IS-7 MONSTER OF A TANK | Unedited Gameplay (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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-7 MONSTER OF A TANK | Unedited Gameplay (War Thunder)



  2. Isnt IS 7 autoloader?

  3. Yo phly do this more often I love it

  4. clicked the video just to see the sexy tank eages,

  5. Take Maus before wt removed it

  6. Play Is-6 and crush some Panther II’s
    Also you can kill Maus from the front by shooting below its gun mountlet

  7. They just wish they were phlytastic on the Daily


  9. That intro-death – hail to the smal maps in hightier…. …not. Good that we get another close quarter map in 1.91.

  10. Hey Phly! Nice wholesome intro. Keep tanking & phlying!

  11. what im amazed with is the is7 has almost the same size engine as the maus and it is just as loud as any other tank and never gets louder

  12. In my humble opinion this is a no BS channel off the highest quality. Thank you Sir…

  13. Thank you for placing the adds the same as a normal video despite the longer video time.

  14. I love the unedited game play

  15. Oh wow old intro + long vid, is it Christmas already?

  16. I love that line from Saving Private Ryan “WE’RE IN BUSINESS!” When they first blow through the barbed wire on the beach

  17. Maus VS IS 4 maybe? old top tier VS old top tier,that would be fun

  18. Is IS7 OP ? ? ? Shell penetration, speed, armor, OP secondary weapon system, amazing reverse speed, great reload rate, 5 crew members…at 8.3 ! ! ! I am guessing it is…

    Comparing with the “AMX-50 surbaissé” for example… at 8.0

  19. It should have been a regular tank in the tree

  20. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    why does the cannon sound like two trains crashing head on! hahaha… it’s epic!

  21. After hearing what phly said he not that great ( still good )

    Lot newbie coming in

  22. Challenge Video.
    Take out the M60 or the T-62 on the map Fulda and try to blend in with the environment ones.
    It could be hard so good luck!

  23. I dont know why, but i feel gajin is going to add that many premium machine, that we Will have separated tree only with premium

  24. Raw Gameplay… Heck yeah! More of that please!

  25. Šarūnas Juškevičius

    I love that you cherry pick evrything, because it funny to watch 🙂 better 2 videos 20min of cherry pick than 40 min videos about nothing 😀

  26. You should’ve reduced the amount of ammunition. With 12-15 rounds this tanks survivability goes trough the roof

  27. Is-7 is op if yo play with British xD

  28. So was that Gaijin’s system mismatching? or everyone ‘j’d’ out??? you be the judge

  29. >gets home
    >opens youtube
    >clicks new phly daily vid
    >hears old intro again

  30. phlee, play the mini combo. asu 57 and any I-16 with rockets
    ATTEMPT *2

  31. That One Random Kid

    The old intro is bacccccc!!!!

  32. This raw footage reminds me of watching WoT and WT let’s plays from 4-5 years ago lol

  33. more of this “unedited gameplay” i enjoyed it.

  34. Is7 is back put the kazotzy kick music on this tank

  35. This is how my 6.7 German team looks like 90% of games since they announced ReBaLaNcInG…

  36. But… Why unedited? We can get this kind of stuff on the live streams lol

  37. Been playing this a fair bit recently (I don’t enjoy playing op tanks, so never really used it since the event) to take out those Italian AUBL things as they struggle to pen it frontally, it’s great fun and capable, but certainly not op, especially with those premium leopards running around.

    Small tip for fighting Italy, manually aim your top MG to the rear, so you can switch to it and take out their go-karts if they flank.

    I enjoyed the longer, unedited video by the way. Maybe you could do one video a week like this?

  38. Well at least, there were no helichopters when the IS-7 game in the game…

  39. Thx for this vid ?

  40. It’s alright to mix in these longer unedited things from time to time. They’re relaxing to slap on the other monitor.

  41. Do a war thunder he111 formation for the further

  42. AUBL is like Italy’s RU251, back in the days when 251 first came out German team was wild……

  43. Christian Andersson

    That intro scene describes my constant performance in WT.
    “oh yeah, we’re in business” dies instantly”.

  44. mahadisal ahadani

    lol I never doubted your skills Phly, I always think, this gamer is a pro. I kinda get motivated that time to time you experience things like pocket lost or something which normal players experience.

  45. 16:14 bt5 killed 2 leopards
    Ok then


    Challange:kill modern MBTs with the ZSU-57-2

  47. hi im new 😀

  48. can you prove the italy faction?

  49. Ahhh I love this intro to my ears. I remember when you used to play with BaronVonGames. That was like 2013 good times. Thank you for always providing entertaining daily content man.

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