IS-7 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Love it man gg @!

  2. I used to hate IS-7 when i frist got it, mainly because of horrible gun and
    unreliable hull that you can’t angle to influence bounces, however after
    playing it a bit more recently i began to like it i just had to get over
    the idea that every shot will be pure rng and it became my most relaxing
    tier 10 tank to play.

  3. A good way to get HT-15 done is angle this turret 45 degrees to the side in
    front of dumb enemies…

  4. you are my inspiration Foch.

  5. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    wow, now i am sure that moving to AW was right. u got the hole tank in ur
    circly in WoT at 150m, well i got the same in AW – at 750-800m.
    rng is just not my bread and butter.

    btw. the most inaccurate tanks in AW have a spread of 0,3m at 100m, that
    what WoT calls “accurate”. and u can get that down to 0,03m at some tanks.

  6. is7 goes bacon

  7. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Seriously those shots on the t30 wtf

  8. Moja Marowak Šolja

    thank you for this honest opinion!
    I have always wondered how the IS-3 IS-2 and IS-7 pull of shots like with
    no aiming at me! course I never wanted to play it because it seems like the
    easy mode… of game is play russians! but i don’t agree about T110E5 i
    never got that tank but fighting them i find it easy when you drive
    something that can fast shot and fast movement around them.. but IS-7 IS-3
    i mean those tanks also have speed witch means you can’t circle them as
    T110!!! i m exp. wot player ik know stuff..

  9. RIP IS-7, Hello Kranvagn.
    Just saying

  10. WG buff IS-7 please. Thanks

  11. what filter is he using?

  12. impressive

  13. This is what I love about the IS7. It can hold a flank even if your team is
    lame and all went one way. I actually enjoy it more then the T110e5

  14. lfp on IS7 is pretty much butter. Lfp on E5, cross your fingers on being
    able to hit the 6 pixels of weakspot and rng not screwing you when you hit

  15. ‘Auto wanker’ :)

  16. His ass was almost penetrated lolllolllolllllol jk thats immature lol

  17. I came back to playing Wot after a biiiig break, and weirdly I feel like
    I’m a stronger player despite not having any practice for the best part of
    a year. I was playing the Tiger 2 the other day and I feel it’s a really
    strong tank at its tier (i knew it was pretty good before as I 3 gun marked
    it without even realising). If you angle well and have good situational
    awareness it’s a monster. I’d like to see some gameplay of it on your
    channel Foch ;P

  18. It’s not a real Foch video without him spewing salt at some point in the
    video about the T110E5. The E5 is fine. I’m fairly sure people are just
    bitching about at this point just because it’s one of the few American
    tanks with ACTUAL effective frontal armor, Never mind the TRASH side/rear
    Hull/Turret armor that tier 5’s can punch thru or the Frontal ammorack
    right next to the inside drivegear or the MASSIVE engine that goes up in
    flames every third shot.

  19. Gold noob :)

  20. 6:45 <------ Foch loading APCR.

  21. IS-3 2nd place on exp 4th on damage behind arty and a batchat DA COMRADE

  22. Have to say I prefer playing my T-10, the IS7’s gun is just too potato…

  23. hero is3

  24. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    SirFoch, will we see a 121B video from you? Or the 121B is too weak and it
    doesn’t deserve to be featured on your channel?

  25. typical wot team i sit do nothing im fine thank you :)

  26. IS-7 drives normally!

  27. those shots on the t30 wtf

  28. Balanced easy-mode Russian line comrades!

  29. Yay I’m in this stream

  30. The IS-4 was never the same after they took away the S-70 gun.

  31. So Foch, you’ve finally gone over to the dark side. Next up: pub stomping
    with the T62A….

  32. You have a job other than YouTube?

  33. lold at that first shot

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