi Circon! Enjoy your reviews man! Why are they not buffing the SU-122-44? In the current mm is has become shit… The pen is awefull

  43. Thanks for the reviews man! 🙂 <3

  44. That was a really good game, I love comeback / underdog replays like that

  45. You gotta hand it to that Rev.. he did 85% of what circon did but with 0 armor. Well played buddy.

  46. Yes! Ive been really waiting for this 😀

  47. best wot attitude?

  48. That was a cracking game to watch Circ!

  49. Not sure what WG were on about when they were saying that the pref MM tanks would have their matchmaking looked at, it’s still all 5/10. Type feels better now, fcm still has its weaknesses, today I shall try the IS-6 on the back of this video. I used to really enjoy it but superheavies made it rubbish. Or is it the whole game that was made rubbish…

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