IS-7 GAMEPLAY | MOTHER OF ALL TANKS | 130mm Cannon Autoloader (War Thunder IS-7 Tank Gameplay)

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IS-7 GAMEPLAY | MOTHER OF ALL TANKS | 130mm Cannon Autoloader (War IS-7 Tank Gameplay)


Intro Music – IS-7 GAMEPLAY | MOTHER OF ALL TANKS | 130mm Cannon Autoloader (War IS-7 Tank Gameplay)


  1. 25:56 “this tank is a (fucking) monster.” Nice cut out for child friendly content Eks Dee

  2. Oh wow. WT did it again. Make a completely unrealistically unstoppable tank. Have the player base throw money at the game to get said tank, then nerf it 3 months later. I remember when the IS-6 was just broken.

  3. Finally!

  4. Low tier fun tier. Duh

  5. The Object 906 has very narrow tracks that make it so it has a harder time making use of it’s mobility in sand. The IS-7 has a easier time due to wider tracks, but still a little odd.

  6. 16:57 – 17:04

    I like how the dust just fade away

  7. Imagine if the IS-7 would have to fight against Leopard 2s or XM-803s. You saw what chemical rounds do to it. Thats why its at 8.0 so it doesn’t face ONLY Tanks that have those

  8. [WT] 《FoxHound31》

    Kinda makes sense that the mbt and kpz got moved to fucking 9.3

  9. *New gulag machine*

  10. Yea I feel you I just gave up

  11. Sooooo, what is the tradeoff with this tank? Its got great armor, good mobility, and a good gun.

  12. yeah i could never get this tank

  13. IS-7 is the WT equivalent of the C&C Apocalypse Tank.

    *Soviet power supreme…*

    Also, as a person who happily takes the venerable comet out for a jolly good field day, I find the IS-7’s reverse extremely offensive AND disgusting.

  14. 8:11 hello

  15. For all those saying it takes too long to get stuff in marathons: “pride and accomplishment”, people. “”Pride” and “accomplishment””…

  16. In soviet russia IS-7 plays you

  17. The_Nefarious_Ninja


  18. Lord And Savior Harambe

    Chieftain’s hatch Phly

  19. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    There must be a reason why the governing bodies refused to mass produce this monster tank.

  20. *130mm makes me so honry*

  21. Start from 15:08 to 15:16 try imagining the shots sound being oike a song

  22. M2 Medium, but it’s Russian

  23. I am just grateful that the reward for this awful event is a russian tank, which I don’t play, instead of a american, brit or french one. That way I was spared this most grueling of grinds.

  24. Why does it talk about replenishing 1st stage ammo? And what happens if u don’t let it the time to?

  25. 5:34 Needs more dakka.

  26. You can say the french got french fried

  27. Why is-7 is so low br you ask. Answer is Gaijin. People with IS-7 will have so much fun puppystomping everything for next2-6 months till Gaijin finally agrees that it got way too low br.

  28. Fucking Russian Bias (FRB)! Сука-блядь! С любовь из Росии (With love from Russia)!

  29. NC-7 vs E-100

  30. This is not normal is 7 in 8.0? Wtf gaijin is russian and communist germans is not historical rysians is to powerful abd germans to weakis 7 55 kmph wtf and that reload

  31. I looked in war thunder the is-7 isn’t there. So where is it?!

  32. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Nice pay2win, gg Gaijin keep destroying your game, though it’s already almost destroyed, but not quite there, yet

  33. I don’t know how it is fair for a Panther 2 with its long 88 to be able to fight this thing

  34. Stalin does not trust you with this so he gave you a test drive

  35. スバルナツキ

    russian bias reloaded XD

  36. 23:28 no bullets left, and one risky Boi….


  38. Wow, all that work for people to get this tank for what?? It has about the same survivability as a conqueror/super. That’s actually hilarious, it’s almost as if players have never seen something that was hard to defeat from the front. Remember the IS-6 lul? I at first thought I wanted it, now I just pity the ones who have it lol, thinking they’re all untouchable. Yeah, wait until the RU fast boi sends this thing back to the motherland.

  39. Anuuuu cheeko breeki iv damke

  40. Ah so it was you who took me out at the bridge lol

  41. Play XM1(GM)

  42. and again in the chieftain

  43. If that is not russian bias, what is??? 🙁

  44. quit 8.0 if you are not with bias-7


  46. IS 7-Iosif Stalin 7

  47. 50 parts for a single T34E chassis is kinda bs to me

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