Is 7 Kills EVER enough? Dominating on Kharkov in my Comet!

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. It's not what you think

    I eat ass

  2. Yay first! (Keep up the awesome videos!)

  3. GOOD morning Mr. RUSH – are you really up ?

  4. Yo lemming! Are u ever gonna do missions for 260? I personally hate them! Btw love your videos!

  5. Ah the vomit, I mean comet

  6. Lemmin I’d fuck you. No homo

  7. Nice to see a classic tank! 🙂

  8. Your name’s James, got to pay my respects. It’s the name of a boss! ;p

  9. hey Steve,greetings from Croatia

  10. wow your voice and face Don’t match WTF

  11. Always fun to see tanks I actually play. Some day I hope I play well enough to warrant trying a Tier 10. As usual an educational video with great stream of consciousness commentary during the game…rather than after the game.

  12. How do you play ensk in a lightly armored tank like the Batchat at top tier? Mobility is non existence and spotting is impossible becuase the map is so small :/

  13. The amount of videos lately is great

  14. Lemming,

    You may not have sixth sounds on your crew, but you probably have lots of sixth sense directives in your equipment from just doing daily play. Why not use them?

  15. Good game man. Shoot tiger P into his side cheek on his upper hull. It’s only 100mm

  16. Anthony LaFontaine

    Good stuff man

  17. Hey guys it’s LemmingRush here

  18. Is it possible you could check my replay out?

  19. i feel like you could have beaten the advancing mediums with the t150 before the tiger P made it around the corner, maybe shouldn’t have left the 150. or atleast gone and flanked the tiger with the panther.


  21. Jarkko Kainulainen

    Your skills of predicting who’s where and what are they going to do are epic. I’m trying to understand but it’s so difficult.

  22. good game, I think your decision not to help BPanther to kill TigerP was a mistake, because west flank was already lost and if u killed TigerP u could come back to defend base together with BPanther, but anyway good effort

  23. Hey @lemmingrush I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and they are awesome I learned a lot. I am actually starting my own gaming channel and I’m curious what headset/mic you use your audio is always amazing!

    • Im using a blue yeti for my mic and pioneer SE-MS5T for the audio 🙂 The mic quality is good for gaming, and closed back is important if you want to record with a mic so the sound from your headphones dont play into your mic

  24. Good game Jimmy!

  25. Hey Lemming! Do you know about streamer Skill4ltu (EU & RU server)? He’s very good player also proactive thinking like you and it would be interesting to watch you two play plotoon and to listen that mindflow while you are playing! It would be interesting to see what are the differences in strategies. In my mind it could be highly productive…

  26. LemmingRush
    , James LemmingRush
    . . .

  27. Won a match on proc yesterday where seven team mates scored no points. i still dont know how either.

  28. hey @LemmingRush,
    I watch your contents wherever they are available and I wonder why your streams are not recorded on your twitch channel… or am I missing something?

  29. Finally someone who also thinks that these dog tags are just a way to put the username of your killer in your face more lol

  30. I think that you kinda lost this because you didn’t help friendlies as one of the top tier tanks. You left the field, which then collapsed. You left the b panther to fight the tiger and he then died. You left the T150 so you could go and fight the tiger and he died. I feel like the addition of a comet to any of these engagements would have won them.

  31. Valentino Vragović

    What do you think about the British light tanks, Lemming?

  32. Yeah I haven’t been proud of a game in a really long time either.

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