IS-6, The Soviet Hammer – War Thunder 1.67 New Heavy Tank

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-6 Soviet Hammer New Tank – 1.67

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  1. $40 for a single tank. No.

    Just no.

  2. I get it’s a f2p game but does every op tank have to be premium

  3. @BaronVonGamez No offence to war thunder, but until I see a review by some1 of this tank as & when it comes out, it may well be an up-armoured IS-3 with a “SOVIET SCAMMER” and a 6.7 BR matchmaking.

  4. Hey Baron, you hit 400k

  5. *Will they add the 3 tracks tank*?

  6. Vincent Scheskat

    The tank will be at tier IV

  7. We need the M1 Abram

  8. that hellmarch from red alert though

  9. Does anyone know how long we have to pre-order this tank, or at least a rough estimate? I just want the title… lol

  10. herp a derp herp a derp

    red alert hell march in the background ?

  11. Aislan LEITE PEREIRA

    Há muleque já comprei ele!

  12. Yee Yee Outdoors

    we need M50 ontos or T30

  13. the light is awesome

    Why the mirror tank footage in so low res bro?

  14. Nice video bro, but be careful! Gaijin is a bit fascist, see what happened to the mighty jingles!

  15. One of the best tank in the battlefield.. with shitty gun depression…

  16. Dude the IS7 would wipe house

  17. Where is the link? You say he is in under the Vid i dont found it…..

  18. Is it going to do be premium?

  19. we are so Fu##ING DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lol, play world of tanks instead! Less than 30 dollars for an IS6.

  21. where is German and Japanese tank to fight IS-6 or T32!!!!!

  22. Wait what? Crew of eight?

  23. Well, for some stats like armor, you can look at WoT.

  24. whats the music in the back round

  25. how d


  26. So I got a 75% discount on the super hellcat. I’ll only have minimal time to decide to get it or not because I’ll be able to play it In a day (I activated it for some reason XD) it only costs a little less than 2000 GE. So 12 dollars my currency. Is it worth it?

  27. oh yeah hells march

  28. the thing that will really determine whether I buy this tank is by how much they improve the reload time over the 21-27 seconds of the D-25T.

    good enough damage, faster > high damage, slower. I’d rather have something that reloads faster than a really powerful “1 shot now I might as well go make coffee while I reload” tank

  29. Sweet Polished metal camo!

  30. you said you would link that article in the description but its not there. you have done this before please link it

  31. Wait wait wait…. Did baron just said that the is6 has a powerful 123 mm gun? Lol what a joke it’s pen is garbage in world of tanks. It can’t even pen a T34s front armor if you angle it a littlebit. The is6 is pretty much s joke in world of tanks. Only good thing about it is the armor and my T34 can still beat the heck out of that tank in a 1v1.


  33. Give me e-75 or give me death!

  34. Damnit baron stop slut shaming me for buying the IS-6!

  35. Love the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. Hell March 2 works well on here

  36. Baron they have plans to put IS-7 tank in to warthunder through a special event

  37. World Of Thunder :’v

  38. The Russians seem even more insane than the Germans when creating tanks.
    KV1, KV2, IS2 and beyond. If the invasion of Afghanistan and a communist economy didn’t bankrupt the USSR, their heavy tanks might have

  39. Mikhail The Russian

    Specifications(IS-6 Object 253):
    Classification: Heavy tank
    Crew: 4
    Engine: B-12
    Engine power: 750hp
    Transmission: Electromechanical transmission
    Speed limit: 35,4 km/h
    Weight: 54 tonnes
    Hp / t: 13.9
    Gun Depression: -6 °…+ 20 °
    Small diameter rollers , as IS-1 IS-2 IS-3 and IS4M.

    Armory(IS-6 Object 253):
    Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in °
    Upper hull front 100 mm 65 °
    Drivers hatch 120mm 65 °
    Lower hull front 120mm 53 °
    Upper hull side 100mm 45 °
    lower hull side 100mm 0 °
    lower lower hull side 20mm 70°
    Upper hull rear 60mm 60 °
    Lower hull rear 60mm 30 °
    hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 °
    hull Floor 20mm 90 °
    Gunmantle 300mm-150mm??? round
    Tower front 150mm??? round
    Tower side 150mm??? round
    Tower rear 150mm-100mm??? round
    Tower Roof 30mm??? ?? °
    Tower Floor 40mm-30mm??? 90 °

    Weaponry(IS-6 Object 253/252):
    122 mm tank gun D-30 (30 rounds) [The D-30 was historically a modified version of the D-25T.]
    12.7 mm DShK heavy machine gun (500 rounds)
    7.62 mm (1,200 rounds)

  40. that grove street's guy

    so…. this tank actually exist?

  41. Soviets are getting a flakbus soon

  42. You could check out IS6 in Wot. The stats will be same

  43. $40 for something that is probably exactly the same as the IS-4…. wouldn’t expect anything less for them HAHA as it is they made people pay $50 for the Tiger in the Japanese tree…. and of course they’re not going to say anything bad about the tank they’re only going to say it’s the best tank…. I mean who would pay $40 for it if they knew it wasn’t actually that good.

  44. The Germans need a new pair of pants with the new heavy American tank coming

  45. I doubt it will be higher than 6.7, we’ve yet to see a premium above that.

  46. it had to be a premium doesnt it? this thing in tier 4 will be awfully op IMO, and you can just get it if pay up. disgusting. I know they have keep the lights on but come on

  47. Капитан Неизвестность

    heeey stupid bitch ?

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