IS-7 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 gaming LGA 1151
Intel i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. 3 tanks surrounding you + sniping E4, not enough to kill IS7 obviously

  2. foch you said everything mate about is7 , nice video

  3. ‘the soft stats of a fucking leopard’ Foch have you seen the soft stats of a leopard, they are fucking shit

  4. Vincent The Keeper

    T10 had to be racked, right? What was he doing aiming for 15 seconds?

  5. I would be quite glad to see the stats of those enemies. Any tier 10 HT can be OP against idiots, that were clearly shown in the video.

  6. Foch you survived that game not becauqe IS7 is OP or even good. its because the enemy team was full of donkies. especially that T10 and 54lw.

  7. And all other tier 10 heavies outclass IS7 by miles.

  8. such a good game well skilld wut vodka yue drenk?

  9. Great vid thnx. Didn’t they recently buff the IS line?

  10. yep IS4 is probably the worst of all HTs now on tier X…if some tank need buff, it is is4….not too much, maybe that stupid weakspot on top of turret

  11. I dont know which planet you live on as IS7 isnt as good as most t10 heavies such as 113, E5(how is it op? i dont have a fucking clue), Maus and type (obviously). Foch got insanely lucky with his plays in this video, in 99/100 cases that would have been a certain death rushing alone like that (shit play tbh). Only thing that saved this game is T10 and T54 ltwt being braindead along the enemy IS7 and E4 (or RNG just fucked them, which it did).

  12. when will they ever remove the troll value on russian side armour PLEASE WG

  13. IS-4 players cry every time :'(

  14. T-62A obviously cheated in the end. 3 tanks couldn’t kill stronk IS-7 but he alone can. Reported, banned and killed. Da!

  15. I think this is still the best looking heavy tank in the game^^ And the playstyle is fun.

  16. Ahh IS7 comrade, Да!

  17. Foch youre full of shit 90% of the comments are saying that the is7 is shit which it is its the worst t10 heavy

  18. Why do you still play this shit game run by a shitty asshole company?

  19. superheavies are indirectly nerfed next patch through arty

  20. Dayum! How does that gun handle like that?!? No wonder they snap-shot me in my little light tanks all-day, everyday TT
    Thanks, Foch – this was very educational 🙂

  21. I love the Is 4 but it’s quite sad now

  22. I’d love to see the IS-7 buffed. I think it needs to be more mobile, give it a little more pen on standard ammo and have maybe 10-15mm more effective lower plate + a bit more HP (like 50-100)… should be more competitive. It just seems too situational otherwise

  23. Yeah, Sovet Heavys
    also calles line for East European Ground Apes
    most idiot line in history of WoT
    this game would be lost if Foch wouldnt play any other tank than soviet heavy’s debil line

  24. And I refused to buy the T-10 because I thought it leads to a useless/shit tier 10…

  25. omg so funny xD nice one foch I love your commentary style

  26. *gives IS-7 a double barreled shot gun* guys, we solved the problem

  27. If you cant make the is7 work then you are a fucking retard. Wait no, even retards can make it work. If you cant make the is 7 work you are worse than a retard.

  28. its not is-7 goes ham its is-7 goes rng, or wot goes rng
    first that 1vs3 situation and then that last snap shot from t62a

  29. i 3 marked my is7 yesterday, its still idiot prof, but indeed it sucks versus a maus… i guess rusha tenk cant be worse than german so yeah just buff it

  30. IS-7 needs more DPM 500 less than 113 and almost 700 dpm less than the new wz1115a(if they introduce it)

  31. Was about to complaining about Russian RNG bias bullshit

    But then i realize,i dont play WoT anymore


    Its just depressing that your usually right foch. They probably will buff every heavy to match the maus. And not just restore the HISTORICAL ACCURATE REAL PROOF GO TO KUBINKA RIGHT NOW 240MM OF FRONTAL TURRET ARMOR

  33. I totally agree with you Foch. You should check out what WG have done in WOT Blitz. While is7 is the same, all the tier10 meds have nurfed pen on their apcr and heat for instance the e50m has around 245 mm of pen on its apcr and 300 on its heat (the e50 though still has 270mm on its prem apcr) mind boggling right???!!! This means that the is7 is capable of bouncing even premium shots from the tierX meds and therefore the is7 is probably the most op tank at tier 10 at least. I just don’t understand why did they need to nurf the e50m’s apcr pen numbers??? RASHAAAAAA DAAA

  34. When Maus and Type 5 Heavy received buffs only thing that has changed since then on my IS-7 is amount of apcr shells. I puke them on tanks like Maus, Type 5 Heavy or Jgpz e100 or enemy IS-7 all the time. I like IS-7 because it’s strong tank made from tears of your dissident enemies in tier VIII. tanks, Stalin himself guides your shells that can hit targets behind corner. This is tank of my choice when I wanna play among snarfs and traps of public servers. It does not matter how much match maker wants to rape you and ruin your day when you are in IS-7 it does not matter because cuky blyat.

  35. War gaming has some real stupid idea’s about how some of the tanks should play. I am a average player and even i can see the power creep and throttling of some tanks in the game.
    The 75mm on the panther tanks is mind numbingly stupid. 135 average damage with a 16 rounds a min rate of fire. How the fuck could you even load that fast. Besides the 75mm can’t even take the tracks of a equal tier tank in one shot. This from a shell that could end any thing frontally up to a IS2 in one shot at 1000m in the WW2.
    Don’t even get me started on the stupid fucking long ass guns on the panthers or the totally made up stats on all the never built paper tanks in the game.
    The RNG on accuracy is total bullshit as well. As a long range rifle shooter i can say if you take a well aimed shot it will land very close to were you aim unless you are a very inexperienced. I can shoot pop cans at 1000m, a miss is with in 30cm and this is because of wind or incorrect scope adjustment.
    War gaming should be moving towards simulation and away from arcade play.
    I have been playing for 6 years off and on BTW.

  36. Just give it more accuracy, get rid of the silly spaced Armour on the side, and give it more Power to weight but less horse power

  37. 2.40 did you see that E4 get hit by arty? :’) lololol stop camping sir

  38. this video don’t show how good IS7 is but yes how RNG works in this game.

  39. That first shot on the 140 wtf

  40. More an indictment of RNG and player skill than a sign of how good he IS-7 is.

    I’m no pro, but a T-10 has more than enough pen to cut clean through an IS-7’s lower plate. Plus the mobility to keep up with it and get around it. That T-10 just Bobbed out, sat on a slope giving itself a bad angle against your lower plate and forgot about the WASD keys.

    I do agree though, instead of buffing the IS-7 they need to have a look at the Maus and Type 5.

  41. Abdullah Mohammed Ali

    A slight buff to accuracy and DPM will help as far as gun handling is concerned.
    Buff to terrain resistances so that IS 7 can break that 50 km/h speed on flat ground.

  42. StrangerInAStrangeLand

    Foch is it possible that the current OP state of Maus and Type 5 is because of the upcoming arty change? With the increased splash radius those two will be ALWAYS hit = always stunned, so basically in the future their characteristics will be much worse then how they currently are.

  43. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery?

  44. MrImmortalityPrince

    Wargaming only listen’s to their russian player base. I believe most of the retards that cried about the tier 10 LT’s were russian dogs. Even if all of NA and EU and Asia created a complaint addressing one thing they won’t listen. Because russia.

  45. Why do they buff tanks so much it’s just a fully retarded idea to keep making tanks better and better just take 1 minute to think about your tank design

  46. Whenever I play my IS-7 that RNG tomato protection is disabled, none of my snapshots hit and everyone penetrates my tank with every shot =/

  47. You can do lucky shots whit every tank not just IS-7 Look at T49 for example 0.58 dispersion and hits from miles for 900 damage no problem happened to me a lot of times KV-2 , O-I , etc all the durp guns do that shit… So if your opinion is based on random shots is more of a joke Lower plate of the tank is a easy pen even whit tier 8 the side armor is trolish but if you shoot whit your eyes open you can pen it easy Uper plate is not very good and if he try to angle (and IS-7 players seems to do that often) you can pen and damage the ammo rack . The gun is full potato yeah you can hit someone on the other end of the map, but the one in front of you-you can’t hit. Let’s take E5 front armor is way way better yes the cupola is not that OP now but is tricky to hit and you won’t pen every time if he is not staying still for some reason The gun is like from the future if you compare it to the IS-7’s gun Side armor is shit but still the traverse speed is good enough to rotate the tank in order to show your front to the enemy . So that is why I can’t understand why you still bitching about IS-7 I really can’t

  48. When people dont get angles and keep shooting your redicilous angled lower plate. Becuuuz lower plate always weakspot, da.

  49. I saw this battle on stream, it was the most fun I ever had with WoT 😀

  50. Landoforpresident

    E5 cupola buff incoming Kappa

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