IS-7 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. “Mom, i want to be successful in life!”
    “Push a wreck, it will get you quite far!”

  2. TLDR of the video “avoid shooting everywhere unless you shoot gold”

  3. Are the 6 degrees of gun depression not enough or did u just not bother
    going into the dip in the cap zone in that last game?

  4. so wargaming is over here fucking around and putting HD models in but still
    will not fix arty smh -_-

  5. your voice still ……..

  6. have a nice end-of-summer trip Foch !

  7. How the i7-6700k feels?!

  8. Thank you for giving a nod to the e5 for being op, as many brush it under
    the carpet so it doesn’t get nerfed.

  9. Russian heavies are borderline OP but good thing is that they’re basically
    “baby’s first grind” for most players so 90% of people driving these things
    are tomatos.

  10. Achim Hanischdörfer

    The old Intro!!!

  11. love your review!

  12. first Kappa

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