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  1. The maniacal laughter in the intro.. lol Great you have fun

  2. Is-7 “liberator”.

  3. “Zero is roleplayin” haha

  4. Charles Poyac-Richard

    7:43 in the kill feed, is it the real STEEL GURU?

  5. 17:15 “Zero is role playing” LMAO

  6. I’d love to get IS-7 for an 8.3 Russian lineup but it’s way too expensive for a pixel tank.

  7. unexpecting enemy Steel Guru wkwkwk

  8. glad to see is 7 murdering pumas

  9. I haven’t played war thunder in ages but I do have an IS7, looks like I know what I’m doing tonight.

  10. Not everyone can snipe a cannon barrel from 500 meters.

  11. This is actually a legit OP tank. People just need to think out of the box and stop saying that the PUMA is OP and broken. It is already at 9.0 and I’m sure that thing will just suffer now when it faces Soviet MBTs. We shouldn’t forget that the USSR still has the highest win rate in this game and I think it will also be receiving another T-72 which is the Slovakian one for the reward of the event. Other nations are crying for more vehicles for goodness’ sake

  12. I have an IS-7 and went out to do the same thing.
    Now that they’ve moved them all to 9.0 it’s much worse. You still get to play against teams full of PUMA’s but now their backup is L-44 and similar, against which it’s very hard to play in IS-7 and T-10M.

  13. “Zero is roleplaying” Hahaah!

  14. Enemy team: has nothing but PUMAS

    IS-7: “What sick man sends babies to fight me?!”

  15. your wiid dealer

    The Easter front in a nutshell:

  16. Ppl say is 7 is stalinium tank

  17. Don’t write Soviet songs for Ukrainians.

  18. Phly’s voice when he said “barrel torture and track torture” had the same energy as someone saying “c@ck and b@all torture” .

  19. the zero is role playing at 17:16

  20. PUMA 9.0 now!!

  21. I can’t imagine who grind M551 sheridan right now….
    Kinda feel bad for him.

  22. “Thank an ally” should be changed to “Thank the tank” change my mind

  23. Whoa, it all makes sense now!
    PhlyDiddy, as a non-WT-player, I now finally understand the very profound meaning behind your in-game username

  24. “BuT pUmA iS Op As FuCk!”

  25. Leonard Jeffreys

    This video just perfectly illustrates why I gave up on War Thunder. In another four weeks, the RUSSIANS who peddle this game will nerf the Puma after getting all these morons to buy it or grind it. Suckers!!

  26. Bring back balance with Russian Bias. I like it.

  27. If I was them, I would Puma Pants.

  28. Do a video with the Russian jet bomber but use the torpedos

  29. PLEASE rty enlisted or codww2

  30. IS-7 will never not amaze me. I love it its just sexy and stronk the epitome of IS family if only this comes back again. I aint stoppin grindin till i get this in my hangar. also obj 279

  31. So fuckin happy they fixed that shit puma

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